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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Firefox, eat the Internet!!!

Here, I would like to pay a tribute to Firefox for allowing me to switch back to my old template. It was very unfortunate that after switching to classic template yesterday, I couldn't revert to the new templates.
Why, you ask? It's because the so-called upgrading page lacked the one most important thing, the main reason that the page was created for: the upgrading button.

Now THAT was true horror for me because my brain was malfunctioning yesterday and I JUST couldn't think of opening Firefox. Well, as a safety precaution now, I'm going to use Firefox permanently before any other odd incidents occur.

Right now, after experimenting some HTML stuff, I introduce to you, the one, the only *drum rolls* space saving links!!! [Overture 1812 plays]

Okay, it works like this :
The whole link list works exactly like the your average links except that you can expand or contract the folders. As you can see, the Beneficial Links folder contain links to those of a website, whereas the Honourable Maniac folder contains the links of living breathing bloggers.

Right now, forgive the weird "H" that goes missing in Honourable Maniacs folder when contracted. Sooner or later, when I have the time, I'll categorized the links by alphabetical order....[I think].

Look forward to it. It's an order.

This is an excerpt from Angeline Wong's blog:

........And, as for Sejarah, the moment I hear it, my brain somehow shuts down..
Which means, any information does not get to my brain at all..
Pfft..Exam is in 4 WEEKs!
And, I hardly studied..
I prefer surfing the net, blogging, listening to music, reading,
practically doing anything but studying!
The moment I open my Sejarah or Geografi books, I fall asleep..
Okay, so maybe it isn't so bad..[in my case, it's true]
I'm so jealous of people like Ching Xie who has a photographic memory
She only got to read it ONCE to remember
While I on the other hand can read it 20 times but still don't remember a word..

Yes, don't we ALL have that kind of feeling? Except for certified nerds like Chingx (in the excerpt), Melissa, Hui Xian, Wan Jyn, Calyn, Emily, Shu Wen and others, EVERYONE feels lost when it comes to studying. However, the people listed on top have succeeded in defying the term "exam". To them, it's like cakewalk. If they fail, the apocalypse is about to arrive soon. And.....unlike Angeline here, I don't even read 20 times!! My concentration span is just so short that after 10 words, I find something else to do. You know, why can't we learn our history from comic books??? It's like one of those kiddy books written specially for kids to EDUCATE them. And not surprisingly, they LEARN from there. Pity teenagers all over the world....being forced to read from dull textbooks. Might as well bring us to the National Museum to learn. The experience there is richer, thus enhancing the learning process.

Okay class, we have now reached the end of our lesson on how to enhance the learning process with teenagers. I would now like you to answer a simple question for me:

What time does school start after the holidays??????"

Answer in my cbox, please and thank you.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Treasure Hunt

I woke up several times today, trying to crawl out of bed, my efforts in vain. When I finally managed to get out of it, it was 11.15 am. I went down to drink some milk [which is obviously not imported from China] and browsed through the newspaper. My slow morning mind was telling me it wasn't possible for the newspaper to come so early and walk into the house on its own. I noticed the sandwich my parents bought for me...but there was no one in the house.....Then, the phone rang...........


Remember in my previous post, I asked for help from you guys, the ones who read my blog?? At the rate this is going, it's ok. You don't need to look for her anymore. The horrible truth is about to unfold.......But now you're asking, "Did Silkie die?". Maybe she did.........or maybe....something else happened........




YES!!!!!!!! You saw that right!!!!!!!!!!! We FOUND SILKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Through all those months!!!!!!!!!!! WE FOUND HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GEE, KARMA IS GOOD!!!!!! I was JUST writing about her yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THE NEXT DAY, WE FOUND HER!!!!!!!!!!

And not just that!!!!!!!! We figured that for the past few weeks, we've been quite busy, so maybe Silkie was sent on a quest by someone up there to take refuge somewhere first.

Okay, so this was the true story....

My parents just came back from breakfast. My father was about to make some coffee and read the newspaper when


[No, Silkie didn't press the doorbell, for goodness sake!!]

My newspaperman was back in front of my gate. My father thought he was there to collect money, but no!!

"Come, come!! You want to follow me go and see your dog now?", he said in M'sian slang.

So yea, my parents went along and found her.

Things got complicated at the house. My mum rang the bell and was greeted with a woman. She explained to the lady that Silkie was our dog which went missing about 2 months ago. And, as hardcore evidence Silkie was our dog, she called out to Silkie. UNfortunately, Silkie couldn't care less and merely ignored the call.

Alas, not all is lost!!

