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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mission Accomplished

It was roughly 12.45 in the afternoon. The oppressive silence was murderous. As we all held our hands in prayers, our opponent sat coolly behind us, watching. And there we were, expecting the worst, yet hoping for the best.

Barely hours ago, we were running around the hall. No, not training for the running events, but warming up. And we reached Yuk Chai at 10.30 to calm ourselves down. After some light-hearted chat in the canteen, we smuggled ourselves to a quiet corner not far from the canteen to warm up. After that, we made our panicky way up to the auditorium to test out the stage.

Nicholas banged his head on the speaker on the way down, which, as everyone speculates, caused a little "mental havoc" in his head temporarily. He was the only one "dancing on his chair" before we went onstage. He affected Foo Wai too, who was sitting next to him. At least we had 2 clowns around to keep us from gearing ourselves into full panic mode. Plus, Nicholas was 2 seats from me (next to Shoen-Wei [oh, no! I can't spell her name!]) while Foo Wai was 3 seats away (Both were on my left).

We sang around 11.35. The whole performance was so intense that I think I actually entered a trance-like state whereby I can't think or remember anything else other than the present moment.

After our performance (no more Nicholases were hurt throughout the entire competition), we went back to our seats and bit our nails while listening to the others. In the end, after many complicated invitations.......*drum rolls*, it was the moment of truth.

The 3rd to 6th places were announced. The biggest shock was when CHS was announced 2nd runner-up. That only left Bandar Utama 4 and us.

Everyone held each other by the hands and closed their eyes. The silence in the auditorium was deafening. The emcee, Mr Eugene, was mean enough to keep the suspension going on for a long time.

Who will win?

Well, we proudly bring back the news that today, on the Thursday of the 30th of April 2009, the forms 3-5 of Damansara Jaya 2009 managed to break free from a 7-year chain which restricted our choir team from championing the Petaling Utama district. At last. After SEVEN YEARS.

Yes, scream and shout!!! We won!!!!

You should have seen our reaction when they announced Bandar Utama 4 (BU4) as the runner-up. That could only mean that we won!! Everyone had delayed reactions, since we weren't expecting something like this.

Initially, we thought we would lose to Catholic High School (CHS) and Bandar Utama 4. But when they announced the 3rd place to be CHS, we thought we had a chance, mainly because BU4 wasn't that suicidal in their first song. Their "Phantom of the Opera", however, was quite hair-raising for the first few moments. They later sank to a less scary performance.

While I'm trying to get the videos from those who have recorded the whole thing (The first time I did not bring a camera to a competition. How pathetic), I might as well say random things.

Firstly, we were "unlucky" enough to fish for the first performance TWICE while balloting. Twice because one of our students balloted on behalf of Pn Cecilia. When Pn Cecilia sensed we got the first performance, she decided to ballot herself. Voila! It came out as number ONE again. While most saw it as an omen, some thought it would be a setback as we would be all "tensed up". We were just told in the bus by Pn Cecilia (and reinforced by Keefe) that the only word in our vocabulary throughout the whole event (except our lyrics) was to be "ONE". So, let us be [number] one from all aspects.

Miss Tracy told us to set a high standard, since we were the first school to kickstart the competition. We're not quite sure how we did in the end either, since none of us saw the video yet. We have yet to hear Miss Tracy's comments on Monday's practice anyway. Altogether, it proved that we DID manage to hold the benchmark high enough. Hooray!!

The most interesting random facts is that the BU1 people thought our uniform was "kinky". Actually, they didn't mean to tell that right in our faces. They said that to Zi Ying, who was a reserve and therefore wasn't wearing our "kinky" uniform. According to her, the conversation went something to the lines of these:

[Unidentified BU1 girl]
[Zi Ying]

Hello. Which school are you from?
Oh, okay. Have you seen that school over there, that one with the kinky uniform?
What kinky uniform?
The group that's wearing all black. (Geez, she makes us sound so morbid. It's actually DARK BLUE, missy.....)
*Whispers urgently to Jhia Yim, then turns back to the girl* Oh.....oops.......I think that's us.
Oh. Alright. *Looks really disgusted and walks away*

When we heard that we won, everyone screamed like mad people. Zi Ying took this opportunity to scream at the BU1 students, "IN YOUR FACE!! (Suckers!!)".

