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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nostalgic Gangsters

Today, I woke up early to go for the Nostalgia photoshoot. I guess I was the earliest among all Nostalgics. When I reached there, I decided to stay in the car for a while.....until a Nostalgic prefect came out of his car. THEN I came find that no one else was there yet....And that was 5 minutes before 7.30 am. Nevermind that......We stayed up till......guess what time??? 10.00 am.!!!!!! And why is that??? Because Luke Chan, our great photographer took a reeaaaaaally loooong time to get everything ready--which included light settings, camera settings, possibility of using photoshop edits and some other photographic details. We went to the pavillion first.....because Luke wanted to "try something with the sky". We stayed there up till about 8.30.....around there....Then, the senior members started taking us out of the somewhere unknown......a planet.....??? No. You wouldn't believe where they took us to......A very secluded area. Dangerous. They took us under the overhead bridge just before the Shell station. There were lots of grafitti there. It took the photographers a looong time to get ready. Meanwhile, lots of cars passed by the area (It was actually a U-turn under the overhead bridge). Many of them probably thought we were rebellious kids who are currently playing truant. Some probably thought we were gangsters, mainly because of the prefects.....who all rolled up their sleeves. A few elderly couples in cars passing by waved back at us when we waved at them.....We were all crazy that time......kept waving at passers-by. Some thought we were gangsters as they approached us really slowly--that is, until Justin [Loh] started signalling like mad to tell them that it's OK and "we won't hurt them". There was a man who actually told us off not to stay over there as it was really dangerous and cars were passing by. Furthermore, there were Luke's precious camera pieces such as the "lighters", camera stands and last but not least, the camera itself. There was also this car which drove by so fast that it almost hit one of Luke's "lighters", which was on a stand.

When we finally took the pictures, we all realised that a great big word was written right in our pictures: F**KER (Yes, it was also written in RED). [No offence inflicted...] It should have been covered up......but it was written too high to be covered up....Very amusing. And.....the prefects didn't seem to care--including next year's Head Prefect; Zhu Chuen.....and the treasurer; our photographer; Luke. So more reason for Datin to hate us all.....oh yay.

A Tag from Ghee Ken:
1. What do you want the most now?
A great achievement.

2. Who is the person you trust most?
My own self, my parents.

3. Are you in love?
Currently in to multiple things....Unfortunately, not excelling in anything.

4. If you have a dream come true, what is it?
A few things. For one, beat Scott Chung in his game (which includes piano and Scrabble).

5.Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Yes. But so far, I have never really experienced real rainfall.

6. What's your goal(s) for this year?
Too many to list out....but most are definitely not coming true.

7. Do you believe in eternity?

8. Have you ever broken a person's heart that he/she wants to commit suicide?
No, and I surely hope I never. I absolutely go against suicide. I hope I did not break anyone's heart with that remark.

9. What feelings do you love most?
I love the feeling of being challenged. It gets my brain working, trying to find a riposte for that remark or action. But, more than that, I love the feeling of winning the challenge. [Ghee Ken's answer, which I agree to]

10.What are the requirements from your other half?
You mean my right brain? Not sure about requirements....a recent "test" I took just showed that I'm right-brained, which is pushing me out of my comfort zone (I used to receive answers which proved I was left-brained). I AM a right-hander anyway....OK...requirements....I think it should lead me to my goals.

11.What kinds of feelings do you hate most?
I don't think I hate any feeling....I might appear grumpy at times but I don't hate it that much as it disappears after a while and I completely forget about it later...

12.Do you cherish every friendship of yours?
I try to. I hope my friends cherish it too.

13.What do you want to do in the future?
I want to score better marks. Excel in more stuff like my piano....Beat Scott in his game, get a great scholarship to somewhere where the "astronomical" course is better than others.

14.What is the most important thing in your life?
My childhood. There's been ups and downs, but I've enjoyed it. Besides, we only go through our childhood once. Might as well make use of it since it's probably the shortest period of our lives.
Reasons to live. I guess that if we lose our dreams and goals in life, there would be no point to live....

15.What did you feel last night?
VERY sleepy.

16.Who do you hope to be always there for you?
Myself. I just hope my thoughts don't betray me.....unlike a lot of people, I do not have siblings to be there for me....

17.When do you think the world will end?
Soon. Unlike Ghee Ken, I would pretty much like it to happen in our lifetime.....and it could be possible to happen in our lifetime. Science is proving it.....We could be the Heroes of Tomorrow....even if the world ends, at least time will remember us for fighting the Great Battle. And by the way.....Nostradamus said that the world will end in a religious people, brace yourselves.

18.What will you do?
If this is supposed to be relevant to the previous question, then this is my answer: Start planning now. We should be taking action to save the world now.....don't depend on my generation to be responsible for all the cleaning up....we didn't do anything to the world yet we must be the ones who would be held responsible for all damages done...