My father then got off the car and ORDERED Silkie to come to the gate and sit down. The black fuzzy dog obliged at once and came to the gate without hesitation. At that point, the lady knew she could trust my parents. She called her husband out and both of them invited my parents in to their house.

There, my parents could see that there were 2 other dogs present. A Maltese terrier and another dog they couldn't indentify (it was quite big....but shy!). There, they were surprised to learn that Silkie, eventhough she came in later than the other 2 dogs, was the head of the troop!!! The other dogs followed her everywhere and copied whatever she did!! The couple also commented about Silkie being the cleverest of the lot. She'd enter the cage whenever she was told to do so and the other dogs, all of which hated to enter the cage, would follow her. Whenever she was given a snack and the other dogs wanted a piece of it, she'd run under the car and eat in peace because the other dogs didn't know how to run under the car!!!!! They named her "Daisy".
They also told my parents how they got Silkie. Actually, when she was lost, she followed this man everywhere he went. He saw "how cute" this dog was and took it home, where he called people to see if they wanted a dog. Nobody wanted one, so he gave it to his brother, the man in the house.

My parents learnt that the couple was actually quite elderly, although they didn't look like it. The lady was a transporter for one of the DJ vans and she said she sends Andrea, the prefect (though the information given was quite vague as there are 2 Andrea prefects in DJ).

Now, we're celebrating Silkie's return.
I'd like to thank everyone out there who held out hope for my family and I, especially my newspaperman. What goes around, comes around. I'd also like to thank the couple for taking good care of Silkie and being co-operative enough to give her back to us. Someone up there is looking after our dog too, and I'd like to attribute the whole story to Him.

It's the small things in life that give its purpose.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Few Pointers

Err.....I hope you can read this post because I have finally figured out a way to change my fonts. Please give feedback because I need to know if you can read this. If you can't, please copy and paste everything into Microsoft Word and change the font there. Happy reading.
Right, now the violin results are officially out. And I really really think my examiners are all mentally challenged people. Why????

That is because I got a freaking 128 for it.


Hopeless examiners!!!!!! So now, my music career as a student ends with 126, 127 and 128. Stupid. See, that's why I hate Grand Blue Wave [piano] examiners!!! They give amazingly great comments and horribly lousy marks. Whereas the Hilton's examiners are the total opposite!!!! Terrible remarks go hand in hand with extremely high marks............NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Oh and one more thing!!!

Remember Silkie, the black fuzzy dog which went missing??

My newspaperman thought he saw her in one of the houses in SS2. So, if you go to SS2, please venture out deeper into the housing areas. If you see her, please try calling "Silkie". If you need more pictures on how she looks like, please click HERE.

Let's say you saw her, what do you do next? Get me the house's address and tell me in school, on MSN or in my chatbox. Please note that I rarely check my email. Other doggy details include:

Size: Roughly 30 cm or 12 inches.
Height: Should be around your shin level. When she stands upright, the most she can reach is your knee.
Sound: Extremely sharp and noisy. Yaps a lot. If she's in a cage, she'll bark.

Thanks for your co-operation.

The rules are:
a. put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc on shuffle
b. for each question, press the next button to get your answer
d. put any comments in brackets after the song name
e. put this on your blog.

1. If someone says, "Is this okay?"
Almost A Whisper
Gee, are you THAT soft?

2. How would you describe yourself?
Witch Doctor (Chipmunk)
Cool, I can do witchcraft!!

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
Backstreet Boys (Chipmunk)
Ok....they got one word correct though...

4. How do you feel today?
A Day Without Rain-Enya
I don't think the forecast is right....

5. What is your life's purpose?
The Halt in Time
Yea, that's so true!!....I'm going to figure out stuff about time when I'm older....=D

6. What is your motto?
That sounds great. [Who wants to come over tonight??]

7. What do your friends think of you?
Err...spelling is associated to Scrabble!!

8. What do you think of your parents?
Yay...they'll live forever!!!

9. What do you think about very often?
Solar System-Kitaro
WHOA WHOA iTunes some mindreader????

10. What is 2+2?
Year 3000-Jonas Brothers
My maths is terrible at the rate this is going...

11. What do you think of your best friend?
Musicbox Dancer-Richard Clayderman
Aww....that's so cute!!!

12. What do you think of the person you like?
Because of You-Kelly Clarkson

13. What is your life?
1000 Words (Final Fantasy-Piano version)
Cool...although there should be more words.

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
If I DO become an astrophysics hero, I'll attribute my success to iTunes. (Sarcasm, spot it)

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Loving You More and More-Richard Clayderman
Ahem....*bashes iTunes*

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
Gravity of Love (Inspirational Moments)
I can dance????

