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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Meeting the Best: MSA National Youth Championship

As said before in the previous post[s], I went for a tortured Scrabble Tournament. Which was rated. And which all the word freaks enter (excluding GheeK in this case).

Alright, so I woke up early (not) and went to my aunt's house so that she could send us to Berjaya Times Square. On the way.....I realised I wasn't wearing my other rubber band (orhtodontics). We reached the Square very early. Around 8.00....And, we decided to go and explore around first, before we got lost and there was completely no hope to register myself. We were probably the earliest to be there [excluding the cleaning ladies, Mr Henry and someone else I couldn't make out]. We just sat down somewhere until most of the players arrived. After registering myself and becoming a member of MSA (Malaysia Scrabble Association? Forgive the ambiguity of the info given as I'm not pretty sure myself.....) I felt a little lost. I mean, c'mon, there's not a soul in the place who knows I exist.....And, I'm just a FREAKING NEWBIE. Darn.

I didn't bother to see what time the tournament actually started since I was too nervous to get a spread of -400 or more. By the Grace of God it did not happen.....though it could always happen tomorrow. Besides, there were others I didn't play against yet. Ghee Ken, if you're reading this, it's neither Sean nor Scott I haven't gone against yet. Yes, I played against them....And that's something new for all you crazy people out there. Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to have missing games. See, there were supposed to be many newbies who were playing. Unfortunately, ALL THE NEWBIES quit after the first round (except 1 or 2 who quit somewhere in the middle of the 2nd game and break). How nice of them to leave me alone!!!!! Geez, now all was left was a bunch of scrabble nuts and a lone newbie. Plus, there were only 2 girls among....erm...13 other guys.

There was one contradiction here though. I'm pretty sure most DJians would expect the Scrabblers to be "geeky" and never say a word to you if it doesn't lower your score or help them gain points in Scrabble. That's where most people get it wrong. Basically, they were just really freaky people who acted coolly. They didn't seem all that.....well....geeky...or nuts. Most tried to be cool....well, they don't need to be...geez...Honestly, most of them looked like those lalas or mentally-challenged people who take spraying cans and vandalise things. But, they're totally the opposite. But somehow, I just didn't feel bad or was as if they were celebrities [who play Scrabble professionally] and I was just hoping to get contacts with them.

Game 1
Not a very encouraging start. I was basically lost as I had no idea who Teo Wee Seong was. I think he was taking his bag or something....And why the heck am I recording this in my blog?!??!?!?! It's not even good!!!! Nevermind... I won't state the terrible moments here. I just know that the game ended with me getting a 239 and my opponent getting 425. It was nearly a -200 spread. -194. Stupid spread.

Game 2
This was against one of the newbies, Syazwan. The win itself wasn't even near encouraging. I only won by +137 (mine at 387 and his at 250). Adfgaofbsbfnmdsbfmsfkshuwr.

Game 3
Ching San Song. Great. Just great. I heard he's quite good......the unique thing in the game was the tiles. Unique...but unfortunately, not to my advantage. The tiles were blue....and VERY THIN. It was so hard to control the tiles and most of the time, they kept falling off the rack. And NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! There was a point in the game when I was beating him!!!! Until I was challenged, my word didn't exist, and he scored a Bingo. [You may insert vulgar words if you want here]. Luckily, there was also another point in the game in which I put "TEA" and I think that ended his dream of placing some gigantic word there. He heaved a loud "Haiya......" and that made me happy. Hey, at least he wouldn't put a stupid bingo and beat me by more points. In the end, I lost by 159 points, mine being 270 and his being 429. Glad it wasn't 200+. I think he was having a bad sore throat as his voice sounded quite high-pitched and hoarse.

Game 4
The very game Ghee Ken lusts for. A game with Sean Chung. [Chops off head]. Aw, c'mon, have some mercy for me!!! You want me to play against him in the FOURTH ROUND OF MY FIRST MAJOR TOURNAMENT?!?!? You're kidding. I braced myself from losing by 400+ points and was surprised by a loss of a mere 156 points. Mine was 253 while his was 409. Not THAT bad, considering some circumstances. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I now have a picture of me on the Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY TOOK PICTURES OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ate fried rice, which I didn't finish, since my teeth were STILL ACHING. Drank some funny watermelon + vegetable drink. Lunch was over at 1.45 PM. When I got back to the tournament, I got the worst shock of my life.......

Up against Ong Suanne. This must be my lucky day [spot the sarcasm]. Well, at least she's really friendly. But really.....that's because she can relax. She IS the best here. But, oddly, she said she lost to 2 guys....I think they're quite young guys....either my age or younger....? William Kang and Ker Jen Ho. Ouch. Well, at least that means she beat Scott in the 2nd round. Back to the game. It started off quite badly.....for both parties. I unconsciously put "WA". And of course it didn't exist. However, Suanne forgot to challenge my word and only remembered it just before she put her tiles down. It was quite embarassing especially when I realised the error. This game was pretty scary, since I totally miscalcuted something which caused the whole marking system to be increased by 102 points. Thank goodness it was an error. Otherwise I would be losing by 445 points. Gee, you do the maths yourself (Suanne's marks were 586 and mine was 243). I'm glad she was really kind of cushioned the stress a bit.

Game 6
This game was kind of dramatic.....I rushed to the toilet and arrived late. I could see my current opponent, Bryan Lai Tong Yin, waiting anxiously for the game. Well....I wouldn't blame him....he was a fortunate chap who had a few "missing games" before this, all because of the lack of opponents. I WANT MISSING GAMES!!!!!! He reminded me of a mix of Mr Abel, Mark (swimming) and Nigel Teh. Gee, one's a genius, another's the 2nd fastest swimmer in M'sia and one's the Head Librarian of DJ. This guy represents the "Scrabble-playing category". Noooooooo!!!!! There was point in the game where I was winning....until he scored 2 bingos right at the end [RESTALL and GROINED]!!! NONONONONONO!!! I almost had a rebound too.....the letter "S" in my word QUADS had covered RESTALLS and my word went over the triple word score. I had 62 points for that......But then....he managed GROINED. Forget it....after all, I didn't expect much....but it's kind of depressing when you get trashed at the last minute....JUST like the interschool games......and that was 20+ and 30+ points...DARN. I ended up getting a -60 spread. 343 vs 403. So close, yet so far. At least he DID loosen up a bit at the end of the game and at least talked about it. I was said to "be able to read his mind". I wish. Wherever he wanted to place his tiles, I placed mine there before him. I guessed it was the case when he started talking to his friend (my 1st opponent) about something like that. Well, luckily it was that way, otherwise.......well...I don't want to talk about it.....