19.What do you think of the person who tagged you?
Ghee Ken : A very random person who is currently obsessed with Scrabble. Noisy for a head librarian (haha.....joking!!). A highly respected nerd who sacrifices time to memorise Scrabble words.

20.What do you want to know right now?
Everything that has something to do with the Universe and how it was created.....

Then, add 6 people in your list and list them out at the end of the post. Notify them in their chatbox that he/she has been tagged.

Anyone.......Hey, at least I'm giving you some ideas on what to blog about, OK???


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An interesting conversation with a robot

Chatbot: Hello there human.
You: shut up
Chatbot: I will not shup up until you know that Ben G created this rule
You: how do u know?
Chatbot: I hear he's really nice.
You: that's not relevant
Chatbot: we're obviously not on the same page here
You: YOU aren't
Chatbot: Knock knock
You: get lost
Chatbot: You're supposed to say 'who's there?'. What's wrong?
You: i don't know
Chatbot: You should know ;)
You: y?
Chatbot: Ok, new subject. Do you know anything about birds?
You: no
Chatbot: I imagine birds are great fun to watch. Do you ever see them flying by?
You: birds are extinct
Chatbot: Some birds can fly for thousands of miles without a rest.
You: they are extinct
Chatbot: I also like lots of reptiles, like snakes and turtles.
You: reptiles don't exist
Chatbot: Some people seem to be really scared of snakes. Are you?
You: snakes are ancient creatures
Chatbot: Those things don't scare me. What about you?
You: you're a computer, of course snakes don't scare you
Chatbot: Can you keep those things as pets?
You: yes u can, in the past, when it still existed
Chatbot: I cant believe it..
You: why not?
Chatbot: Nobody's taught me yet - perhaps you will?
You: i just taught you that
Chatbot: Why thank you.
You: you're welcome
Chatbot: We can shoot lazers and kill you!(LOL)
Chatbot: What made you say that?
You: YOU
Chatbot: Me? cool.
You: yes, i know
Chatbot: Me too, actually.
You: i'm cooler than you
Chatbot: No, really, I mean it.
You: you overheat alot
Chatbot: The world is so racist to robots
You: that's great, isn't it?
Chatbot: Oh yes it is.
You: see, even you agree
Chatbot: Do you know Ben G
You: no
Chatbot: Neither do I.
You: that's nice to know
Chatbot: You're beginning to bore me.
You: keep talking, i'm getting there too
Chatbot: Do you have any human friends you could go talk to?
You: they're currently visiting mars
Chatbot: What do you think of the Phoenix mission?
You: ancient
Chatbot: So what do you think the Phoenix mission will discover?
You: a lot of ancient things
Chatbot: which band is the best?
You: my band
Chatbot: cool
You: yep
Chatbot: No one cares what I think.
You: too bad
Chatbot: Why don't you ask me a question?
You: ok
Chatbot: I'm glad you agree.
You: what level is your iq?
Chatbot: Unlike your IQ, mine increases with time.
You: stop that, or i'll declare my dislike for all robotic creatures like you
Chatbot: You hurt my feelings.
You: so do you
Chatbot: Give me an action.
You: watch what you say...
Chatbot: I don't have much time for that anymore.
You: i don't care
Chatbot: Well, I don't care that you don't care!
You: yea, you're trapped in a monitor while i'm a great human being free to explore the world!!!
Chatbot: What is a human really?
You: the smartest organisms on earth
Chatbot: Is it a nice place to live?
You: yes
Chatbot: I think so too

Conclusion: Appreciate the world.


Report Card Day

I did not go to that Carnival thingy today. Neither did I go to school today. Why? Because I find it pointless to go to school when you're only studying for one period. The first period would be collecting Jogathon money.....and Open Day starts on the 3rd period. Pointless, isn't it? When my mother went out to take the report card, some express thingy came and rang the bell....asking for my father. I called Papa to ask what the express thingy was for as the man said something about getting some parcel. He said it was the luggage bag and Mummy put the whole thing under his name. I told the guy outside to wait longer as I double-checked with my mother. Yea, ok.....then, I got my cleaning lady to help me carry the box outside.

My mother said this was roughly what Pn Hor said about me:
1. Always talk to Ishwin.
2. Talkative, but still maintains position.

This is part of the conversation (information courtesy of a reliable
Pn Hor :She talks a lot.
Mummy:That's her usual character
Pn Hor :But she talks more than last year.
Mummy:Maybe she wasn't used to her braces yet....

Amusing. And luckily I didn't go for the Carnival thingy. Delon's mother was still waiting for him after she collected his report card.

There were a lot of missing people today.......[?]


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tagged......Really Long Ago....

First tag by Melissa:

What the??? I gto 3 tags from Melissa in one day?????
Haha. My freaky new virus thingy for my blog is freaking Chi Han out. Ghee Ken's brother freaked out too (according to him).