17. What will they play at your funeral?
Breathe In-Lucie Silvas
Yea, I wish. Thanks for trying, mentally challenged people. =)

18. What is your hobby/interest?
Earth Born-Kitaro
I'm interested to know why I was born on Earth. =)

19. What is your biggest fear?
The Clouds-Kitaro
You're really kidding me on this one. Hahahaha. CLOOOOOUDS!!!

20. What is your biggest secret?
The Butterfly Lovers-Richard Clayderman
Is that a secret?? I don't get it.

21. What do you think of your friends?
Friends-Richard Clayderman
Exxxxxxxxactly. Wow.

22. What will you post this as?
Fly-Hilary Duff
No, I won't. iTunes isn't the boss of me.

23. What song would you play during your first time having sex?
Dearly Beloved-Kingdom Hearts
I regret upgrading my iTunes to GENIUS!!!

To get the font-changing code, please click HERE.

Now, for some astrophysical scientific fun!!!
1. Click HERE to read all about plasma.


Friday, September 26, 2008

School, Anyone?

Right....So yesterday, I passed up my horrible-looking creature. And about Tuesday, I figured I got into Harmonix. That's just great, really. Unfortunately, the horrible-looking creature was brutally killed in an unexpected manslaughter by that freaking racist who so happens to be a teacher in my school. Have some respect for people's project, you [if you swear, as in foul words, please enjoy your moment to do so after the *toot*] *toot*.................................................. Good job.

Right......some (or most, maybe?) people have been complaining about how slow my page here loads. So I'm going to do all of you complainers a great favour and I'm going to remove a few elements from this page. I'm really really sorry about the load speed you guys' computers possess. I seem to be oblivious to all the slow loading because my blog just comes out complete the first time on my computer. If I find a better template, I'll change it for the sake of you people.


I'm on a self-declared holiday today since my parents are not free enough to send me to school. Currently counting down the days until exam. Everyone keeps asking me if I've started studying yet, in anticipation of the terrified answer "yes". Unfortunately, no, I haven't started studying yet. I figured that this term, I'm talking more than taking any action. At this point, I'm finally mature enough to say that school is officially a distraction to people my age. Just admit it, the young teachers are not really helping in our education. They're strict when they're not supposed to be and are too lenient when they're supposed to be strict. And that's a fact. It applies to most subjects except the ones with older and more seasoned teachers educating us. It's not just their fault....

I would like to point out that our batch just sucks. We bully most of the teachers and our discipline is thumbs down. The only students who get credits are those who go round apple-polishing teachers. Student term : being suck up. I don't know how the term was made, but I'd say it's a bad term. Why bother adding more unknown local Manglish words into the dictionary and students' brains when we already have the impeccable international English??? See what I mean by schools being useless? Instead of being able to teach fellow teens the proper words, it is in fact generating regression as students gather about in cliques to create new "code languages" behind the teachers' backs. In the long term, all the pesky, irrational older siblings will teach their younger siblings improper usage of words, thus influencing the next generation of lost hope. And the cycle continues.

Actually, it's not all that bad. They are many good teachers around in our school. Only problem is that they're all about to retire. *Exasperated sigh*. All except the Datin. [NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!]

A great teacher who have inspired us a lot is Pn Sharon. Unfortunately, she resigned due to certain circumstances. Pity us. A great Geography teacher gone. Science too....eventhough Pn Lam wasn't really a favourite among the students, I'd have to chip in and voice out that she's much better than our current science teacher, who relentlessly deducts precious marks from students, greatly affecting exam marks, not to mention positions. In fact, our science teacher is so terrible that she doesn't even accept answers other teachers consider correct. Just because "we are the smart class" doesn't mean we have to get everything wrong. Even the other "smart classes" whose students put the same answer as us got theirs right......when ours were wrong!!!! We should have put up a riot or something....showed some student power......

Honestly, Malaysian students are blundering cowards. We don't dare to put up a show for people. Among all the South-East Asian countries, M'sia and S'pore show the least student riots. Obviously S'pore students don't have anything to rebel against their government since their education system has already been proven as international standard, whereas M'sia's education is hopelessly pointless. English isn't even emphasised here.....

Then the question arouses : Why DO we go to school?
For no reason at all, other than MOE's requirements.

