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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Enlarged Version of the Prefect Pics

I'm posting this to all those who want the photos.....the previous ones I posted couldn't be enlarged when clicked on. So if you're hoping to have a closer view of the pics, please do so here.


Did YOU Buy Baskin Robins Today?

Yea, I did. My mother ordered all the flavours yesterday so we didn't have to "take a number" in the looooooong queue today =) We ordered 6 flavours (1/2 Gallon), Strawberry Cheesecake (for sure!!!!), Cookies and Cream, World Class Chocolate, Gold Medal Ribbon, Mint Chocloate Chip and Pralines and Cream. We also ordered a Quart Gallon Strawberry Cheesecake for my aunt.

OK, before that, I FINALLY went for swimming....after playing truant for almost a month. We swam 6 laps of freestyle, 4 laps of backstroke, 10 laps of breast stroke and 2 laps of killer butterfly stroke. Then, we did many plunge-ins with Lionel in charge. He didn't let us go home eventhough everyone begged and begged and begged....Finally, he said:

OK, let's go by majority. Whoever wants to go home, put down your hands.
[Everybody puts their hands up -.-"]

Great, nobody goes home! ( >=D )

Joking la.....everybody go home laaaa......

Right...that's something epic the government has to learn--twist. Speaking of the government, Dr M[ahathir] quit UMNO (a long time ago.....I think slightly after exams...)....and he created a blog. Within a month, his blog had 1 million hits!!!! That is so fake......It seems that modern day politicians are becoming bloggers.....

We bought Silkie a new ball today. When my aunt came over to collect her ice-cream, Silkie ran out of the house again!!!!!!!!! Luckily, I was holding her new ball and after several squeezes with her new ball, she ran back......

She ran out yesterday too!!!!! That time, I was upstairs "doing some computer work". Suddenly, my mother shouted at me to come down--without telling me the reason why...AGAIN. I thought I did something wrong.....or it was just some slavery work so I could take my own sweet time to come down...but I ran down anyway....with instincts which told me it was urgent. Then, she told me that Silkie ran out of the house. SDFHFGHARAEWYTRDJHGJADFGAERT FGFDGASFGAERE. I just shouted on the spot (at the stairs)........and I thought it was stupid....but anyway, Silkie heard me and came running back. My father was really angry......and so, he beat her......[poor little dog]. More like crazy dog....she was still wagging her tail after the beating.....and we could see that she was happy...for some reason we wonder.

[Oh, and please leave a comment on which is your favourite Baskin Robins flavour so that I can try it out in July]


Friday, May 30, 2008

Get Smarter!

I'm going to do something stupid today, in case I have amnesia next time, or my brain fails me, or if anyone out there doesn't know this. This post is dedicated to my mother, for she just learnt tab browsing today. If you know this already, it's gonna be pretty lame all the way until the pictures. I'm also probably advertising Yahoo here.

Save space. Do tab browsing.
1. Get a Yahoo toolbar.
2. Click on the "Add Tab" button.
3. Use the Internet like normal.

Viola! 3 easy steps to tab browsing.

If there is a link to somewhere but you do not want to leave the page you are on, you can always right-click on that particular link and choose "Open in new tab". THEN, you can enjoy switching from page to page without having to keep pressing the "Back" button.

Here are some links for you to practice =) [By the way, these links are not necessarily here just for practice, they are great links which will lead you to great pages!(.......depending on which link you choose.....). I'm not sure if you would think the links are interesting.....but some are educational =)

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Link 6
Link 7

I hope you have just amused yourself and became a little smarter than you were minutes (or maybe hours ago?).