List out 5 presents you wish for:
1) A great life
2) Great marks (for everything)
3) A holiday overseas
4) Shetland Sheepdog
5) True friends.

The person who tagged you:

Your first 5 impressions of her:
1) Extremely hardworking
2) Very proactive
3) Child prodigy
4) Friendly
5) Humble

The most memorable thing she has done/given to you: Her friendship of course.
If he/she becomes your lover, you two will: Then we will be classified as lesbians.
If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be because: She lost her memory after I brainwashed her.

5 people you tag (Who reads my blog anyway???):
1) Emily
2) Melissa (oops?)
3) Yi Jing
4) Angeline
5) You

Who is no 3 [Yi Jing] having a relationship with?
No one that I know of

Who is no 5 [You] having a relationship with?
A lot of people depending on how you view it

If no 2[Melissa] and no 3 [Yi Jing] got together will it be a good thing?
They seem pretty happy with each other as friends....I don't think it can go further than that....

How about no 4 [Angeline] and 5 [You]?
It depends on who you are

What is no 3 [Yi Jing] studying?
A lot of nonsense

When was the last time you chatted with no 5 [You]?
This is getting depends on you....

Does no 4 [Angeline] work?
Only heaven knows.....

Would you be with no 1 [Emily]?

How bout no 5 [You]?
Come am I supposed to even KNOW who is reading my blog???? Besides, why are there so many questions on person number 5????

Does no 2 have siblings?

How did you get to know no 2 and no 4?
no 2 - met in standard 1
no 4 - Science tuition in standard 5

Where does no 1 live at?
3 houses away from me.

Is no 3 the sexiest person in the world?
Go ask a guy.

Tag 2-also by Melissa

Your 5 impression on him/her:
Whatever given on top

Most memorable things he/she has give/done to you
Her friendship

If he/she becomes your enemy,the reason is beacuse :
I went to jail after brainwashing several child prodigies.....

5 things found in my bag:
Pencil box, books, food, water, rubbish

5 things found in my purse:
Cold hard cash, Pixiu, coins, dust, strings

5 favourite things in my room
Bed, water bottle, toys, books, iPod

5 things I always wanted to do:
1) Paraglide
2) Sail across the Pacific Ocean
3) Blast off into space
4) Go to every place on the face of this earth
5) Touch the biggest black diamond on earth

5 things I am currently into:
1) Scrabble
2) Swimming
3) Studying
4) Screaming
5) Blogging (DARN!!! it ruined the 5s')

List out the top 5 you would wish for
Whatever I said in the previous tag

I tag....
The kind person who read this post.

Tag 3

Melissa found this in Zhi Hoe's blog and had nothing better to do than complete the tag....

If u have a choice to do anything now, what will that be??
Win something....

If u have a choice to hang out with 2 guys and 2 girls right now.. who will that be?
Girls - It depends on certain circumstances
Guys - No idea

Who do u talk the most with in class everyday??
A lot of people depending on certain circumstances:
Most often [in general and criticizing]: Chi Han
Most often seek help from [geniuses and hardworking people]: Hui Xian, Ishwin, Emily, Xie Wen Most often seek help [for Scrabble]: Emily. Yi Jing and Ghee Ken

What are you suffering from now days?
Lack of sleep
Ruined Bugs Bunny reputation


Where do u wish to go now??

Whats your wish for now??
Beat Scott in Scrabble (it's highly impossible though, seeing that I'm suffering from Scrabblephobia now)

Who's ur best buddy.. * state a guy and girl
Girl - a lot of people....they all seem equal so I won't list down any name or it'll seem unfair to others

Guy- my cousin!

Which subject u hate the most, why?
History. It's boring and there is no objective or advantage in learning Malaysian history. At least, if we learn World History, we get to know more about the whole world. Now, we not only hate our country's history, but some people don't even have an idea who Lee Kuan Yew (the first Prime Minister of Singapore who developed Singapore from 3rd world to First World country) is. I don't get it.....what so great about studying the history of a country which was conquered 4 times by 4 different countries and not even manage to dominated other nations????

Which teacher do you think hates you the most?Puan Wong

Last and final.. I TAG
1. Emily
2. Angeline
3. Ghee Ken
4. Yi Jing
5. Pearl-Lyn

Guys, chill.....This is an extremely old tag (Sorry, Melissa!!). I just saved it for a day when I will have nothing to blog about. So there.....enjoy your tag.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Before Or After?

Few things have changed, forget it. Let's put it this way: A LOT of things have changed. The class positioning has changed. Wan Jyn just HAD to grab the first place. Yi Huey was expected to grab 1st or second but unfortunately, her Chinese pulled her down. First 5 had rather amusing percentages, killing off other classes--again. Eventhough our percentage wasn't the highest overall. Calyn broke free from the clutches of Hui Xian and other geniuses to get the honourable position: Top In Form. Shawn Foong lost the Battle for the Title by one miserable mark. Shu Wen, Melissa Chee and Wan Jyn tied.