And that's why I stay home and blog. =)


Okay.....if I were like other people, I would have started a new post instead of continueing...but hey, it's me and I'm different from you!! The main reason why I'm blogging again is because I now have broken English swimming around in my head, like little fish trying to devour my brain. [Please note that the "fish" I used is plural. If you were wondering, FISHES is actually a verb and means trying to catch fish]. All these thanks to trying to pry imaginative stories from other people's lives to add to my composition woes. To curb further injuries, I went to read Emily's and Ghee Ken's blog.....Only to find that I DIDN'T want to read Gheek's blog anymore thanks to the presence of ventriloquist dolls there. To rub it in even more, all Emily's post contained were pictures and a short post dedicated to a friend. So, to get rid of forbidden English, I have decided to exercise my thoughts again......And YES!!!! The forbidden English has been completely erased from all forms of thoughts!!!!!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

You Come Here to Dine?

Well, I hope your answer is an honest "No" because if that's the main reason you're here, you're really at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Why do I say that? It's because I just had a heavy dinner and now, I'm going to write my opinion (rather like an essay) about culinary indulgences.

After my heavy meal, I was just wondering about how obesity became a global issue. The media (and almost everyone living now) is always somehow pushing all the faults to the fast food industry, namely McDonalds. But come on, we can't really blame jolly ol' Ronald McDonald all the time, can we? Or maybe Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) shares the load sometimes together with Shakey's Pizza, Domino's and other existing outlets from other countries? And do you notice how it was the Westerners who got the problems first? Don't get me wrong here. I'm just trying to point out reality to you, although I didn't mean to stick it right in front of your nose, especially if you so happen to be a Westerner.

Fast food can't really be blamed, as I said. After all, what other choices do the Westies have? Steak, bacon, grill and other gigantic meats. Other than those? So now you see, they are actually desperate to come up with stuff to eat. The Eastern Chinese are not really affected in foody terms thanks to variety. Though I don't really see rice as the saviour......and that's because I'm not designed to consume more than 64 cm cube of rice a day. I'll end up with a fatally full stomach.

Back to the point. We should just create a new type of food rather than stick to junkies. So, let's create a new genre of food and devote it to me, since I made the suggestion first =)

Now, let's shift the topic to choir. You are now permitted to grab a drink as this might start getting you a little bore, especially if you're not involved. Thanks to Wei Le, a fellow Seafielder friend, we now hold the key to a better future for our decomposing choir association. The secret now lies with Norman after I told him yesterday in school. All we do now is wait faithfully to see if we might do it. After all, Norman seemed pretty interested in the idea of doing it. It might just work. Then our junior choir can finally be renowned for something.

And the talk about music reminded me. I can't upload a great piano song just because it's MP4 and my minipod (sidebar) plays MP3. This sucks. To all you music-uneducated people, you may get away with it this time, but trust me, I'll get back on you guys and make you suffer from the fast, leggiero (light) touch of the good-tempered pianoforte. You might even have a chance of falling in love with the music the first time you hear it. I'll find a way to upload it, I will.

I'll be back.


Friday, September 19, 2008


Have you ever went to a Chinese restaurant and your kiddy instinct takes over you? Wait, let me paraphrase that.

Have you ever went to a Chinese restaurant and started to play with the chopsticks, toothpicks and ice there? Maybe not now, but what about when you were 3+ years old????

If you haven't, you might as well read this post about my unusual liking towards Chinese restaurants because of all these things. Ever since I was young, I just LOVED to play with chopsticks and hit them on the other dining utensils as if I was a professional drummer. To make the cymbals come to life, it was a matter of placing the plates on top of the cups at the correct angle. Well, the great thing was that I wasn't banging the door of people's privacy. AND, I was just a kid back then. Waaaaaaaaaaaay back then.

What about the toothpicks, you ask. Well, I'd make a special request for toothpicks right before we eat. Then, I'll take about 10 toothpicks out and start breaking spell out my name.

And the ice? Trust me, you don't want to know about this one. It'll make you disgusted. Imagine a small kid playing with ice, throwing it everywhere like meteors crashing down on to Earth, it's fiery hot head and tail destroying everything in it's path. Imagine the adults, running away from the fallen stars, seeking refuge from the child's wrath, and some even, pleading for mercy, begging the child relentlessly to free them from the clutches of evil. Nevertheless, the child prevails, ignoring those frantic calls from the adults. The kid knows what it wants. Gigantic avalanches of pure ice slides down mountains everywhere. Glaciers (ice lakes) form and shift about in the new land in Ice Age that's about to be formed. A blizzard is brewed up with the aid of mystical forces the child has acquired through rituals. As all hell breaks loose, the adults go mad and leave for the bathroom. Now, the child is King of the World.


OBVIOUSLY it's all exaggerated. But you get the point. I used to throw ice everywhere and even catapulted them using my spoon, just as you see it in cartoons. And yea, I slide the ice on the table too, which forms rivers.