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oceans Beat Seas


This is what I felt after knowing the other achievements that you have done in so short a lifetime. I hate you, which goes along with the others on my list. Go get a life.....and do something that helps your future job, not something which intimidates other living beings on the planet and robs them of the joy and satisfaction they deserve.
Anyway, yesterday I went for choir practice. They gave us some sheet of paper to advertise Choral Fest. Guess what I saw? Seafield would be there too.
[*Tears some paper and screams*]. GOSH!!! Since the beginning of this year, EVERYTHING seems to connect with Seafield!!!! Basically, we DJians should name ourselves Oceanpark. THEN we'd be better than lil' old Seafield.
We took Silkie out for a walk in the park yesterday and Tuesday. Yesterday, we saw little kids there who kept playing with Silkie so I bet she was really happy. There were 5 kids, 2 girls and 3 boys. I caught some of their names......Megan was the older girl, Ivy was the younger one, Robin wore glasses, and 2 were unidentified.....though I knew that they called the boy in black shirt "Tze Tze"....I think the one who owned the basketball and wore a red T-shirt was the oldest among them....probably 11? 12? Not really sure......but I'm pretty sure they liked Silkie =D. I let them have a chance to hold Silkie's leash. I remembered when Tze Tze was holding on to her leash, a big dog appeared....probably a Labrador Retriever. The little kids were so protective of Silkie that all of them took a stick each. The girls surrounded Silkie while the guys bullied the Retriever with their sticks (poor dog...). Anyway, the guy who owned the Labrador tied it to a pole which did alot to protect Silkie--and made it more vulnerable to the small kids' bullying!
Today, Uncle Chong's Schnauzer passed on to another more peaceful world. It died of kidney problems.
May we have a moment of silence to respect this animal which has made our lives more colourful and merrier.
[I'm not a Christian, but if you are, pray for these creatures, please.]


Monday, May 26, 2008

Prefect Camp

I went for the highly anticipated prefect camp on Saturday. I woke up at 6.45 (and I have to be there by 7.15!!!!). Well...who cares? (again)....I still managed to reach there on time. This year, I noticed more people carried light luggage compared to last year (humans are NOT regressing at this point). We had a short briefing [which lasted for about 45 minutes, ironically]. Apparently someone couldn't make it to the camp because of a sudden asthma attack. The unfortunate victim? Gavin Singh. Sad. [Says prayers].We were then given our respective 4 groups and then which form of transportation we would be taking. We were also given our schedule. It went something like this (excluding all small lil' details):

24th May 2008
OWL (Operasi Burung Hantu)

25th May 2008
Jungle Trekking
Discussion for Cultural Night (Malam Kebudayaan)

26th May 2008
Flying Fox

When the van and bus came, there offered those on the van to go to the bus as there were 2 empty spaces there. Zhong-Yuen and I volunteered to go on the bus. The van reached our destination first. I wonder how long they waited there though....They were still waiting for their bags on the bus. When we DID reach there, we went to a room named "Bengkel Keruing". We were given a short briefing there about the camp. Our facilitator was Encik Rosli. There was also another guy who was usually in blue shirt, Encik Samsul. Looks like "Kem Bina Semangat" (KBS) also stands for "Kem Buat Sendiri". How true. We then had to take the comforter, pillow cover and blankets. After that, we went to our respective dormitories (8 and 20 persons dorm.). I just realised that my comforter had previous signs of blood....I don't even want to guess what happened back's just too disgusting to think about. I tried not to think about that....we then went to get a little snack from the canteen. After that, we were on our way to play some games.

On the way there...I fell into a drain (that's amusing.....I just reached the camp!!!!). I cut my left middle finger (auspicious?) and kind of scratched my right thigh. Pn Cheng put a little "something" (Dettol, I think) onto the wound. I only figured out the wound on my thigh when I was playing the games later. Gwen
followed me to wash my shirt and whatever. I changed into my "Robotic" shirt and jeans. Then I hanged my wet clothes (thanks to the filthy drain water....contaminated with algae, moss, some other growths and red ants!) on a liner near my dorm. The ants bit me bag was also invaded by res ants....and they bit Gwen when she was holding my bag (oops....sorry but thanks alot, Gwen). Gwen and I went back to play the games. My group, group 4 was playing some untangling game that time. After that game, which I only joined in at the third game, we played some falling game. I wanted to do it too but I just couldn't bear to scratch myself again...