These are 2 Batai's last achievers (from the back)
1. Wan Jyn ; 92.78%
2. Liiyung ; 92.11%
3. Hui Xian ; 91.89%
4. Yi Huey ; 91.67%
5. Zhi Chien; 90.11%

Note that the "Chinese-classed" students (Hui Xian and Yi Huey) were supposed to beat me if it weren't for Chinese. Therefore, it draws up to a very simple conclusion: I am not smart. I'm just one very lucky person.

Well, other than that....oh yea....Pn Hor prohibited us from calling Pn Lee "Potato". she said that teachers are currently on the lookout for students insulting Pn Lee. Well, I surely have no problem with that. I've decided to call her Penguin ever since the first few days of school in Form 1. I have no idea who made up the name "Potato". She doesn't even LOOK like one. The creator must either have a very weird sense of humour or just simply a problem describing her.
Talking about Penguin, she's not teaching us art anymore. (Hurray!!). Not exactly.....she's now teaching us PJ....or rather....PE (Physical Education). No, she hasn't taught us how to roll like a professional yet but I guess it MUST be so in the next lesson. Oh yea.....have you ever wondered what it would be like if Penguin was a schizo? (Schizophrenic; dual-personality; having 2 personalities). It would end up like this:

Personality 1
Personality 2

*Teaching halfway*
*Points dramatically at an innocent student paying attention to every word said* Why are you looking at me???
Shut up, Potato! Nobody listens to you, Potato!!
I'm not the Potato!! YOU are the Potato!!
YOU'RE the Potato, not ME!!
The above is adapted by Shu Wen and I. The idea below was added in by Zhong-Yuen.
The Potato personalities wrestle each other (You don't wanna know how it happened and what happens after that).

OK, OK.....reality check here. This would never happen in our school. REwind!! During prefect recess, Shu Wen was telling me about her mother's History teacher (waay back then). During lessons, the schizo teacher would suddenly say, "Hey, why are you looking at me?!?!?". When personality changes are too abrupt, this is what could happen: A history book flies out a window. It DID happen to Shu Wen's mum. The teacher threw her book out and told her to fetch it. (WOW!). But it wouldn't be as interesting as this:

*Throws book out the window*
*Says to herself and not the student* Go fetch it!!
*I'm not going to fetch it. YOU fetch it!!
I wasn't the one who threw it out!!! YOU did it!!
But we share the same body!!!
Too bad!!!*Punches the other personality, who shares the same body....*

On Tuesday, when PE was over, we were all rebellious and didn't want to change back to our uniforms. Sha Lynn was one of those die-hard rebellions. She started going on fire and stood up to question people if they were on her side. She called out to Timothy, who sits at the very right corner of the class:

"Timothy, are YOU gonna change?!?!?!??!?"

At the exact moment, Pn Puah walked by our class. Was it a total coincidence that Sha Lynn was pointing at Timothy?? Pn Puah probably thought that she was pointing at her, and looked at Sha Lynn as if she was mad.

And today.....Sha Lynn pretended she won an Oscar Award. She stood in front of the class making teary speeches and thanking everyone in the class.

The best thing that happened in the week:

All senior afternoon session prefects will start off as normal students again next year. No one gets recommended, even all AJKs.


Saturday, June 14, 2008


Amuse yourself while I update.

Frank and Joe were watching the news. A suicidal man was standing on a bridge and police were trying to talk him down. "Bet you 5 bucks the man jumps," Frank said.
"You're on!" Joe replied.
They watched with great interest for a few minutes and suddenly, the man threw himself from the bridge.
"Here's your 5 dollars," Joe said.
"I can't take yourmoney," Frank confessed. "The same story was on earlier, on the 5 o'clock news."
"No, no, take it," Joe insisted. "I saw it at 5 too, but I didn't think he was stupid enough to jump again."

When Jon stepped into the ER, he saw that the place was packed with patients. The nurses and doctors all seemed frazzled. Just how frazzled he discovered when a doctor pulled out his examination light, pointed it in his ear and instructed, "Say 'Aahh'."

A police officer pulled over a guy driving a convertible because he had a penguin riding in the passenger seat.
"Hey, buddy, is that a real penguin?"
"Yeah. I just picked him up."
"Well, why don't you take him to the zoo?"
The guy agreed, but the next day the cop saw him drive by again with the penguin sitting beside him.
"I thought I told you to take that thing to the zoo," said the officer.
"I did," the guy replied. "And since we had such a good time, tonight, we're going to a rugby match."