Ok, you know about my habits, we'll go to the dinner tonight. It's not a formal dinner...Just a family one. Went to some restaurant.....don't know the name because it was just too high to be seen. Either that, or I unconsciously disregarded it because it was in chinese. I'm not sure. Anyway, I LOVE this restaurant. Why? Because it was famous for Sang Har Min, or Giant Prawns Noodles. And I love it. Perfection.

Andddddddd at the end.....yup, you guessed it. ICE TIME. Well, it wasn't half as disruptive or destructive as how it was years ago, but hey, who can imagine someone my age playing ice at the dinner table??



Wednesday, September 17, 2008


916 (September 16) was 12 hours away. Now, we pray with fervour and hope that the new government will form within the next few days.

Darn it, I would have gone to the Pakatan Rakyat rally on Monday if it weren't for my Science tuition. I should have shown my support....

Cassandra said that some funny extinct Mayan tribe stated that the world would end in year 2012. That's not very nice to know. It's in 4 years time. Well, at least it wasn't the Wild Grannies who did it. So, it kind of "proves" how "safe" the Wild Grannies are.

Ancilla= helper
Kismet= destiny
Quodlin= an unriped apple
Paraphernalia= items needed for something

Ooops. That was a little random. Alright, I see that talk about Wild Grannies in the house has increased. It's been quite amusing somehow. I just wonder how they got the name Secret Tribe of Wild Grannies. Why not call them by their universal name, Hobbit? Gee, no wonder scientists were not amused by the findings. The name is just so funny. You don't feel scared, you feel like rolling on the floor and start laughing hysterically. I'd be more afraid if they'd change the Wild Grannies into Ventriloquist Dolls. Really.

Have you ever went mad and ran in front of a teacher's car to say "Hi, teacher!!" ? Well, Neal has. Rodney and I were in charge of Gate A yesterday and we saw Neal do that to Pn Sharon Kaur. Amusing....since he's older than us (by 3 years) and holds a post in the Librarian Board. Gee, how I wish people our age wouldn't be so "mature" and just act like kids. THEN, school would be exciting.

The only person I know currently in this category is Jun Lay. I have no idea how to describe him. He can go around the class shouting some unknown term or language which goes like, "ZAZA, ZAZA, ZAZAZAZA!!!!!" and start messing around with Lousi Louis. In the end, Louis just spits at him [in the face]. Whether the spit is saliva or drinking water, it's still contaminated with Louis's germs. And Jun Lay STILL likes to disturb Louis, despite his disgusting habits (you wouldn't want to know, really).

[[[Now, we may have a moment of silence for the passing of Audrey's grandfather. We wish the transition from one world to another to go smoothly.]]]
[My relatives are in my house to attend the funeral coming up soon.]

Please note that the transition of power must also go smoothly in M'sia's political crisis.

Najib now takes over as Finance Minister and SAPP (Sabah) pulls out of BN. Abdullah himself was the previous Finance minister while Najib was for Defence. And the resignation of the Zaid guy was finally accepted.

"There goes the national treasury. Abdullah might as well sack Najib than entrusting him with the country's wealth. "

Let there be peace.
(Victory to PR!!!)


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why Do We Learn History?

Well, as the MOE pointed out, it's to know more about your beloved country and its [condemned] history. The big question is "Is it getting us, the younger generation, anywhere?". The answer to most of us is a gigantic NO.

Honestly, we are not even studying about how our country has progressed in the recent years, when the rest of the world is caught up in modernization. Instead, we are studying about the ancient times when our country was unmistakeably conquered 4 times by the superpowers of yesterday. Basically, this explains why our country is regressing in hysterical historical terms. The kids of today have totally no idea of what the heck is going on in the world around them. [Why, some people don't even know who Lee Kuan Yew is!!!! ]And that's how the gov is taking advantage of the situation now.

Let's just say we're all stupid people who would believe everything the gov is telling us and they, in return, think we're all dumb nuts and trust whatever they say after ruling us for 51 years of mass corruption.

And still, the question remains. Why DO we learn history if we NEVER learn from our past mistakes??? In 1988, Lim Guan Eng and a few others from DAP were detained for voicing out on behalf of the people when some guy raped an underaged girl. The wrongdoer got away with no charges while the one who voiced out his discontentment was detained for about 2 years. Now, isn't that situation a little TOO familiar? Raja Petra, Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng and Teresa Kok were detained yesterday. Tan Hoon Cheng's arrest was the dumbest. She's a reporter and she was the one who wrote that the freak racist Ahmad guy said that the Chinese were immigrants. And instead of detaining Ahmad himself, the innocent reporter who was doing her job to earn a living.