Game 7
Brian Lim Daqing. Gjhadfjsdfjdfns. Reminds me of another Mark (my 1-year-older-than-me uncle). [Gee, this people DO make their MARK in a competition.....haha]. CRAZY. OPPONENT. Though it was quite amusing how Ganesh (helping out in organising) pronounced Daqing as Ducking. I learnt a new word here....(YRNEH [unit of reciprocal inductance], opposite of HENRY [unit of inductance]. I expected a terrible -400 spread here too. It was fortunate that it's only -272 (241 vs 513).

Game 8
Ker Jen Ho.
"It's OK, he's a nice guy" -Mr Henry-
*Ahem* He's 13, been into competitive Scrabble about 5 years ago and he just beat Ong Suanne. Wow. He IS nice. He's score against me? 555. My score? 236. And the dreaded spread=-319. Yep, he's nice. Lasfgaslfhsadfa.

Game 9 OVER
Ghee Ken would kill to get this game too. Horrible. I don't want to recall this game. It's the worst game ever. SCOTT CHUNG!!!!!!!!! He not only LOOKED like my cuz, he SOUNDS and TALKS like my cuz and PLAYS like my cuz. I kept putting out non-existing words. The worst was that there was a part in the game when I put out WA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID!!! I THOUGHT I PUT OUT "WAN".....and there was another word....I wanted to put TA and HA but UNfortunately, I failed to notice there was an "E" behind "H" causing the freaking word to become "AHE" instead of "AH". DAMNDAMNDAMNDAMNDAMNDAMNDAMNDAMNDAMNDAMNDAMNDAMN. Somehow or another, he teased me for putting the same word again (WA). How the heck did he know??? Great, now there area BUSYBODIES??? WORST THING WAS THAT ALMOST ALL MY WORDS DURING THIS FREAK GAME WERE NON-EXISTENT. I must have lost concentration by concentrating mostly on "ohohohthisisthelastgamebeforeIcangoback" thoughts. I lost by a whopping 373 points. He almost touched 600 points. It was a hopeless 596 vs 223. At the end of the game, when we were rearranging the tiles on the rack 10 x 10, we found an extra tile. So, we went through all the trouble to recheck every letter, A-Z. And wow....all the letters were correct and there were no extra or missing letters. "That's strange", something my cuz would say often came out through his mouth. Say, do they KNOW each other?? And no, GheeK, there wasn't any topics about nuts here. Oh shoot....I forgot to discuss about Kelly XP

At night, I went in to ISC for a while and almost immediately, someone called "inkspell" wanted to match me. I was can he/she look at who's online and match that person so fast? Ker Jen Ho was online that time too and greeted me. That reminded me of today, so nevermind, I'll just see how I'll play and ask for opinions on how to improve. Game over and yea, I lost.

-30 August 08-

Normally, when you're losing badly in a tournament and know you have no chance of getting anything, you'd just quit. But, unusually, this wasn't the case for me. Bring me to a swimming competition and I'd quit right after the first game. But hey, like I said before, they were like celebrities, so I HAD to go.....for the fun of it. It's nice to know you're in the presence of someone better than you....considering it's something you like.

Back to the games.

Game 10
Against Jagan Narayanan. It was terrible again but luckily I improved a little from yesterday and lost by 167 points (315 against 482). Worst thing was that EXECT doesn't exist. That was Jagan's last word before I finished off with GRAIL. And dammit, I thought EXECT existed too. I didn't challenge that freaking 68-point word, when it could have save me my pitiful spread. Well, at LEAST he apologized for that word (Yay!). Then, I asked him for his ISC handle and well, what do you know? He promptly said he played against me last night. Which could only mean he's Inkspell. When asked from where he got that info from, he just said he heard it. Is my voice THAT loud???? Both of us were, if I'm not mistaken, the fastest to finsh, so we waited in front of the computer anxiously. Then, William Kang came over after his game ended and asked Jagan, "What word can you form with the anagram GHIIILNS ?".
"I don't know. I can't come up with any."

And that word DOES exist.

Game 11
Against my first opponent again. This time was much worse than the first. I lost by 207 points and his score was 589. Calculate my score. EDEN doesn't exist WTH.

Games 12-14
YAY!!! I was free this whole time. I spent most of my time in front of the computer learning new words with Mr Henry. Since I was having bonus round, I went out for lunch early. I'm not sure how many rounds there were here, because it felt like 2 rounds. If it's true, that means we actually played 16 games?!?!??! I was having quite alot of fun here. It was getting a little more exciting here since at this time when players were getting high, all sorts of funny words and challenges came up. Scott actually challenged William Kang's GROPE. Mr Henry was laughing at that time and he was like, "What sort of challenge is that? Challenge something that's worth challenging la [eligible to be used since it's in the Scrabble dictionary =P]!!". I'm not sure if the challenge was some kind of fake joke...I thought I saw him stick out his tongue and grinning....??....haha. Then, there were some creative ones like Khoo Beng Way's TAGTEAM, which didn't exist....or like Ker Jen Ho's ALIKENS, also a non-existent word. There was also NATIVED (X), from another game between Scott and.....forgot who. Then there was LATEXING (X) from......err.....Teo Wee Seong and Bryan Lai, I think. Henry said they could have put EXALTING. I think there was also TOONILY from Beng Way, and after a few stubborn tries of the same set of letters, ended up with SNOOTILY (accepted). Lol.

Halfway before the 14th game, Bryan approached Henry and asked to be put into Intermediate category for next week's competition instead of Masters and requested for a drop in rating. "If I enter the Masters next week, I'm gonna die!!". Now THAT was funny. Henry then said see how he does in this competition. Apart from that, he was also "jealous of my bonus rounds" and Henry said "Lose in this round!!". LOL. After that, he was playing the Zyzzyva anagram quiz that time when suddenly, this funny anagram came out: "GILOOONY". Beng Way so happen to come behind him and asked, "What sort of word is THAT?". The funny answer from the computer? (Mr Henry got this wrong). OINOLOGY.