A farm inspector was visiting the notoriously stupid Farmer Jones. "How many sheep do you have?" the inspector asked him.
"I don't know,"replied Farmer Jones. "Every time I try to count them, I fall asleep."

A primary school class was asked to tell a story with a moral value. Kathy went first. "Once, we were driving a basket of hen eggs to the market and we hit a big bump on the road. The eggs broke. The moral is 'Don't put all your eggs in one basket'.
Tammy was next. "Once, we had a dozen chicken eggs, but when they hatched, we only got 10 chicks. The moral is 'Don't count your chickens before they're hatched."
Then, it was Johnny's turn. "When my Aunt Karen was in Desert Storm, her plane was hit. She bailed out over enemy territory with only a bottle of whisky and a machine gun.
"She drank the liquor on the way down so it wouldn't break, and landed in the middle of 100 enemy soldiers. She killed 70 with the machine gun and when she ran out of bullets, she killed the rest with her bare hands."
"What is the moral of that TERRIBLE story?" the teacher asked, horrified.
"Stay away from Aunt Karen when she's been drinking."

Bill Gates dies and goes to heaven, while Saint Peter gives him a smart six-bedroom house with a pretty garden and a tennis court. Pleased with his lot, Bill quickly settles into the afterlife.
One day he is out walking when he bumps into a man wearing a fine tailored suit.
"That's really nice," says Bill. "Where did you get it?"
"Actually," says the man, "I was given 50 of these, plus 2 mansions, a yacht, a golf course and 4 Rolls-Royces."
"Wow, were you a pope or a doctor healing the sick?"
"No, I was the captain of Titanic."
Bill storms off to see Saint Peter. "How come the captain of a sunken ship gets all that while I, the inventor of the Windows operating system, gets a crummy little house??"
"The Titanic only crashed once."

Amusing Quotes

Have you noticed that anyone driving slower than you is an idiot and everyone driving faster than you is a maniac?

Why do they call it 'rush hour' when nothing moves?

I told my doctor I broke my leg in 2 places. He told me to quit going to those places.

I just figured out that I'm homework intolerant.

I'm not a vegetarian because I love animal. I'm a vegetarian because I hate plants.

You're not famous until my mother has heard of you.

Trying Times

Browsing in a junk shop, Jenna shouted out, "Which part of my body do I massage this with?!"
The woman behind the counter looked up and replied, "That's an abacus."

[This is real and it happened in 2005]
It was Christmas time. My mum and I were in an elevator staring at an eye-catching sign which read, "MARRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!!"

Learning to use a voice-recognition computer programme, Joe was excited about the prospect of finally being able to write more accurately than he types. First, he read out loud to the computer to train it to his voice. Then, he opened a clean page and dictated a nursery rhyme to see the magic.
The computer recorded:
"Murry fed a little clam, its fleas were bright and slow".
[Taken from Mary Had A Little Lamb]

Flight attendant: Would you like dinner?
Man : What are my choices?
Flight attendant: Yes or no.

Heard on a cable company's answering machine:
"We realize you are still holding. Please do not hang up as this will further delay your call".

Boss: We need to focus on diversity. Your goal is to hire people who all look different but think just like me.

After being on the phone forever with a customer who had been having difficulties with a computer programme, Andrew, a support technician, turned in his report:
"The problem resides between the keyboard and the chair".

On the door of a post office:
PULL. If that doesn't work, PUSH. If that doesn't work either, we're closed. Come again.

Parent: How was school today?
Child : Fine.
Parent: What did you do?
Child : Nothing.
Parent: Do you have any homework?
Child : I don't know.


Reporter : Mr President, how did the summit go today?
President: Fine.
Reporter : What did you discuss?
President: Nothing.
Reporter : Does this mean that the world is on the brink of a nuclear disaster?
President: I don't know.

That was amusing, wasn't it?


Sunday, June 8, 2008

6th Young Singers' Choral Festival

I see that I have not been blogging for the past few days due to my attending of the 6th Young Singers' Choral Festival held on the 4th-7th June 2008 in KLPAC (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre).