Oh, everyone cried while jumping like rabbits. I think this is the first time I've ever truly hugged anyone, especially bear-hugging. I admit I was so overcame with emotion that I actually hugged so many people, even including the guys. What a rare phenomenon. Wait, actually this is the first time. Wow, I sound so cold. It's like I've never hugged anyone before. Oh well, it was a great feeling anyway, being able to hug someone knowing that you've achieved your dreams. Zi Ying was strong enough to carry me up and swing me around.

Heh, I see we've risen up to DJ's debating and cheerleading reputation. The doors are opening up, at last.

As Jessica puts it, "Keep up the good work!"

The ambiguous details point that maybe, just maybe, the state levels could clash with our mid-term examinations. Unlike the other genius, Mel, I'd be glad to skip mid-term to compete for the state. But then again, the "details" were given by a so-called inefficient lady. Bleh.

Famous quotes from choir members (stolen from Zi Ying's blog):

If Zi Ying could, I'm sure she would jump down the second tier the moment the results were announced. -Mel-
Nicholas banged his head and went nuts. -Liiyung-
You coconut! Where are my shoes?! Why did you take my shoes?! -Nicholas-*said to Zi Ying*
It has been a "long" journey. -Keefe-
We'd better make it into Nationals so that the boys can wear their black shirts. -Rachel-
We are the first team to go up, the team who got first, and the last team standing here waiting for our bus. -Pn. Cecilia-

Note to self: In case I look back on these picture decades later, I'm the one standing in the last row, fourth from left.

Seafield up next!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mysteries of the World

Woohoo!!! Our form teacher is pregnant!! That means we'll be able to avoid her for......hmm....90 days? Everybody jump and scream!!! However, I pity the foetus in her womb. Poor soul. She/He doesn't know who the uterus belongs to. [Actually, one can only wonder who on earth wants to own the baby with her]. That witch.

Okay, enough talk about the witch. I can't possibly do that on a friend's birthday, especially when she's hoping for the teacher to run away too. Yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MELISSA!! Now we can all hate the Petaling district together =).

It's also a delight to know that I escaped from being caught by the vast number of prefects scrutinizing every student during the Monday assembly. Looks like the mistake of "not wearing the tie" has been degraded to "not a mistake at all". So now, everyone is encouraged not to wear ties to school on Mondays as no prefect will notice. *Laugh together with me*.

Anyway, dogs are addicted to licking their own paws. Once they start, they can't stop. And that's why Silkie is wearing a cone around her head now. Poor dog.

And this is for Cassandra:
You know, the Rahman Putra club president loves to sue his club members for "trying to defame him". Rumours have it that he spent more than 100,000 ringgit from sueing people. His lawyer is said to live a happy and full life. Good thing the club is going to change the president tomorrow (26/4, Sunday).

(Forgive the posts which are getting shorter and shorter)
[You copycat!!]


Friday, April 24, 2009

A Dedication

I wonder what the world would be like
Without you.
What you say,
The way you think,
It changes everything.
You think it's different
But does it show?
Do you take the effort?
Are you a compulsive liar,
Or just plain unconscious about yourself?
Oh how I would love to burst your bubble,
That childish belief
In your own impeccability.

*Dedicated to several human beings who don't know what they're doing.*

Finally, American Idol is down to the final 5. Things should get more interesting......I remembered I used to think Adam Lambert was freaky since the goth style was quite distracting (no, don't throw your eggs yet!). But then, his vocal prowess convinced me later on. And, not to mention the amazing ability to change an upbeat disco song into a slow ballad-styled song. Super cool.