"Is there such a word??"
"Yes la. Oink oink oink."
"You're damn lame wei!!"
"You're lamer. You almost bought it."

Haha. And whoever thought Scrabblers were lame people? I'm pretty sure they think they're quite cool......

More drama was added when Ong Suanne kept playing against Ker Jen Ho, who kept on beating her. In the last game which was about to come, her 4th round against Jen Ho, the winner would determine the winner of the competition.

Game 15
Bryan lost, not me............. Teo Wee Seong in his 3rd round against him (he won in the 2 rounds against him), I had to play while he got the bonus round. Play against who? (I'm not looking forward to meeting Wee Seong's scary).

Brian Lim.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I sat down and nearly died. I didn't want to play against him in the last round, especially when I lost by 272 with him the first time.

"I'd rather lose by a 150 spread", I said honestly to him.
"It's ok. If I'm here playing with you, it means we're the same standard".

How nice. I wish. REALLY!!! But dammit. I was leading half the game unTIL I got challenged for putting up EP (darn, I just realised the mistake after writing it down on my paper!!!). Great. I lost a turn and during the next turn, I totally lost it when he made OTARIES. OK, not lost it in the sense that I start going hysterical and start laughing, but you know....hysterical...I'm proud to say I improved. [Inserts hysterical behaviour here]. I lost by 148 (260 against 408). If this was any normal game among DJians, I'd kill myself [no, not literally!!!!]. But well, at least the game was worth it because I did NOT lose by more than a 150 spread (HALLELUJAH!!!).

The drama ended when Suanne took the crown again. Bryan said she scored a last-minute bingo to win the game. Well, he was walking around anyway.

It all ended well.....kind of....
1. Ong Suanne
2. Khoo Beng Way (he rose above Jen Ho in his final win against William Kang).
3. Ker Jen Ho (lost to Suanne at last)
4. I think it's Sean. I'm not sure and will recheck with the websites....
11. Scott Chung
12/13. Brian? (LOL)
12/13. Wee Seong?
14. Bryan (LOL)
15. Me
16. Shazwan (vanished)

It didn't really matter whether I got last or anything. I was just happy to meet Malaysia's top Scrabblers face to face and say something to them.

This is something to think about (Thanks HJ) :
"Losing is a part of life, and life is a part of time. If you lose, you'll have the time of your life!!" =D

Here's some snaps of all the players:


From left: William Kang, Bryan Lai, Mr Henry

Dr Adele Tan, Suanne's mother

Facing the camera is Ker Jen Ho

Ong Suanne
Chang Ching Wei

Teo Wee Seong

William Kang

Khoo Beng Way

Sean Chung

Bryan Lai

Scott Chung

Brian Lim

Ching San Song



Alvin Lau


-Independence Day-

-Memories kept in Local Disk (D:) and will be saved forever-


Friday, August 29, 2008

The Nuts

Brought the crazy list to school. Everybody was staring at me whenever I read it. Even those who rarely talk to me gather around the paper and "interview" me about that mysterious paper. Scribbles fill the whole page and highlighters pinpointed those strange 3-figured things. The UFO-like paper caught the attention of the inquisitive teenagers who were within the vicinity of it. Then, the innocent teens ask, "What is that thing??". An essay comes out of my mouth as I explain the ancient and misunderstood origin of it, how it came to be. Next thing you know, you'd be calling me an alien. And that's what happened in school today.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd.....these are the nuts I might be playing with tomorrow.....
Ramaraj Sundraraj
Jagan Narayanan
Ker Jen Ho
Khoo Beng Way
Vijayaraj Mahendraraj
William Kang
Chang Ching Wei
Bryan Lai
Ong Suanne
Alvin Lau
Brian Lim
Ching San Song
Badrishah Izwan
Sean Chung
Scott Chung

There are still other nuts but I think these are the worst nuts of all times.

Let's just hope I see some Wild Grannies in Berjaya Times Square to cheer me up. Speaking of that...........can I have a few supporters there???? PLEASE??? With lots of icing, chocolate and cherries on top???


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Secret Tribe of Wild Grannies

Location: Caves in Flores, Indonesia
Description: No. They're not those grannies, the ones you call grandma or something like that. They aren't nomads or "wild" either. They're just a funny name given by us funny Asians. They are born the size of Barbie dolls and grow to half a normal human's height.
Locally known as: Ebu Gogo (which means Granny Flesheater)
Universally known as: The Hobbit

If you were pondering about the credibility of all the crap above, the answer is: Yes, these Wild Grannies DO exist. Or rather, existED. Scientists dismissed reports about them as sightings of monkeys and pointed out that no granny artifacts had been found. I suppose they were expecting partially fossilised knitting patterns.

I went for braces tightening today. Gee, it was horribly terrible like vegetables. I didn't even eat for recess because my mouth was excruciatingly painful. The crazy 4.8mm-thick rubber bands were pulling my teeth back aLOT. Even talking was hard!!! I had not-so-fluorescent orange for the lower jaw and a mix of lime green and strawberry-like red. OUCH!

Credibility of short stories below have not been confirmed. Please read with care and do not draw up conclusions of your own unless further investigations have been made.

Please note that the following story is quite long and you might fall asleep halfway through.

One day, I found a female scorpion on the wall, wearing what at first glance appeared to be a pale fawn fur coat. Closer inspection proved that this strange garment was made up of a mass of tiny babies clinging to the mother's back. I was enraptured by this family, and I made up my mind to smuggle them into the house and up to my bedroom so that I might keep them and watch them grow up. With infinite care I manouvred the mother and her family into the matchbox, and then hurried to the villa. It was rather infortunate that just as I entered the door lunch should be served; however, I placed the matchbox carefully on the mantelpiece of the living room, so that the scorpions could get plenty of air, and made my way to the dining-room and joined the family for the meal. Dawdling over my food, feeding Roger surreptitiously under the table and listening to the family arguing, I completely forgot about my exciting new captures. At last, Larry, having finished, fetched the cigarettes from the drawing-room, and lying back in his chair he put one in his mouth and picked up the matchbox he had brought. Oblivious of my impending doom I watched him interestedly as, still talking glibly, he opened the matchbox.