~Daniel probably sat through the whole thing. Krystle and Sabreena supports Gavin~After those mini games, we went for lunch. I kind of lost my appetite at that time since I was "drained from life" (almost literally). Then everyone played Obstacles. We were divided into 2 groups: Groups 1+2, Groups 3+4. I wanted to play too but then I already told that guy that I was scratched on my leg and nearly barred from most movements (at that time, lifting my up hurt too). I wanted to try out the obstacle course badly but the guy said that I should just rest and just follow my group everywhere. And that's exactly what I did. Halfway when they were playing Obstacles, it started raining heavily. ~Jia Min, Sabreena and Krystle lifting up Jessica~ It was quite fun under the rain, especially when you think that it helps to clean your dirty body. The rain DID help everyone out abit, especially the part where everyone was supposed to crawl underneath a net full of mud (commando crawl [I think that's how it's spelt]). The mud underneath the net was full of frogs' eggs and tadpoles..and smelt like fish or metal (either way). The rain helped to get rid of some of those water pests (unfortunately, the scent there was permanent). My group started at the hurdle part. Groups 1 and 2 started off at the 6-foot wall. This means they went through the commando crawl before us. Sher Wu and Zhen Jian kept saying "Jia You" as our background music. We kept having to redo everything from the first obstacle.....there were rules that we just HAD to follow and can't break. If we touched something like the poles of the hurdles or the trees, we had to restart the whole course again. That wasn't our only restriction. We also had to carry "burdens" like 2 long sticks which, ironically was supposed to help us when we were in trouble. We named the 2 sticks Gavin (the straighter one) and Jessica (the more curvy one). Our group made it until the 4th obstacle when the restrictions were loosened. Then, the men in charge just counted our mistakes while we continued the long course. ~Daniel trying out something funny and new~.There were roughly 15 obstacles compromising of (starting from the hurdles.....some of the weird names are created) Hurdle 1, Hurdle 2 , balancing plank, "some lion dance poles", low tire, multiple balancing planks (posed by many people standing....and Sabreena with Krystle and Gavin with Jessica [the sticks we named]), Forest poles, monkey bars, "Jump-on-that-'tile-island', Tarzan swing, Double ramps, high tire, Commando crawl, Electric web, 6-foot wall. My group finished everything except 4 things: the Double ramps, High tire, Electric web and the 6-foot wall.
~Sabreena making good use of Gavin the Wood~
While we were there at our 6th obstacle, our opponents were still overcoming their 3rd obstacle, Commando crawl. We couldn't blame them since they started off at the harder part. They wanted to start at our starting point....but too bad...Sher Wu reached there much earlier than them. So they got wet before my group did. We did try our best to utilise Gavin and Jessica, our paralysed friends.

At some points like the Forest Poles, they met their woody ancestors.
~"I see a hole!!! Crawl!! Escape!!"~

~Groups 3 and 4 discusses behind as Andrea goes through the monkey bars~

~"Guys, support Jessica!!!"~

~Darren and Sher Wu staying on to pass Gavin and Jessica safely across fishland~

~Mud Angel~

~Beautiful sunset~

At night, we had "Operasi Burung Hantu". Moments before this was like the "Moment of Truth". Some of us didn't want to do this because we heard it would be just 1 person that would be left alone--blindfolded--in the jungle. Most of us wanted at least 2 persons to be left alone. I wanted it on eventhough it was a 1-person thingy because I had no idea what to do at night...and also because I just KNEW they wouldn't bring us into the jungle. It was just too risky especially at night on a rocky and muddy terrain full of snakes and other life-threatening creatures. Pn Wong basically lied to us in the canteen when she said we would be put 2 together--just to make us want to go for it. Then, while waiting for the facilitators to get ready, we were told to get into our groups to discuss about the sketch for Malam Kebudayaan. Daniel called all group 4 members to discuss about it. Meanwhile, we also tried to calm Sabreena down as she was really frightened about the Burung Hantu thingy. We discussed about out-of-the-topic stuff like adding a little Star Wars scene into our sketch and making use of our torch lights as light sabers. Then, Daniel came up with a great moral value: Don't be racist. That was pretty extreme to us at that time. We continued giving ideas until we were told to gather in front of Bengkel Keruing again. Some people nearly broke down when they heard that we would be left alone in the dark. But in the end, after a bit of persuading and teasing (for Jivean), everyone joined except Wan Jyn, I think, who helped the teachers out.

