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Saturday, January 16, 2010


I know it's a fortnight late, but nevermind, I'll just summarize some key events that happened since New Year's eve, which I did not even elaborate on.

1 Jan '10, Fri
I finally did something I've always wanted to do : watch fireworks while listening to 1812 Overture. I got sick in the morning with a sore throat and a disobedient nose.

4 Jan, Mon
I've always had the premonition that I might go into 4 Batai, and I did--with all the other English freaks!!! Gheek, Shu Wen, Daniel, Tim, Mel, etc....sigh, all those smart people squeezed into one class. I was elected as class treasurer (and I think people actually regret it). All I do is terrorize the class and steal their money. I got 6 mosquito bites in Lab 2 alone....and I thought Mel was supposed to be the mosquito magnet. Got a random nosebleed without warning in choir later in the afternoon.

5 Jan, Tues
Found out about 4 Batai's special status. Apparently, there's a joke the teachers share among themselves; they call us "non-halal", because there are no Malays in our class at all. Of course, we students have jokes too, our specialty being the class monitor, Zhi Chung. All the teachers who taught our class made the same jokingly sarcastic comment, "Are you sure you chose the correct monitor?". Pn Sharon confessed that she's afraid to ask Zhi Chung to do anything, since he "always looks so sad". The irony was that she told us that after sending him off to get a pile of books for the class.

7 Jan, Thurs
Class collection since 6th Jan : RM1186
See what I meant by "I terrorize the class" now?

8 Jan, Fri
Signed up for all those crappy extra-curricular activities.

9 Jan, Sat
MWGC held their one-year late annual dinner. My father invited Mr Heng to go along.

12 Jan, Tues
Applied to enter prefecthood once more.

13 Jan, Wed
Aunt from Amsterdam came over.

14 Jan, Thurs
Had a very screwed up Nostalgia meeting, which ended with a freaky plot to cut our 2010 year short. Apparently, the Datin is leaving this July and would appreciate the production of the magazine to be done by July. In her masterplan, all the school events would be crammed between now and June; there would be nothing going on after that period, unless the new principal has something funny in mind.

15 Jan, Fri
Introduced the class accounts and money objectives.

Today: Teeth. Braces. Bite. Ouch. (You don't need elucidation on this one).



Saturday, January 2, 2010

Warm Up

Hi, people. Here's something easy to warm you up before school starts.

Here goes....

You are given 6 balls and a weighing scale. 2 balls are defective and they weigh less than the other 4. You are only given 2 weighs (you can only use the scale twice). Find out which are the defective balls.

You have 2 defective balls and there is no typo. Yes, this is easy for most of you, but then again, maybe not.

Remember, there are 2 defective balls.



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