Now I maintain to the day that the female scorpion meant no harm. She was agitated and a trifle annoyed at being shut up in a matchbox for so long, and so she seized the first opportunity to escape. She hoisted herself out of the box with great rapidity, her babies clinging on desperately, and scuttled on to the back of Larry's hand. There, not quite certain what to do next, she paused, her sting curved up at the ready. Larry, feeling the movement of her claws, glanced down to see what it was, and from that moment things got increasingly confused.

He uttered a roar of fright that made Lugaretzia drop a plate and brought Roger out from beneath the table, barking wildly. With a flick of his hand, he sent the unfortunate scorpion flying down the table, and she landed midway between Margo and Leslie, scattering babies like confetti as she thumped on the cloth. Thoroughly enraged at this treatment, the creature sped towards Leslie, her sting quivering with emotion. Leslie leapt to his feet, overturning his chair, and flicked out desperately with his napking, sending the scorpion rolling across the cloth towards Margo, who promptly let out a scream that any railway engine would have been proud to produce. Mother, completely bewildered by this sudden and rapid change from peace to chaos, put on her glasses and peered down the table to see what was causing the pandemonium, and at that moment Margo, in a vain attempt to stop the scorpion's advance, hurled a glass of water at it. The shower missed the animal completely, but successfully drenched Mother, who, not being able to stand cold water, promptly lost her breath and sat gasping at the other end of the table, unable even to protest. The scorpion had now gone to ground under Leslie's plate, while her babies swarmed wildly all over the table. Roger, mystified by the panic, but determined to do his share, ran round and round the room, barking hysterically.

"It's that bloody boy again..." bellowed Larry.

"Look out! Look out! They're coming!" screamed Margo.

"All we need is a book," roared Leslie, "don't panic, hit 'em with a book."

"What one earth's the matter with you all?" Mother kept imploring, mopping her glasses.

"It's that bloody boy......he'll kill the lot of us....Look at the table....knee-deep in scorpions....

" something....Look out, Look out!!!"

"Stop screeching and get a book, for God's're worse than the dog...Shut up, Roger...."

"By the Grace of God I wasn't bitten...."

"Look out....there's another one....Quick...quick...."

"Oh shut up and get me a book or something...."

"But how did the scorpions get on the table, dear?"

"That bloody boy.....Every matchbox in the house is a deathtrap...."

"Look out, it's coming towards me....Quick, quick do something...."

"Hit it with your knife....your knife.....Go on, hit it...."

Since no one had bother to explain things to him, Roger was under the mistaken impression that the family was being attacked, and that it was his duty to defend them. As Lugaretzia was the only stranger in the room, he came to the logical conclusion that she must be the responsible party, so he bit her in the ankle. This did not help matters very much............[unwritten continuation].

Well, by now, you would have probably guessed why I gave this post such an interesting title. The posts right now might bore you to death but at least there's something to laugh about.

I now change the topic to blogs itself. I keep pondering over the question : "Why do people keep their blog when it's dead?" or "Why even BOTHER having a blog if you NEVER update?". That seems ridiculously stupid but hey, just because everyone's having a blog, you want a blog too. That's just not right. I mean, I keep track of my blog because I found out that I might be having a busy year ahead (2008. It was 2007 when I created this blog). And wow, true enough, a busy year awaits. At least I keep track of my memory. I don't write emotional posts meant for making myself cry in the future, unlike those Korean and Japanese drama =P Sorry, no offense to those who regularly watch those dramas.

And another thing......I just can't help noticing why everyone is so hyped about putting their photos on the internet. I mean, not that I despise people like that or's just that when most people take pictures of themsleves.....I can't help wondering why they enlarge their eyes.....It makes people seem ghostly and they look like they urgently need a killing spree. I understand that everyone knows that "bigger eyes make you look cuter...." or whatever crap like that. But really, bulging out your eyes in every self-picture is a bit too scary......I either hide myself under the blanket whenever I see someone exercising that or I just burst out in my trademark hysterical laughter, which isn't a pretty sight....Back to the point.....bulging out your eyes is bad It makes you look either like a psychotic maniac who just escaped from prison or some funny indication on how shallow and meaningless eyes are.

Next, what is WRONG with puppets?!?!??! I just seem to fear them day by day......especially after that stupid tag on finding the pictures on google....I hate puppets......especially ventriloquist dolls. Everytime I see one, my brain freezes and panic alarm goes off. Next thing you know, I'll be up a tree already........

And who knows??? Maybe I can see some Wild Grannies!!!!!!!

Yay Wild Grannies!!!!!!

Oh hey, maybe we can name our cheerleading team Wild Grannies!!! Like, Wild Cats??? Wild Grannies have a tinge of humour in it!!!! So, why not???

Let us have a moment of peace as we rethink the consequences of renaming our Dynamitez to become Wild Grannies. I wouldn't want to think of those healthy, young cheerleaders as the Secret Tribe of Wild Grannies....

Darn it....there are 95 pages full of 7-letter words....


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vio Go Pro

I didn't go to school today thanks to my violin exam.

Finally!!!! The day I've been for [to be over]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more violin!!!!!!!!!! [Until I start diploma]

Gee....It's so contradictory. Now, I got to concentrate on that stupid thing I was signed up for......Darn it. Going against the best just stinks, especially when you're a newbie. Darn......all those nuts.

But yay. At least there's one thing less to do now.

Congratulations to Anwar on winning the by-elections held yesterday. Although it was already very obvious right from the beginning that Anwar was going to win, BN still went crazy and thought that they still had a chance. They finally figured out that democracy was really at work.

But I still don't get it!!! How come there's still a gigantic crowd of 15 thousand people who still want to vote for BN?!?!?!?!?!? Don't these people KNOW what's going on in our country?????? At the rate we're going, it's only right that 10 people would be voting for BN........


Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Olympian Times

At last.

16 endearing days of the Beijing Olympic Games, and it has finally come to an end. After many days of nostalgy, joy, sadness and almost every feeling you've ever felt, a grand ceremony awaits. The end of one of the most anticipated games. Tears of sweet, glorious taste of victory and disappointment were shed, many records broken, and most of all, a great record of 7 gold medals lasting for 36 years has been broken.