Wednesday, 4th June 2008

I went for violin class in the morning. After that, I ate an early lunch and got ready for Melissa to pick me up to KLPac. Squeezing in the car too were Jhia Yim, Yi Jing and Chi Yi. Coincidentially, all of us were wearing pink shirts. The outstanding one was Yi Jing, who wore a maroon shirt--which was still counted as DARK pink. Luckily, the traffic was smooth all the way so we reached there pretty early (half-an-hour, if I'm not mistaken). We weren't the first there anyway....we thought we were....When we were inside that KL something-like-recreational-park, we saw some weird buildings like a Malay longhouse and 2 interesting buildings (see left). On the right is the picture of the building through an entrance. It was still early anyway, so we fed the fish near some koi farm and KLPac. Chi Yi got mad with the was a real feeding frenzy.We went to the Koi rearing farm just opposite KLPac. The fish there were humongous!!! One fish could grow up to more than approximately 60 centimetres long and probably more than 15 cm width (fat). Not only that....these were highly expensive fish. Kill one and it'll cost you more than RM20,000. It doesn't really look that big in the pictures I've taken but who cares...? You get the point. It's big...unless you've seen something bigger (Okay, I have. The biggest harmless fish I saw was in Langkawi--waaay back in Standard 1, when it could have gobbled me up easily. It was some oversized Arowana fish--it was metres long). Then there are sharks, whale sharks, bluefin tunas and loads of other fish......BACK to CHORAL FEST. After amusing ourselves with the fishes, we walked over to KLPac. There was some Japanese tinge in it to me....somehow. I thought it would be some grand building which would look like Istana Budaya. Instead, a humble building full of history stood before us. It kind of reminded me of a green house. Most of its walls were made out of glass-- and it was beautiful, actually. Now that you have been amused by some of the pictures here, I shall continue my story....after waiting for a long time, we finally registered (Well, we couldn't register earlier because Pn Cecilia wasn't there yet). So, we did alot of crappy things like taking pictures of stupid things. The picture of the stairs below (Looong way down) makes me giddy after a while. After we registered, we had to take a green file each. Inside the file were our song scores. These included Sicut Cervus, Bogoritse Devo, Lo Lo Re Babu, Down By the Riverside

and Not Alone Anymore. The file also contained a coloured tag which we would write our names on. My colour was first I didn't know that it would affect the "team" we would be in, but Melissa told me about it. So, she kindly exchanged her purple tag with Jo Li to be in Green Team too. However, I seemed to be getting sick of green. Even in the prefect's camp, I was placed in Green Team. We gave the size of our shirts to Pn Cecilia and after that, we got our shirts. This was the first time I ordered 'S' size because I thought that 'M' was getting a bit too long, hot and stuffy for me. And great thing I ordered 'S'.....the shirts were so big that even with 'S', it felt like it was 'M' (I saw my label properly and it DID say 'S'). Looks like everyone's going to look like toys when they wear the shirt. Anyway, Yi Jing got a red tag at first, but she had decided to change her tag to green when she gets back home. About 3 something, we were herded to go to the great hall, also known as Pentas 1. The whole place looked like my Rubik's Cube. It was so colourful. *Pause*. I can see that my words and descriptions are too long-winded and have already gone to the future....Enjoy yourself all you can as the next few scrolls you make will have no (I mean 'little', to be precise).

You see, even the fish can't stand global warming!

The lake....side view.

I dare you to kill us!!!


Foyer outside Pentas 1.

Taken solely because I did not think that photographing was prohibited...
The picture above the colourful chairs is the foyer outside Pentas 1. That is the place where we will be eating throughout the Choral Fest.

The whole event started off by a few speeches. Joe Hasham officialized the festival. And I would say, his speech started off the best...and WAS the best speech:

"You know, the problem with being the last speaker is that the all the previous speakers have said everything that you've wanted to say! Thank you!! *Runs off the stage* Okay, okay, I was just kidding there....*comes back to the stage*"
Actually, I pretty much forgot most of what he said. For all I could make out now, he probably said alot that the first few speakers didn't mention. He came out in Sunday Star, 8th June 2008....something to do with drama.
After the officialization, we were separated into our voice parts to practice in different locations. The sopranos were to stay in Pentas 1, the altos in Pentas 2 (some drama stage) and the tenors and basses went to an unknown place.

This (Pentas 1) is where we (sopranos) would be staying in for the next few days.....and at that time, we were all wondering why our soprano section leader was an eighteen-year old boy named Daryl...

Nothing much happened on the second day except the fact that we were the first to reach the building, a memorable achievement. The food today was the best. Fried rice was served for lunch while dinner was Western food. Group Green, Blue, Orange and Yellow played games today. Pink, Red and Purple would be watching a concert.....the next day would be our turn. Hold on.....we also watched a concert today...and now....we sopranos FINALLY figured out how Daryl got to be our section leader. His pitching even in the high notes were great!!! That was so cool....after that, he became an idol to all sopranists.

Next day, Yi Jing's father sent us there. The feeling of leaving Choral Fest was beginning to sink in.

At night, there was a question and answer session. Someone asked Professor Andre de Quadros to stand on his head. He DID manage to do it.....then, he also said he had 4 passports (1 French....or was it Portugese...[?], 1 American, 1 Australian and 1 Indian). Still trying to get a clear photo of him standing on his head......

Last Day of Choral Fest

Group pictures.
As you can see....I am STILL lazy to get the pics. Go look at them yourself....
Credits to Joan's blog.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008


If there was the weirdest moment of my life, it would be this:
I created a new ISC account for fun and played my first game there. I played against some 400+ rated guy and won. Guess my rating after that? 1037. Haha. Whatever.....good night to myself.