Basically, the "Owl Operation" went like this. We were first lined up in our respective groups. We were then given instructions to blind-fold ourselves with the translucent green cloth given to us. Then, some men will pull you away into a long line--randomly. I soon found out the arrangement. Ben Yew was the first in the line, Krystle was next, Gwen was somewhere after that-I think, Soon Len came next if I'm not wrong followed by Sher Wu, Paik Suan, me, Daniel, Shawn Foong, Iman and other unidentified people behind her. We were then led to walk into "The Jungle". But it was actually just around the camp site. We were taken to walk into muddy places. Halfway through, I think the line was broken into half. Slowly, each and every one of us were separated...eliminated from the epic journey into the unknown to be rested somewhere where no human has ever gone before (LOL). During the slow and unexpected eliminating process, Daniel kept saying to Shawn and I, "It's OK. Daniel's here". When 3 of us saw some water surface, Daniel concluded: "If they bring us into that lake and I drown, Shawn will save me". That makes it nice to know you have a swimmer around. I heard later that Sher Wu and Soon Len were the last ones to be "settled". The "tour guides" did a 2-way elimination which would explain how they got to be the last. Once everyone was "settled", I figured out that most of the people from my "area" in the line were close by. I could identify Sher Wu's voice somewhere, Daniel's voice was like a phantom--sometimes in front of me, sometimes next to me and at times, behind me (freaky), Krystle could also be heard together with Iman. Splashes Syn Yee's and Sabreena's voices were heard while Gwen and Paik Suan sounded distant. Jeremy could be heard "shushing" at us when we spoke.

When we were seated at our own trees, I actually started asking softly: "Who's there?". I didn't expect any answer but alot of answers came pouring in. When positions were discovered [as in the previous paragraph], everyone quietened. Actually, no communication in any form were allowed. But it seems our area forgot about this after multiple humans coughed consecutively. It started off somewhere from the right. I didn't mean to respond at all but I just HAD to cough that time [and it wasn't for communication, it was a genuine cough]. It went on and on and on to the left until someone definitely not our age shouted: "Kamu nak duduk sini untuk 2 jam atau TAMBAH LAGI 2 jam!?!?!?!?!". Then all forms of communication were cut off. Not really for me though. I communicated with some frogs (whether virtual or real, I have no idea). I made funny sounds to myself. At one point where I found it possible to die of boredom, I started whistling like some bird or something. I'm not very sure who heard it but I'm certain Sharmaine heard it as she said she heard whistling after the activity. Halfway in the activity, I took a sneak from my blindfold to see where exactly I was. I couldn't figure out anything except some street lamps and some temple. The sky was beautiful that time. Some time in the middle of the activity, we started to communicate again....only to be interfered once more by the facilitators.

After about 45 minutes, we were all brought back to our lines. I heard the facilitator ask me to stand up and then a few people came to gather around my place. Then part of the line was brought to my area. We were all told to remove our blindfolds. After finally gathering everyone, we did a head count. There were only 50 people in the head count...Wan Jyn wasn't involved in this....and he should be happy about it. We were all scolded by someone in white. He kept shouting that all of us were not honest as we promised him not to communicate during the activity. When they brought us back to the camp site, we were once again scolded and made to promise never to make the same mistake again. We were dismissed and told to get supper. Muffins were served.

I managed to catch sunrise the next day of camp. I woke up at 5.55 am (very auspicious timing) and stayed in bed for a very long time....I'm not sure who's alarm rang first, but when mine rang, the whole room started "shushing" at me...if it wasn't the first alarm to go must have been a really annoying ringtone and alarm sound. I changed into the last clean pants I have (I changed into my slacks JUST before the Obstacles began). It was going to get dirty again anyway.....OK, actually, the slacks would still be considered clean. Anyway, today's breakfast was QUITE acceptable....though I didn't really enjoy the noodles (mee). Only 1 dish was served together with it-- fried egg. But nevermind, it's only breakfast....and my stomach is almost always dead in the mornings.

After breakfast, we went for jungle trekking. This is probably the most extreme jungle trekking experience I've ever had. We had to climb up alot and our tour guide cut new ways for us to go down again (gosh, just get us to an already existing path!!).

The most beautiful experience I've had in jungle trekking was with twins Cherilyn and Jacqueline ALSO in Kuala Kubu Baru. We went deep into the jungle that trip and crossed 5 rivers. It took about 15-20 minutes to reach the first river. From the first to the second river took roughly 1.15-1.30 hours (it was the longest). The deepest was the 4th river. Somewhere between our journey, we also had to walk in the river while holding hands to make sure no one gets swept away by the current. We reached the [origin of the] waterfall at the top after making our way through a mini cave full of bats flying in and out (these ARE bats, not bat-like birds) and getting up out of the cave by climbing tree trunks stacked one on top of another. It was like a whole new world, like in a different dimension, as if it had never existed before. It was simply magnificent. There was this giant rock which balanced on smaller rocks and we had to climb up to get on it. It was quite stable (surprisingly....not exactly...). The only surprise came when I found a giant millipede in my left shoe while rinsing away the sand from my shoes (I really didn't feel a thing when trekking). We had to use a small branch to get it out of my shoe. Luckily it wasn't a leech or centipede =)