"Keep up the good work." -Jessica Goh- =P

Since I've mentioned Jessica's quote, I might as well tell you that the people within the vicinity of Jessica's insanity has been catching this "quote virus" very easily. I'd love to inject this madness into our choir group, but figured that we were already mad enough anyway. Darn choir!! (Mel knows this too.....).

You know what? It would've been a very interesting lesson if Yi Jing had done the star jumps. She couldn't answer the question in the Moral subject game and had to pick a piece of paper with her doom written on it. She got my punishment and was very shocked to find that she had to star jump through the entire corridor of the block containing the most classrooms. Not surprisingly, when she read that punishment out to the class, everyone stared straight at me. Geez, was it that obvious that I wrote it? (Must be my signature weird stuff). Every other punishment was just the same old boring stuff like pay money to the class fund (YES!!!!!). So mine should have been carried out. I mean, how often do you see students star-jumping along the corridor?

Unfortunately, the teacher thought it was too troublesome, not to mention time-consuming. She ended paying to the class fund anyway, which benefits me as well.

Wow. It just occured to me that my class is lucky I'm not under the Production department in Nostalgia. If I was, I'd be waving the advertisement paper at the class everyday yelling at the world to sponsor the school's magazine.

Be afraid. Be very very afraid.

*PS : Can you PLEASE click >HERE< and warm up all the darn eggs?


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Ignore the title for the time being and allow a moment of laughter.

What would you do if a friend broke a trophy you've earned?
A. Cry
B. Put up a fight
C. Request for a new one
D. Blame the school for giving out lousy trophies
E. Laugh

As dumb/weird as it seems, I laugh.

For example:
On Monday, Cassandra accidentally (mis)placed my Maths quiz trophy on the edge of my table, causing it to fall 1000 metres under the sea XD. It broke into two pieces seconds before my Maths teacher walked into the classroom. While the whole class made primitive howls and groans and gasps, I sat there calmly, staring at my trophy.


Yes, laughing.

The fragile trophy is broken, why am I laughing??

I'm not very sure about that myself, but think of it this way: Now, I can live happily ever after and tell everyone about the heroic adventures of my trophy, how it fell to its doom, how it was saved in the end.......Something like that. I wouldn't want to waste my time hating the school for giving such lousy trophies to the students, nor do I wish to blame a friend who made my trophy's life more epic and exciting.

And, just as I've read somewhere, if you accept your current situation, things work out well. In the end, (thanks to the lousy trophy), the broken part could actually be fixed back to normal (how worthy). And I've got a bonus. My trophy now makes an odd clicking sound which I can use to annoy people or maybe even play it as an instrument. NOW, my trophy harbours rich experiences the others didn't get. Serves you right, people. Go break your trophies!!

Oh, about the quizzes.....There were the Maths and Science categories. Out of 6 winners, 3 Batai swept 5 spots. Hallelujah!!! We completely sabotaged both the quizzes. Only the winner for the Maths quiz hailed from Balau (Ghee Ken). Angeline and I secured the other 2 spots for Maths. You should've heard the teacher's voice when she announced the Science winners.

"Adrian John Leong [something something] from 3 Batai.......Lim Jon Zhen, also from 3 Batai.......and Wong Wan Jyn.....ALSO from 3 Bataiiiii......"

She was getting bored of mentioning our class and was delighted when she saw 3 Balau's name.

First for Maths was Gheek, second was me, third was Angeline.

Okay, so it's not a very good achievement after all. I blame myself for being careless [as well as the school for not specifying certain things]. I could've got that idiotic Science quiz prize too if it weren't for stupid mistakes! Darndarndarndarndarn. I lost to Wan Jyn by ONE mark. Pht.

Back in class [after my trophy's resurrection], Cas was talking to me about the positions in a competition.


The only problem with the 3 medals is the silver medal.
Oh really? Why?
If you got the bronze, you can say, "At least I got something." If you got the gold, you'll say, "At least I won the whole thing." But if you get the silver, all you can say is, "I ALMOST won."
No, that's not true. If I get the silver medal, I can always say, "At least I got the nicest colour among all three medals!"