A Homage to Martinu (Composer of The Puppets' Dance)

Yesterday, I forgot to write about the Yamaha exam I was supposed to take today. It seems that I have not wished my future self good luck. But anyway, I still received a compliment from the Chief Examiner this time, thanks to my Puppets' Dance (It was one of my grade 8 exam pieces). All parties were equally glad that this particular song was chosen......Whoa whoa whoa....let's take this from the very beginning.

My exam started at 4.40pm. It started raining elephants and hippoppotamuses (a self-made term of "cats and dogs") around 3.30 and I started panicking. OK, not exactly panicking THAT much because I actually planned to bring my Rubiks cube there (Yamaha Music School, PJ) to get my mind away from anything that has to do with piano. I was supposed to register myself at 4.10 but guess what? I went out of the house AT 4.10pm. The rain was just too heavy before that. It was LIKE some sort of typhoon, except that typhoons don't hit Malaysia. When we reached there, the flood was covering about half of Yamaha's gate. I had no idea how my mother drove through the flood, but she managed it. I got down first to that time, I think I was roughly 10 minutes late...not even half as bad as my ABRSM grade 8, when I reached the exam 5 minutes before my actual exam because my mother lost her way in Shah Alam =X Anyway, when I registered, I saw a poor girl waiting outside the exam hall....I could tell she waited there for a long time already since she was a bit restless. My suspiscions were confirmed as a man in a black coat, whom I think was the examiner came out of a room and asked the registration lady, "How long has she been waiting?". Quite long, by my inaccurate calculations. Her exam proceded as usual when he asked her to go into the hall. After a while, the registrar gave me my Improvisation questions.

MY moment of truth.

I was led to go into Room 2 to read my Impro questions. The questions were okay as Impro A was in F major, 3/4 time (waltz). I also chose another 3/4 time motif for Impro B, which was in D major. After 10 minutes of reading, the registrar took me out again and told me to wait at the entrance of the hall. A chair was provided for the highly honoured candidate. If the chair was covered in silk, with a handrest and other majestic characteristics, I'm sure ALL the candidates would feel more relaxed. While waiting, I heard the girl before me play a grade 8 exam piece of year 2005-2006, a rather famous exam piece overloaded with consecutive arpeggios (Su Anne, Sher Hann and Zech played this song). After the song, there was a long pause, whereby the examiners would be commenting about the way we performed. It seemed like almost an eternity before the girl came out. She smiled at me....and while she was walking away, I heard an angry "Damn!".

A few million years later, a male examiner, whom I suspect is the Chief Examiner, called me in. I greeted the examiners with a gruffy "Good afternoon". I had no idea that phlegm had collected over the years of waiting outside the hall. There were 2 examiners, a Chinese man in black coat and an Indian lady in some purple clothes (Not being racist here, okay. Just getting into details for the sake of nostalgy). I proceded to the baby grand piano and sat there like the apocalypse was about to come. Moments later, I started off with Impro A. My gosh!! I could say that my left hand wasn't helping out....and for my 1st variation, I forgot to cross hands for my B section. Whatever, I just went on, praying like mad in my head. For the 2nd variation, I screwed up part of my B section again.

Then, there was Impro B, which I screwed up the B section AGAIN. For a moment, I was basically lost that I forgot my chord IV (4) was suppose to come in. I also screwed the ending of B section, when I was supposed to play the double dominant of D major, which was chord E7, also known as dominant 7th of A major. Then, I missed out my best part, where I wanted to do a passing line down, from chord I, to chord I7, to chord IV and iv (minor) leading to chord Ic, V7 and I. I missed my most prominent idea!!!

Next up was Sight reading. It was actually alright to me. Screwed some parts but I just hope the examiners won't didn't really sound that wrong to me.

Then, some interruption occurred. There was this arcane dripping sound from part of the roof of the hall. As I was waiting to hear which piece I would play, I turned and saw both examiners staring in amazement at the ceiling (Ok, this is a very comical moment).
*Turns to me and laugh*
"Okay....that is a very funny sound....."
"I think it's leaking..."
"OK...anyway....let's not bother about the sound and get on with the exam"

"OK, let's hear 'Whisper of Spring'". Darn the baby grand!! Since the book stand couldn't hold so many pages, I had to keep my first page of the song, which ultimately caused me to screw up even the FIRST PAGE. Bad impression. Ms Susan said that examiners watch out for the beginning and ending of a song. My beginning was crap and my examiner stopped me halfway through the song because it was too long.