And what about 1998? Anwar Ibrahim was alleged for a sodomy case. And hey presto!! 10 years later, the same tactic was used. Which comes to show how terrible these people are. Either their memory just sucks or they have no other innovative ideas in framing people up. Now, this is some crazy situation you can only get in Malaysia. Copyrighted by Malaysians. Gee, wouldn't they feel proud of that.

So you see, learning history is driving us students hysterical because it does not really play an important part in our lives at the rate we're going. We don't learn modern history and our ancient version of history is ultimately boring us (who wants to know how we got conquered 4 times??????).

Conclusion: Change our History from BM to English and change the syllabus to WORLD HISTORY, which will benefit the students greatly.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

MSA National Scrabble Tournament 2008 (Open)

Saturday, 6th September 08

Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Once again, I have to wake up early and drag myself all the way to Berjaya Times Square to play Scrabble. Okay, not literally "drag", though. Well, since now we now much better than last week, we got up slightly later (I'm always late, so don't bother). Well, we reached there "on time" today....and a lot of die-hard scrabblers were there already, helping out. Then, I felt a little lost again. Thanks to the fact that there was no one I could just super-glue myself with. If Shu Wen, Emily or Ghee Ken joined, at LEAST I wouldn't feel so lost. Then again, I could have took my camera along with me and just "snap" away at some "edible" stuff. With this "lost" feeling stuck with me, I just couldn't wait for the games to start. Then, I'd probably occupy myself with other things. Speaking of the camera, mind you that the pictures of my first 10 opponents here were not taken before or directly after the game since my camera was in a coma. =P

Game 1
I played against Aviel Lee Iuen Bing (I think that's how "Iuen Bing" is spelt....the result slip stated so). Not a very encouraging start. Firstly, our clock doesn't work, which means we were the only people who played withOUT the clock. Secondly, we dropped our tiles when putting them in the bag. One measly tile fell over the edge to the other side where customers sit and Aviel thought of abandoning it. I offered to run down and get it. I didn't bother looking at the tile thought. If it was some tile like Z or Q, I would have abandoned it. Thirdly, the second word he pulled was already a bingo!!! OK, actually, I had a bingo right at the beginning.....but failed to maintain the standard played right at the start. And the whole ladder-styled playing Ghee Ken enjoys nearly killed me. Very very stuck game [on my behalf]. I actually wanted to scream at the bag already, but I didn't want the first impression of me to be "Oh no!! I'm playing with a nut who just came out of the mental ward!! What do I do?!?!?!?!". I mean, if I were playing against people younger than me (or maybe even my age), I'd have yelled censored words at the bag (no, not THOSE censored words). The interschool competition was a slightly different story. There, I just presumed everyone was crazy and if you played against me there, you'd realise that I talk to the bag more than I talk to my opponent (I know, I know). You should just know that I lost here and that you do not need to digest the fact that I lost by so-and-so spread (it's just less than 200). My score was 362. [>> The pic was not taken after the game, but this was his expression after winning the game. Look how happy he is.....>>].

Game 2
Up against Liew Tjun Git. Right here and now, I just realised that a lot of people look like (or at least resemble) Puochuin. There's one in the choir competition in Subang, and here's another one. Scary, long, game. We used the table which I played on in the first game. Which means we didn't use a clock again. Haha. It's just a miracle that luck was on my side in this game. I just didn't know GLAZY existed...somehow, I just stood my ground and convincd myself that if GLAZE and GLAZED exist, GLAZY would exist =D Well, luckily it did. He scored a bingo 2 moves after GLAZY/GOO(over triple word here), which was ENTRAPS. By the Grace of God he didn't catch up. Merciful lad [referring to Tjun Git]. Unfortunately here, I only know that I had 446 points and that now, when I'm writing this, I can't make out his score because my writing was just too illegible. I know it's 200 something and 4. The game couldn't be finished so we had to minus the points of our remaining tiles.

Game 3
Playing against Vinnith. Damn. Seafielders. He's 14 and he just started Scrabble this year too. Well, EARLY this year, that is. Let's just say that I was lucky here. No one managed a bingo in this game. I thought I had one. But it looks like there was no such thing as UNDETER (root: DETER). There was only DETER, DETERS, DETERRED, DETERRING. I beat him by 57 points, mine being 376 against his 319. Thank my lucky stars.

Game 4
Was against Tan Kar Hee, a guy from Perak. There's no picture of him here as he refused to face the camera and said "If you want to take a picture of me, take it when I'm more muscular". Ok.........Nevermind that. My first word actually didn't exist. He didn't challenge my HOUST though. There was only SHOUT, SOUTH, HOUTS and THOUS for that anagram. My second word was a bingo (lucky!!!). However, I lost by 13 points. Yes, you heard/saw that right. 13 freaking points. Imagine the despair I faced. And it's NOT funny.