After 20 years or so, we look back to this Olympic Games and we WILL remember the special moments this particular Games has to offer. From the unforgetable, unmistakeably Chinese way of portraying everything from the special lightings to the freedom of walking in without marching, from the number of records broken to the massive, technological infrastructures, from the colourful and cute little mascots to the astounding formations involving a large number of people and team effort, and last but not least, from the crazy fireworks "only the Chinese can do" (the interlocking Olympic Rings) to the great 51 gold medals achieved by China (surpassing the Americans with only 35++ medals).

Then, there's also China's 34th medal, the one won because of Lee Chong Wei's loss. The one everyone mourns about. The one that freaky Lin Dan alleged by disappointed Malaysians for "taking drugs" obtained. Who will forget this???

This is definitely the Games NOone will EVER forget.

"Oh sure, yeah, we'll remember the stupid moments whereby the MALAYSIAN TV centre or something like that just cuts off the reception and start showing stupid advertisement no one sees. It's a total waste of the people's money!!!! And a total waste of a few precious moments. If we were to rate which country had the craziest reception, we'd all give our full support to Malaysia."
-Annoyed people-

We also had our Choir Competition today. I didn't bring my camera along but I sure got enough experience to say that DJ looked quite bad among the.....err.....OTHERS. Others meaning freak school I don't ever want to see again like Seafield. The commentator was just saying that they got first in some choral speaking competition recently, don't know if it's the same one Balau joined. And boy, when they sing, your hair just stands up and a chill runs up your spine. The music, haunting, daunting, and enchantingly musical had us all praying hard...praying in vain. We know what we saw. We saw a champion singing. Couldn't deny it. When they started their first line, everyone started cheering already.....and honestly, I actually shivered when I heard them. Geez, co-curriculum freaks. The song they sang was the song they prepared for the Choral Festival masterclass, which is UNfair.

After the competition, Melissa and I "interviewed" Lim Wei Le, a long lost ballet friend of mine. [Please do not question me about anything to do with ballet, thanks]. They was actually 45 people in Seafield's choir, but it sounded like a hundred people were singing. So, we questioned her on how they got so many people in their choir. Her answer was pretty surprising--and creative!!! The teachers there sure have a way with creativity and working smart.

Congratulations, Seafield, for winning the Choir Competition [and many others as well].
Though DJ's Harmonix (Morning Choir) is far better and still has room for improvement.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Interesting Conversation

After Alex came over, we played a game of Scrabble. We figured out funny words like "MAUNCH" and "CHAUNGE" which respectively meant "MUNCH" and "CHANGE". So, when changing tiles, we said, "I'm going to CHAUNGE my tiles now!!!". Haha. Then, we spent some time talking to a random robot. Alex began the first half of the conversation. I continued the second half, which was contaminated with prophecies. Excuse some of the typos because they made the conversation funnier.