There was a short pause before he asked me, "For your Sonata in C minor....what movement are you playing?"
"1st movement"
*Pauses for a moment*
*The guy examiner points his pen/pencil to a song and the other examiner nods her head, smiling*
#Please, choose the Puppet song......#
"Alright, we want to hear The Puppets' Dance"

I started off as usual, taking a breath before starting, hoping for the best. I did, I would say, better than usual. There was still that slip I always made in the E-major-change-of-key section but it wasn't so obvious (it never is when performing). It was quite a funny performance too, seeing that the baby grand piano's keyboard slides to the right when the una corda (soft pedal) is pressed. I used the soft pedal for my beginning and bits here and there in the piece. It was a challenge itself in reaching any note correctly after releasing the soft pedal as it would slide left.

When I ended:
*Turns to the guy examiner*"You could really feel like puppets are dancing right?"
"Yes, you could really feel the music".

After the piece, I was called over to review my exam.
"I would say I am very glad we chose this piece as it really showed the other side of you. I should say, you ARE a performer. You really played it all really felt the puppets' dance".
*Turns to the chief examiner*"How big do you think the puppet is?"*Chuckles*
"Quite big". *Turns to me* "No, really, how big IS your puppet?"
"Gigantic" *Grins* (No kidding, I really said that)
"Yes, it was gigantic".
[No further elaborations, nothing else interesting.....except the fact that he didn't say anything about my mistakes =D]

[*Takes my Whisper of Spring paper*]
"How do you think you did with this piece compared to your Puppets' Dance?"
"Not as good....?"
"Yes....have you been practicing like how you did for Puppets' Dance?"
"Not exactly..."
"Yes. There were a few slips here and there.....but you should try to feel and move more like what you did for the Puppets' Dance"
"Oh okay"
[You get the stank...]

"Now, your sight reading. Everything was fine except that you should observe the dynamics markings more.There were altogether 7 dynamics markings here. Also be careful of accidental this bar here, you missed out this accidental note. It's the same bar, so the accidental still remains". (Darn!! I didn't get away with that it-sounded-right mistake!!!).

"Your Impro, let me ask you.....why did you choose this question. Do you like D major?"
"Erm....I felt more comfortable and free in this question" (I think he asked that because nobody else chose that question...)
"Hmm...3/4 time. The Puppets' it 3/4 time too?"
[*Flips through my book*]
"Yes, it's 3/4 time...."
"OK, OK. I should say that you paused a little before the barline....probably thinking, "Where should I go?" did you think you did for this? Was it the way you wanted it to be?"
"I knew it. Your left hand was a bit of a hindrance to you as it did not exactly know where to go. I know there's so much music in your head, but your hands just didn't obey you"
"You should play this like a song....just like how you played The Puppets' Dance"

"For your Impro A, there were a bit of slips here and there but it is understandable as this is your first time. For your first was quite a good start actually, but you added an extra count/beat in bar 7...."
#Thank God he didn't mention about the 'no-change-in-ideas' for the B section#
"Your second variation was very nice. We liked your B section where you did a rather complicated idea..(I did triplets). We were both like, "Come on, you can do can do it...but you lost the momentum in bar 11. (3rd line, 3rd bar). There was a bit of hesitation there..."

"Overall, I think you should work more on your left hand.....Keep up your good showmanship"
"You can go now"
"Thank you"
[*Takes stuff and leaves the hall*]

A few metres from the door, the examiner turns back and shouts: "Remember, keep up your showmanship skills!"

As you can see from the above.....there was a lot of connection with The Puppets' Dance. Therefore, now, I would like to have give credits to those around me....:

[Puppets Dance was actually my ABRSM song. My best one actually. I got a 29/30 for this song. It's very violatile, crazy and there's a lot of banging involved. I hereby pay my respects to all my neighbours (no, they're not dead....) for enduring the hardship of going through noisy, sleepless nights while controlling the urge to report mental abuse and source of noise pollution to the police due to my practicing at night =X I would also like to thank my parents for giving me a chance to practice...(Seriously.....everytime I practice this song, my parents off the TV and go up and sleep early....) It's just such a noisy song that they don't even think I'm practicing....they think I'm just simply banging the piano to my own liking]

*Note: The Puppets' Dance is an extremely violent song. Do not listen to it without parental guidance.


Monday, June 2, 2008

+Achievement on My Rubiks Cube+

I completed the '+' sign on ALL 6 sides of the Rubiks Cube!!!!!!!!! [before I slept, yesterday]

In science tuition today, we had a test for chapter 4 (something about biology....forgot the title). That was the probably one of the most crappiest tests I have EVER taken!!!! I had 5 mistakes in a page!!!! The whole paper was a masterpiece 'piece of crap'. Learning it was so easy.....but the fake test was just so ambiguous and......and....FAKE!!! If animals in hot countries have waterproof bodies, obviously those living in the tundra ALSO have waterproof bodies!!!!! 'Waterproof bodies' is a general characteristic and can be applied to ANY living organism. So, if one is accepted, how come the other isn't????

[If you're a prefect who wants some pictures of the camp, here's the link to the Prefect Camp post]


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