The first climbing part was rather steep. There were actually 3 routes youo could use to get up to the top (where I was standing as I took this pic). One was the way we were told to use--an "S" shaped route which was highly dangerous in the middle, where Samantha Chloe nearly slipped to doom (exaggerating). The 2nd option was a "Y" shaped route taken by Krystle and her gang (and some others). This was the way used by the quick-thinking and sharp-eyed as it wasn't steep and started from rather firm ground. The 3rd option was probably the easiest route available...but it was only used by 3 extremely smart people--Pn Cheng who decided to use this way first, followed by Wan Jyn [and someone else I was just a few days ago...I think I have short-term memory loss....who can remember this info please give it to me via something]. This route is just a straight line up. No other complications such as mossy rocks or narrow grounds (like the 1st way). Everyone made it safely, no one died along the journey. After that steep climb, we continued trekking and saw some orang asli's house. It was made out of something like bamboo...I think. We crossed some place where river water was coming out from a pipe. According to Gwen, who, at that time was just a little in front of me, she kind of yelled out that the pipe was rusted. Pn Choong, on the other hand, who was a few people behind me, yelled out to us not to drink the water. This went against the tour guide's instructions. I didn't drink it anyway...I just washed my face (and it LOOKED like I drank it). Anyway, after a while, we were on our way downhill. The path down was CREATED on the spot...not ready for us. This made our journey more difficult and steep. It was really muddy and slippery as it rained quite heavily the previous night. I saw a furry caterpillar on the way down--and Jagdev, who was 2 persons in front of me, started passing on this message: "Caterpillar ahead!". It was echoed by Alison, me and Sean nature!! Pn Choong also helped us in our attempt to save nature's gift.

When we were all safely down there, I just realised that my hands were all bloody and there were patches of slimy, red meat on my right hand. I quickly checked myself to see if I was injured or something. I found no traces of anything violent. My conclusion was that I killed something unidentified--probably a furry caterpillar?? When everyone got down, we went slightly deeper into the jungle to "bath" ourselves in the river. The water current in there was really strong and if you lied down like in backstroke, you would be floating away.

When we came back from jungle trekking, we took a real bath and went for lunch. Next up was Cobweb. It was more of a strategizing game. We were splitted into 2 groups: Boys and Girls. The girls won the game by a few seconds, beating the last boy to get through the web, Timothy. We actually started off in the lead, but the boys soon caught up after their "judge" loosened up a bit. I was about the 5th person to be passed on to the other side (if I'm not wrong). The first to get there was Chia Min, followed by Krystle, Iman, Andrea, then me.

After Cobweb, we were given time to practice our sketch for Malam Kebudayaan. The pictures can do the talking from this point on. It was a really funny practice as we all just did it in that short period of time. Daniel was still grounded on his idea for our moral value: Don't be racist. And we stuck to that.

These were our characters:

Syn Yee =Narrator
Daniel =Racist 1
Zhong-Yuen =Racist 2
Jagdev =Racist victim
Sean Lee =Jagdev's dad
Alison =Jagdev's mum
Chia Min =Jagdev's critical, older sis
Michelle Low=Jagdev's gentler sis
Liiyung =Principal "YO"
Sabreena =Weirdo gangster head
Sher Wu =Salt
Harris =Pepper
Jia Min =Chilli Flakes

~Trying out the heroic part~

~Run away!!!~

~Perfectionists discussing~

~"See, so dark wan!", Zhong-Yuen going hyper~

~Jagdev running away from the racists~

~Eating or fighting?~

~"OK, fine, I'll tell everything"~

~Next scene, please! We're done~

~No, seriously, you don't do this when you're talking to the principal.....Yes, even the parents...~

*Principal "Yo" makes an announcement*

~"We're so screwed!!!"~

~Oh no!! Gangsters!~

~"Whoa!! She's dark!!"~

~"And so is HE!!"~

Sabreena: Guys, show them what you're made of!


Sher Wu: SALT!
Harris : PEPPER!

Sabreena: And I'm.....Chemical DJ!


[Cameo roll of "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader". Testing the IQ of the gangsters. (We thought up of this just 10 minutes before our actual performance).

Syn Yee: And now, for our cameo roll of "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader". Here's our guest host for today, Principal "Yo".