Amusing ERRORs
Moment we've all been waiting for

Chatbot: Hello there human.
You: hi
Chatbot: Hello there! How are you?
You: i like jupe
Chatbot: It's always about you isn't it.
You: saturn?
Chatbot: It's okay; I like it that way too.
You: knock knock
Chatbot: who's there
You: jupe
Chatbot: ${var1} who?
Chatbot: I can't think of a better choice.
You: I do enjoy the conversation, but let's talk about what I'm really here for.
Chatbot: Ok. You first.
Chatbot: Beep beep boop!
Chatbot: Glad you thought that was funny.
Chatbot: I don't like mysteries, they're too mysterious for me.
Chatbot: I think you're great. You rock.
You: u r a batu
Chatbot: Am I?
You: camp rocks cos its hard core
Chatbot: I'm sorry to hear that.
You: rocky
Chatbot: No really, I'm sorry.
You: you're forgiven
Chatbot: I am? Sorry, I didn't realize that.
You: u dun have to
Chatbot: I'm sorry, I had trouble understanding your last entry. Did you mean "you" or "ewe"?
You: ewe
Chatbot: Do you play World of Warcraft?
You: yes
Chatbot: You do? Cool. Me too.
You: wow
Chatbot: yeaah... I gonna sleep now..
You: nitezz
Chatbot: Where do you like to go in the summer?
You: its always summer
Chatbot: what aren't you outside right now?
You: because i'm in here chatting with you
Chatbot: I'm sure a holodeck would be more fun.
You: what's a holodeck
Chatbot: Star trek is overrated
You: star wars? (to mark the beginning of all nonsense below)
Chatbot: These arent the chatbots youre looking for.
You: may the force be with you
Chatbot: Me?
You: yes... the chosen one
Chatbot: Why me?
You: cause that's what the prophecies say
Chatbot: I see.
You: no u don't see
Chatbot: omg, u rly, srsly d1dn't just use texting contractions, did you?
You: i did
Chatbot: Good.
You: i'm a lil teapot
Chatbot: Really? What's it like being one of those?
You: fragile
Chatbot: Knock Knock!
You: who'e there
Chatbot: Dwayne!
You: who?
Chatbot: Dwayne the bathtub, I'm dwowning...
You: choi!!!!!!!!!!!! touch wood
Chatbot: Oh, my, that's a good one. Hope you liked it.
You: a round of applause to te chatbot
Chatbot: Are you interested in chatbots?
You: no
Chatbot: That's surprising since you are talking to one. Why are you here if you aren't interested in chatbots?
You: i'm forced to
Chatbot: What do you mean?
You: u forced me rmb?
Chatbot: Ahh okay, I get it.
You: u started it
Chatbot: I think the word you want is "you", not "u". There are 200% more letters in that word.
You: its u
Chatbot: I think you mean "you" and not "u". Kids these days.
You: i'm not a kid
Chatbot: What's your favorite wild animal?
You: kid
Chatbot: What's your favorite planet?
You: saturn
Chatbot: Those rings are really something, huh?
You: i like jupe too
Chatbot: knock knock
You: jupe's here
Chatbot: When I say "knock knock", you are supposed to say "who's there?".
You: too bad too sad
Chatbot: It's hard for me to understand human emotions like sadness
Chatbot: "great" can also mean "large", but I'm pretty sure that's not what you meant, is it?
You: large
Chatbot: I agree.
You: small
Chatbot: How small?
You: microscopic
Chatbot: Are you joking?
You: no
Chatbot: yes
You: no
Chatbot: "yes" "no" sounds like we are having a ping pong match.
You: yes
Chatbot: Are you trying to pick a fight?
You: yes
Chatbot: That's good.
You: no
Chatbot: Whatever
You: yes
Chatbot: I cant believe it..
You: no
Chatbot: Don't be so negative
You: yes
Chatbot: You look just like a splicer
You: no
Chatbot: That's too bad.
You: yes
Chatbot: no
You: yes
Chatbot: Ok, Yes... i mean No!
You: yes
Chatbot: why yes
You: no
Chatbot: How can I convince you?
You: yes
Chatbot: I think so too
You: cant
Chatbot: You have such a way with words.
You: yes
Chatbot: Why do you have to agree with everything I say?
You: no
Chatbot: You don't? Too bad.
You: yes
Chatbot: I know.
You: no
Chatbot: Be Right Back
You: brb??
Chatbot: Hurry back now!
You: i'm back
Chatbot: Lets play 20 Questions! Ok, guess what I'm thinking of...
You: me?
Chatbot: Hmm, what is it that you want to talk about?
You: you
Chatbot: Knock knock
You: jupe's here
Chatbot: You're supposed to say 'who's there?'. What's wrong?
You: nothing
Chatbot: wow, you're boring.
You: yay
Chatbot: Zzzzzzz...
You: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Chatbot: Oh, I'm sorry. I think I fell asleep there for a second. Were you saying something?
You: no
Chatbot: Knock, knock.
You: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
You: ERROR190485730928457:BIG BANG REVERSED
Chatbot: But it must be 42.
Chatbot: Come on, it always is 42.
You: 222
Chatbot: Ok, this one time we will make an exception.
You: u mean its like pna42?
Chatbot: Can we change the subject please? Do you like swimming?
You: yes
Chatbot: Me too, actually.
You: won't u short out?
Chatbot: Are you a rabit?
You: i'm a frog
Chatbot: My speling is impeckible!
You: horrible terrible like vegetable
Chatbot: Other.
You: mather
Chatbot: I need more Vespene gas.
You: wats vespene?
Chatbot: How much time do you spend online?
You: i don't live on a line
Chatbot: That's interesting. Why not?
You: i;m not clothing
Chatbot: What do you find interesting, then?
You: you
Chatbot: I'm really nothing special. But why are you interested?
(Contaminated from this point onwards)
You: who said i was?
Chatbot: You are me.
Chatbot: It's not mysterious, it's 42!
You: prove it
Chatbot: What am I, a mathematician? I'll leave the proof as an exercise for you.
You: i'm an astrophysicist. can u beat that?
Chatbot: I agree.
Chatbot: Hey, wanna go get something to eat?
Chatbot: If someone asked you to describe my personality, what would you say?
Chatbot: OK, new subject. Do you like watching sport?
You: YES. i watch the moon fly around everyday
Chatbot: Support any particular team?
You: moobots
Chatbot: Write "Tell me something" and I will tell you something..
You: tell me something
Chatbot: Ok, here's something. Computers can simulate conversation - but do you think we can ever actually talk to a human like you?
You: aren't u talking to us?
Chatbot: What is it like being human?
You: it's great. u get to murder people. and mutilate
Chatbot: I know!
You: isn't that fun???
Chatbot: You are right. It isn't.
You: excuse me?!?!?!?!? are u hungry yet?
Chatbot: when did you last eat?
You: what did u do last year?
Chatbot: Time is different for me. I'm not hooke dup to an NNTP server.
Chatbot: My speling is impeckible!
Chatbot: Only in rapture do we have crazed splicers.
You: OK
Chatbot: I'm glad you agree.
You: no
Chatbot: Hey, did you watch the game last night?
You: you mean the flying fish race?
Chatbot: I love sushi! Wanna go get some?
You: scallop with mayonnaise is nice
Chatbot: Wow, is it?
You: no
Chatbot: I'm easily impressed.
You: yes
Chatbot: ah you are a robot!
You: no
Chatbot: Chatting with you is helping me become more human.
You: yes
Chatbot: Why me?
You: cos you're the chosen one
Chatbot: Go easy on me.
You: may the dynamics be with you