Bought the Italian food from some rude lady who cheated us on 10 cents (money's still money, okay?).

Game 5
I played against Mr Krishna Iyer. Gee, he's sharp. Not only was he sharp, he was super lucky!!! Basically, all the good letters went to him except for the Q, which I could not find a good spot to place it in. He had 2 bingos, 1 on his second turn, the other on his 4th turn. And trust me, when that happens right at the beginning of the game, your brain freezes in its tracks and you enter a traumatised state. Mr Ker Ken Wa, Jen Ho's father, came over and was like, "Whoa, you're winning by so much!!!". And at that time, Mr Ker was winning every single game. -276 spread against his 505 points.Honestly, I do not wish to recall the true facts of this game played and will fantasise on how I managed to beat him flat. My brain was thrown away like trash after he trashed me. Trash it.

Game 6
Playing against Ramaraj's father, Mr K. Sundaraj. My first word was already a bingo, FOAMINGS. And theoretically, I could beat him. Practically impossible. Why? Let's just say he got the X and the Z and managed to steal a good spot to place the letters, just like Emily's missed opportunity. This got Mr K some good catching up. I lost by another freak 45 points (379 vs 334). Oh NO!! If I'm not mistaken, when I was playing this game, Aviel was against Mr Krishna behind me. I heard him ask Mr Krishna innocently, "Were you some former international Scrabble champion last time??". I mean, I would have asked that too......but my situation was a little squeezier than his. Intelligent beings. I'm not sure who won his game though.

Game 7

Against Chang Ching Yet. Wow, how does it feel like when you're up against the-guy-who-got-the-highest-scoring-word-for-interschool??? Terrible. He won't give up. You'll see. I won by a slim margin of 50 points. His was 330 and mine was 380. [You see that cap he's wearing. I don't trust it. Scott wore a cap during interschool. Ching Wei, his brother wore a cap last week and this week. Has it ever STRIKED (please note that this word is non-existent. Yea, I always thought it does. I'm just doing a favour here and I'm gonna use it often so that it can enter the dictionary) you that the hat they're wearing might be bionical??? Say what you want, I just don't trust the cap.....]

Game 8
Looi Yih Feng, a fellow Seafielder. Dammit, he had a bingo right when I was leading. Luckily, I caught up with WEM. He challenged the word and I got 5 points. Yay. But then again, thanks to his stupid TAXA, he caught up and I almost lost hope. After the game, I realised I had a terrible miscalculation. I don't know how or why, but his 261 + 29 = 310. If I could time travel, I'd have slapped myself for that. Gah, who cares. Surprise, surprise!!!!! I scored a last-minute bingo!!!!!!!!! PUCKING and PREM (crossed the triple-word score). He challenged it, so I got an amazing 112 for that. Now, if only they had a high-scoring word....I got 419 against his 361. Count my spread for yourself, thanks.
Game 9
Against top-notch player Mr Ker Ken Wa. Now, this was an interesting game. I knew that I'd lose to him but I just played along. Of all games, I didn't get a bingo in this one. Saslfbafasfsaftwertw. And REALLY, after the game, I figured that SANIEST doesn't exist!!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! If I challenged that, I wouldn't have lost by so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMNDAMNDMANDAMNDAMNDAMNDAMNDMANSDFADSMANAMADNAM. At least I challenged his PLACADES, which made use of SE, which didn't exist. Then, the whole game went mad. He was shocked to see his mistake as he thought it was ES. Just like me and my stupid WA (last week). When he was taking back his tiles, the whole board "spilled". As usual human nature takes place, people started staring to "see who died in that accident". Some tiles dropped over the edge again (like the first game) and I ran down to get them while Mr Ker rearranged the tiles. No worries for him because he had another bingo after that, ALLOCATE. I lost by 187 points. Calculate my score if his was 470.
Game 10
I played against Mr Kang Eng Lee, William Kang's father. Dammit I was winning until he got a last-minute bingo, FRIDGES. From that point onwards, which was just 2 rounds from ending the game, it was just hopeless. No pic of him because I just forgot to ask him for a pic. I lost by 50 spread. My score was 346. Count his score yourself.
[End of Scrabble Day 1]
It might sound very dumb, but I've never been to KL for sooooooooooooooooooooooooo long that I've just forgotten how it looked like at night. It was as if I just came out of some ancient place (PJ is ancient.....haha) and have not seen the marvels of KL eventhough it takes 20 minutes (without jam) to reach there from my house. We ate at Hakka Restaurant since all of us were starving already. We got free food because my father knew the 3 bosses there (golf friends). So, one of the bosses said he'll sponsor our meal. Haha. Free food at an expensive restaurant with expensive dishes. My shark's fin soup was mounted with loads of shark fin (fake la....). It was almost a 5cm-high mountain of shark's fins. And it's free.
Sunday, 7th Sep 08 (Mentally challenged day with mentally challenged scores)
I brought my camera along today. Yay. At least now, I'm occupied. Some of the adult players were staring at me and probably wondering why this crazy girl is taking pictures of things around her. I took pictures of the 6 trophies even before the winners laid their hands on them. Haha. The wonders of photography XD. The draw for the 11th game was out. I was against Bryan Lai [*exasperated not again?!?!??!?*].