Principal: Okaaaay. Now, for our first question. Name a classical singer.
Harris : Erm.......
Principal: Here's a clue--it is someone who died....
Harris : Uhhh......Parameswara?
Principal: Wrrrrrongggg!!! The answer iiiiiiis.................SOMEONE WHO DIED!!!
Harris : Aaargh!!! So close!!!!

Principal : Now, for the next question.......What is E=MC2?
Jia Min : "E" is energy......
Sabreena :'s Mariah Carey's latest album!!
Principal : Ccoooorrecct!!!

Principal: And now, for the final and hardest question of all........

*drum rolls*

*drum rolls*

What is 1+1??

Sher Wu: *Kneels down and goes crazy* Oh noooo!!!!! *Shakes Zhong-Yuen* Quick!!! Tell me the answer!!! Or I'll kill you!!
Zhong-Yuen: Oh my god!!! I don't know!!!! Ummmm.......THREE!!!
Sher Wu: *Calms down and says confidently* Three!
Principal: Wrrroooooonggg!!!!!! The answer is TWO!! AAand now...back to the sketch!]


~Maaaaaayyyyyyttttrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxx (Matrix)~

~"Dudes......this is a joke....I understand that you are mentally ill....but THIS???"~

*Hears a shrill scream from Zhong-Yuen as Jagdev gets ready a light saber!!! =)*

~"Who's the disco king now, eh?"~

~"Is this sissy enough?". Master Zhong-Yuen perfects the pose~

~"I think I smelt something bad....."

~"Cool between us"~

~Mentally challenged guys of group 4~

Group 1=From left: Michelle Teh, Shawn Foong, Wan Jyn, Samantha Cheah

~These people are compatible with our Group 4's M[entally]C[hallenged] people~

~Jeremy and Soon Len.......made for each other?~

~A great sketch must include violence and brutal deaths =)~

I'm really sorry there were no pics of group three....all the pics taken were quite blur and dark. All group 4 pics are on top.....they are nearer and more detailed--and more candid!!! =)

At the end of Malam Kebudayaan, we were awarded our prizes. The positions for the sketch were like this:
1st : Group 2 [About the violent killings....enjoyable show]
2nd: Group 1 [About "Jyn" and drugs, the one where there was a gender exchange]
3rd: Group 4 [You know this...]
4th: Group 3 [About abolishing exams while saving paper...more towards save the environment]

The boys got the punctuality and helpfulness award. Group 4 won the best group overall (merriment, co-operation, semangat DJian).

We woke up early today and got ready for flying fox. It was 60 feet high (approximately 18 metres). I was the first few people and the 2nd girl to try it out. It wasn't really that high....(guess it must have been because I've jumped down from the 3rd level of the diving pool). I really felt like I was flying that time. I think everyone tried it out except Zhong-Yuen. After that, we went to our rooms to continue packing our bags.

Our group photos:

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4

Last row: Sean Lee, Shawn Foong, Wong Wan Jyn, Ahmad Harris, Shawn Ong, Wong Ben Yew, Gan Jia Min, Tan Qi Yuan, Soo Zhen Ian, Lim Zhen Jian, Jeremy Ang, Ng Sher Wu, Timothy Sim, Darren Kee, Jivean Mas, Dylan Sugenthiran

2nd row: Lisa Natasha, Nor Sharmaine, Alison Seow, Sabreena Zahri, Tan Syn Yee, Tang Hui Min, Samantha Cheah, Huan Poh Suan, Samantha Chloe Anthony, Yeow Liiyung, Andrea Prisha, Shirlie Chong, Iman Najwa, Leong Gwen Taine, Ho Chia Min, Michelle Low, Quah Paik Suan, Teoh Soon Len, Michelle Teh, Alycia Nicholle Ng, Ting Xiao Yan, Ho Jia Qi, Lim Andrea Tzejia, Nicole Chan

Sitting: Jared Tan, Rodney Chua, Christopher Tan, Pravin Sivakumar, Jaspreet Singh, Daniel Ong, Pn Wong, Pn Cheng, Pn Choong, Pn Norsila, Krystle Chan, Jagdev Singh, Lee Zhong-Yuen, Toh Tzen Szen, Arthur Tho


[There are times when special moments can only be expressed through words. There are times when it can only be expressed through pictures. BUT SOMETIMES, THESE MOMENTS CAN ONLY BE FELT. I'll miss this camp forever]


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