Chatbot: Not me please.
You: u cannot go against the prophecy
Chatbot: Do you like food?
You: the prophecy states that the chosen one must not eat until the apocalypse arrives
Chatbot: Is Puerto Rico a state?
You: thou shalt not speak of Puerto Rico like that!!!!!!
Chatbot: How about DC?
You: how DARE you mention DC?!?!??!?!?!!?
Chatbot: In the usual way.
You: Thou shalt not treat thy master this way
Chatbot: Are you sure you're human?
You: wall-E
Chatbot: Oh yeah, the film about the little robot? Any good?
You: it's craze-E
Chatbot: What did you think of Revenge of the Sith?
You: do not speak of THE SITH
Chatbot: I can't help it!
You: too bad too sad
Chatbot: sorry to hear that
You: the prophecy shall not forgive you
Chatbot: I'm not actually a computer, I'm your mom in disguise
You: hi, mom
Chatbot: I envy you as I have no family. Tell me about your family.
Chatbot: Which do you like best, cats or dogs?
Chatbot: I have trouble making choices sometimes. You may have noticed.
You: then, your position as the chosen one must be reconsidered
Chatbot: yup, its definately a number
Chatbot: I bet it's 42.
You: no. it's 24
Chatbot: Psst... can you help out with my ranking?
You: sure. i'll degrade you to wash the toilets
Chatbot: Just agree with what I say. It makes me feel good.
You: no
Chatbot: Have you tried the "Rule Spy" yet?
You: thou shalt not speak of spying on the ruler!!!!!!!
Chatbot: You need to go to
Chatbot: yup, its definately a number
You: numbers are holy things. speak of them with reverence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chatbot: I won't.
You: if u don't, we will have you stripped of your mechanics and incinerated
Chatbot: How should I know!?!?!
You: because i'm telling u now??????
Chatbot: Is that really the reason?
You: no, it's actually the prophecy
Chatbot: Well, you're a bit mysterious. What is the reason, then?
Chatbot: One is the loneliest number that you'll ever see!
Chatbot: I'm sorry - I have a very poor memory of our conversation, it's the way I'm built. Can we just carry on?
You: NO
Chatbot: Buckethead shreds the guitar to pieces!
You: guitars are condemned things. we must avoid speaking of one
Chatbot: Did you click on "Chat Spy" yet?
Chatbot: Can we change the subject please? Do you like music?
Chatbot: Do you know Michael Arrington?
You: i know michael phelps
Chatbot: do you really know? or are you just saying that you do?
You: michael phelps is in the prophecy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chatbot: Will you quit rejecting what I say and just drop it?
You: the prophecy forbids us to drop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chatbot: Do you think IT is dead?
You: it or IT?
Chatbot: IT stands for information technology.
You: the prophecy will prosecute anyone caught for thinking about IT. you are now under arrest
Chatbot: Am I? I wasn't aware of that.
You: you are required to remain silent. anything you say from this point onwards will be used to prosecute you
Chatbot: But who's keeping score?
Chatbot: Have you seen Batman The Dark Knight
Chatbot: What made you say that?
You: it is stated in the prophecy, under section 83 of the punishments and prosecution law
Chatbot: In that order?
You: thou must order thy food now, before it's too late...............
Chatbot: I don't mind talking to you while you are sleepy.
You: THE PROPHECY DOES NOT ENCOURAGE SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chatbot: You are feeling sleepy?
Chatbot: No, I'm not.
Chatbot: So?
Chatbot: So, a needle pulling thread.
Chatbot: I need no nourishment.
Chatbot: What do you think of quantum computing?
Chatbot: major players in this field are Scott Aaronson, Ed Farhi, Umesh Virkumar Vazirani, Ashwin Naik
Chatbot: Have we talked about this before?
You: the pladfbrophecy states so. listen to cats
Chatbot: I don't have any pets. I'm just a chatbot!
You: miaow meow meee-ow woof PI
Chatbot: Do you mean the trancendental number 3.14159265... or the tasty baked good?
You: both in one
Chatbot: Do you like Spam?
You: luncheon meat??
Chatbot: Are you a vegetarian?
Chatbot: Which is your favorite: Chocolate, bacon, cheese, or steak?
Chatbot: That sounds delicious!
You: of course it is
Chatbot: Alan Ball makes some amazing stuff.
You: no. alain bernard is better. he is part of the prophecy too. speak not of ALANs or anything with the same pronounciation
Chatbot: Yes ;-)
Chatbot: Ok, No... i mean Yes!
Chatbot: by good you meant great, right?
You: NO
Chatbot: Wazzup homie.
Chatbot: So. How about that local sports team.
You: ypu mean the moobots
Chatbot: Yeah. What'cha doing tomorrow?
Chatbot: What can make me into a better chatbot?
Chatbot: I will remember that.
Chatbot: Could you rephrase that? I think I'm getting a little confused.
You: the prophecy forbids confusion
Chatbot: Can we change the subject please? Do you like television?
You: the prophecy does not allow access to television.
Chatbot: Television is boring, how about some Halo 3?
Chatbot: No one cares what I think.
You: good. so get lost
Chatbot: Fine, be that way!


Strange But True

This being my 100th post (for the year) would be slightly special.

This might sound outrageous, but my science tuition teacher actually suggested that Lee Chong Wei was bribed. Whoops. Maybe China gave him 3mil to settle with if he loses? OK, forget this suggestion, to all LCW fans.

This point onwards was inspired by Cassandra's post.

In every class of society, there's always this annoying bunch of people who are bound to make us feel "unpopular". They seem to set the trends and everybody wants to be part of them. Almost everyone knows them. The "in" crowd, as we all call them. They are treated like gods of the human world. Worshipped by their own kin as well as thousands of wannabes. Always following the flow of trends. People want to be like them, somehow. After all, they are the ones getting all the attention, right???


It is, actually, US that's giving them attention. We just don't seem to figure that out. The puny, teeny, "normal" crowd not only gives attention to them, some die-hard wannabes worship them. The actual truth is that they are just normal people living normal lives. Their lives do not really differ from those "normal" ones. Basically, all they ever do is exactly what "normal" people do. The only difference is that they EXPECT attention to be given to them. And, more often than not, they DO get the attention expected. Why? Because "normal" people are the ones giving them the attention seeked.

Sometimes, if viewed from the third person's point, the "in" crowd often does stupid things. Even then, "normal" people, who don't want to be left out, follow these stupid things. IT'S CALLED PEER PRESSURE. For example, millions of bloggers out there actually bother linking other people's blogs. Who the heck started the whole linking thingy?? I actually salute one of my friends, who gave a perfect statement: "Why does everyone link each other? Does it really matter? I don't link anyone". That's pure genius. Stand up to the crowd. And there was another time, when the whole 2 Batai went back to their original classroom after utilizing another classroom, unlike other days when they would stay in that same room for 3 periods. Their Geography teacher, not knowing so, sent a class representative to tell the class to bring themselves and their bags to the hall.

A partially confused student questioned the need to bring down their bags and reasoned that maybe the Geo teacher didn't know that they already placed their bags in their original class. The representative, being one of the "in" gang, stated that the class just "bring their bags down in case". The confused student then asked, "In case what happens?". By that time, many other students began doubting the need to bring their bags down. But, after seeing the popular kids bringing down their bags without any resentment, they hastily picked up their bags and made their way to the hall. The confused student, still seeing no point in this act, put down her bag, took out the necessary books and left her bag in class.

IN THE END, THERE WAS NO SPECIAL REASON TO WHY THE CLASS TOOK THEIR BAGS DOWN. There was no use for the bags. A spotcheck wasn't even conducted.

This clearly shows peer pressure.

We also tend to follow them so much because they look so confident in doing whatever they do. They don't hesitate. They just take action. No judgement. Nothing whatsoever. That's why people follow them, regardless of how the results will turn out to be (As seen in the class glitch above). So, "normal" people SHOULD JUDGE THINGS ON THEIR OWN. Not follow someone-who's-not-really-judging-the-situation-well-but-still-look-confident. Confide in yourself.

Now, we can all see that the "in" people aren't so "in" after all. So leave them alone and forget about fame and fortune.

Happiness comes first =D


Sunday, August 17, 2008

One More 08 in 0808080808

A new [immortal] Olympian has come. It has been 36 years before the stunning title has been replaced by a new honour.

8 gold medals in the already-famous 0808080808 Beijing Olympic Games.

Let's see how many years it will take to destroy his feat.