Game 11
Stupid game!!!!!!!!! The most frustrating game I've played!!!!! I was against the highest-scoring gamer here. He trashed Mr K. Sundaraj 512 to 200+. And geez, you should have seen my tiles right at the beginning!!!!!! After his 24-point JIB, all I could manage was a freaking KA. The only vowel on my rack was an A. And after I used it for KA, you should see my tiles:
"Why are you taking pictures of your own tiles?". Well, if you have tiles like mine, that's what you'd do. And obviously, I wouldn't hang on to useless tiles like these except the Z. So, I changed 6 and only manage a useless DEFY worth 22 points. Now, that wasn't the only problem here!!!! I didn't challenge his [insert whatever vulgar words you know here] PIRE. Not that it'll help, it's only 13 points, but THAT COULD VERY WELL SAVE MY LIFE IT WEREN'T FOR ANOTHER SET OF NONSENSE TO SHOW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This, could very well be my last word and a bingo. Unfortunately, this wasn't the arrangement on my rack and I didn't see it. Instead, I put AUDITS on the board and finished another round with RE. Oh sure, laugh all you want. Do you have any idea how depressing this game was?!??!?! I could have broke down during that game, especially when I figured that there were so many errors in it!!!!! If I wanted, I could have started daffy-laughing!!! (Unfortunately, if I did, I'd be thrown out of the building....)

Games 12-16
Played against Ching Yet twice. Lost once by 9 points, lost another time by 10 points. Hopeless. Played against Vinnith thrice after that. Won once by 93 points, lost 2 by 98 (this game was almost similar to the one against Bryan. Vinnith even got sick of me changing tiles and even asked me why I keep doing it. Trust me, this time it was vowel overload) and 40.

That's all.
Oh and I know the winners and positioning for this competition:
Rank Name Wins
1. Ker Ken Wa 15 (He only lost one game and that was against Aviel. Lost by 8 points. Wow.)
2. Aviel Lee Iuen Bing 11
3. Tan Kar Hee 10
4. Krishna Iyer 9
5. Kang Eng Lee 9
6. Bryan Lai Tong Yin 8.5 (Draw with Vinnith in the first round)
7. Looi Yih Feng 8
8. Vinnith Ramamurti 6.5 (Draw with Bryan in the first round)
9. Chang Ching Yet 6 (You can understand how he got here by winning me 9 and 10 points. [Borrows all the vulgar word you use here])
10. Yeow Liiyung 5
11. Liew Tjun Git 4
12. K. Sundaraj 2
"Losing is a part of life, and life is a part of time. If you lose, you'll have the time of your life!!" =D


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I am glad to say I am proud of Mr Chung for not posting pictures of his son's games and not insulting me as a newbie. Although he did "insult" some other newbies. According to his blog, the newbies were said to have been "chased out" of the tournament.

"Either an insult of being chased out early or complete embarassment if they stayed on".
-Mr Chung-

Geez. I think they went out with their own consent. Why, even I wasn't chased out. And honestly, if the chasing out part was true, Mr Henry wouldn't say he'd call Mrs Yap to warn them......I'm glad I wasn't treated like sheep on that day.

Info below taken from Mr Chung's blog:

1. Scott Chung
2. William Kang
3. Sean Chung
4. Ian Tay
5. Ong Suanne
6. Darren Khoo Beng Way*
7. Ker Jen Ho*
8. Ramaraj Sundraraj*
9. Alvin Lau*
10. Ching San Song**

*subject to MSA's final confirmation and announcement
**accepted into the team because he was a `reserve' in last year's WYSC squad

I'm sorry, I didn't get the placings/positions yet.

"This has got to be one of the strangest and most unconventional "national" selection tourneys ever."

I agree. Basically, which dumb person on Earth would want to play against a bunch of professionals when he/she is only a newcomer????

Anyway, Mr Chung, if ever you read this, thanks for keeping my identity anonymous.


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