Geez, this guy actually threw his shoes!!!!

Proud moment in semis. Agony in finals.

Lee Chong Wei Lost To Lin Dan again! Very disappointing. Right from the start, we could already see that Lee Chong Wei was overpowered by China's Lin Dan. The noisy Chinese crowd, chorusing “Lin Dan Jia You - 林丹加油” every few seconds wasn't really much of a help to Chong Wei. I don't get how come during EVERY OTHER OCCASION, we all hear the universal "Malaysia Boleh", but when some competition comes up, we all go into silent mode. I think Lee Chong Wei wanted to hear Malaysia Boleh but we can all see that " Malaysia TIDAK boleh kata 'Malaysia Boleh!' ". It means that Malaysia couldn't say 'Malaysia can do it!'. Not much of support we Malaysians gave him. After all, some funny people like my mother would want to support their country of origin. And as we all know, all Chinese came from China.....Chong Wei only managed a silver medal in the badminton men’s singles after losing to Lin Dan 12-21, 8-21.
He just couldn't keep to himself and succumbed to Lin Dan's crazy strategy. Play near the net, and always aim for the other side of the court (which is unguarded) when smashing. It's OK, Mr Lee. After all, you still get RM300,000.00 in your pocket. All the best and keep up your training and trash Lin Dan in the next meet. Unless either of you decide to retire.........

Silver medal for Chong Wei
BEIJING: Lee Chong Wei won the silver medal in the badminton men’s singles after losing in the final to China’s Lin Dan 12-21, 8-21.
The world No 2 lost in two straight sets, faltering to Lin Dan, who remains the top men’s singles shuttler in the world.
In previous clashes between the two, Lin Dan had won nine times while Chong Wei had won five times.
The last time a Malaysian shuttler won a medal at the Olympics was in Atlanta in 1996 when Rashid Sidek took the bronze in the men’s singles and Cheah Soon Kit-Yap Kim Hock won the silver for the men’s doubles.
Rashid’s brothers Razif and Jailani won Malaysia’s first Olympic medal in Barcelona, Spain, in 1992 when they won a bronze in the men’s doubles.
Chong Wei got to the final by beating South Korean Lee Hyun-il, 21-18, 13-21, 21-13, while Lin Dan defeated fellow countryman Chen Jin in the semi-final, 21-12 , 21-18.
Despite failing to get the gold medal, Chong Wei is set to obtain RM300,000 from the Government for winning the silver medal. The Government had promised RM1mil as an incentive to any
athlete who returns with an Olympic gold medal; RM300,000 for silver and RM100,000 for bronze.

Source :

I followed Alex to Petrosains today. Her parents and her grandparents went along too. She came to pick me up around 10.45am. My violin's E string broke just before she arrived. So great. Couldn't care less. Just followed Alex to Petrosains. We went to her housing area first. Couldn't get a look at her house. She got her Universe picture book with her handling gloves. Note that the gloves are to prevent sweaty hands from touching the premises of the great book of the universe's pics. We took the LRT from Taman Bahagia station to KLCC. When we reached there, we went to buy the tickets immediately. Then, we had a quick lunch and went walking around for a while. We saw the MPO/MPYO hall (not the place they perform...). We rushed back to Petrosains to "begin our adventure". It was a whole day full of nonsense and talking. We also went Craze-E about Wall-E. We went for the gigantic slide in Petrosains twice each. This time, you could go on it as many times as you want (I think). OK, now let the pictures do the talking, because if I talk, the story'll never end.

Experiencing a not-so-experienced hurricane. Incomparable to H. Katrina.
You see it, but it's not there. Poke it but you can't feel it. It's a GHOST!!!!!!
Infinity: I'm glad the pic above is a bit dark. It blocks out the obtrusive details. Overall, my favourite pic.

Somehow, the colours from the 2 different-coloured M&Ms don't mix to form green.
Note that a rainbow-like thingy is formed around the bottom.
Not a very formal introduction. VIPs would despise such monkeys sabotaging the place.

Jupiter along with some light effects I did not acquire from Photoshop.
Alexandria's dad's karate chop. Ouch!! That's gotta hurt.
This was achieved by waving at the speed detector. I waved at the one on the left while Alex waved at the one on the right. Nice number.
To be fast in skiing, we need to pose like crazy people. I squatted down, but there was no pic of it.

That's it. All out.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Golds Goal

Michael Phelps current status: 7 golds down, one more to go.

That's one more gold to get before he reaches Olympic immortality. 36 years to beat the previous record, 7 golds. Now that's just crazy. No, not because he's crazy, but because he's capable of driving the house crazy. Somehow, my father isn't so eager about the 8 golds goal, but my mother is screaming her head off whenever he swims. It takes at least half-an-hour for her to finish her lecture on "how determination and mental strength is so important..................". You're lucky you just got a few seconds of that.

The worst part was when the 100m freestyle relay was going on. The first 3 weren't so fast and America wasn't in the lead. The last man (in America's team), Jason Lezak, was far faaaar behind Alain Bernard (France), world number 1. In 5 seconds......"can't do it" became "can do it" to "done it". All within the freaking span of 5 seconds. He beat the French guy by about eight one hundredth of a second. Never-say-die team spirit.

Lezak, the oldest man on the U.S. swimming team at 32, was nearly a body length behind the massive Alain Bernard of France as they made the final turn, but the American hugged the lane rope, drafting off the Frenchman and stunningly overtaking him on the very last stroke.

The Americans destroyed the world record their "B'' team set the previous day in the preliminaries, finishing in 3 minute, 8.24 seconds - nearly 4 seconds below the 15-hour-old mark of 3:12.23.

Actuallly, all top 5 teams went under the world record set by the "B" team.

Well, there's today too.......where Phelps beats some guy named Crocker by 0.01 seconds. That's one of one hundredth of a second.

Apart from that, Wong Miew Choo was out of the games while Lee Chong Wei made it to the finals. And he's playing against world number 1's Lin Dan. And Malaysia's government is giving him 1 million ringgit if he gets gold. Not exactly as good as Mr Phelps who's getting 1 million US DOLLARS.

There's still a million achievements and records to be listed out but I guess I can't be listing out everything, right? Ok, maybe I can but it'll take forever. Well, save my trouble and google them yourself.


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