Well, silver goes well with turqouise trophies. Yeah, the trophies are turqouise. Transparent turquoise. The best part's "scratchy"! Something similar to the likes of frosted glass. Good thing I like that texture.

During choir practice on the same day, I managed to manipulate Zi Ying's thoughts. She was busy killing plants when I told her about some scientific mumbo jumbo about caterpillars and how they devour the plant from within. Then came the ridiculous part when I told her she might have baby caterpillars on her hands. Melissa helped the psychological attack and Zi Ying quickly ran off to wash her hands. Manipulative people like me would ask her to washed between her nails in case caterpillars........*eatyourcuticle* do something too obnoxious to be mentioned here.

Bright moments aside.........

There seems to be something that's irritating me a lot since the start of this week. Various people are digging their graves in my heart. One of them is, you can guess, Pn Nomi. Gosh, she is starting to really get on my nerve. Thank goodness the fire drill ate up 10 minutes of her lesson. Only. Oh, Bossy, Irritating, Tainted Chicken-Head. Read the initials if you didn't get it.

Apart from her, the new government is really egging me now. I'm not supposed to say much, but you get the point. THEY'RE NOT CHANGING THE EDUCATION SYSTEM!!!!!! [And loads of other disturbing facts about the PM].

I don't know what I've been doing lately, but a strange feeling has popped up all of a sudden. 2 strange feelings, actually.


They don't notice,
Only because they don't know.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Entertainer

If I were to blog about this week, it would be about how I managed to juggle my time as The Entertainer for MAC, the "highlight" of the year, as well as managing to conquer Mount Homework (after many failed attempts to do so). That would make my post seem lifeless because, as you can guess, what other things does it involve other than skipping lessons?

The only interesting incident (which I missed out on) was seeing the "masterpiece" of the 4 Belian madmen, who constantly invade our classroom, since they are one of the "floating classes". Poor Sha Lynn and gang.

Apparently, their boys played a belated April Fool's prank on our class monitor's (and gang's) books by interlocking a pair of textbooks together (and applying glue on "strategic pages" to make sure both books never come off). I wonder why I never thought of that as a prank to play on others.

Anyway, today was the special day for all the nerds of the school, who took the limelight in the hall. The day I perform for those nerds like some maniac. The same goes for Yean Yi and Rachel, but I think I was the worst nut of all.

The violin performance wasn't well coordinated and I don't think everyone heard us. Geez, both of us violinists were supposed to get our own mic. But because Pn Cecilia thought we overpowered the singers, we were reduced to one mic for both, and ended up being so soft that no one could hear us.

We changed like crazy after our violin performance. Thanks to Mel's long-sleeved shirt, I could cheat my time and I ended up changing the fastest (eventhough I took my own sweet time to walk to the toilet), with an extra 5 minutes to spare before the choir's next performance. (Zi Ying pointed out that I could run with heels on. Never really noticed that myself since my heels are "quite short"). No sarcasm intended.

The choir went well, but Timothy said our diction for the English song was terrible. (Choir members, this is feedback from the audience......).

For those who weren't there to perform or receive any prizes.....hmmm, that's odd. Why would they want to turn up in school at all?

Let's review the statistics. All the classes only have 2-15-studens present. What about 3 Batai? 26 pupils. Now, this really forces us to reconsider placing this (weird) class as "the smartest class". Especially when oddballs like Timothy, Shafiq and Cassandra are about. (Oh, and me too....)

Eventhough we didn't do much in school because the teachers are eating..........I felt really amused and even glad that I turned up. Why? All thanks to the weird nuts.

It all started during recess. The performers and the oustanding students got to eat free food. And because I don't eat chicken (yes, I'm a pescetarian), I had to cajole Timothy to eat my chicken (and the rest of my rice) for me. Then all of a sudden, he became crazy and accused me of "trying to take over the world by forcing everyone to become fat". According to him, once everyone gets fat, they can't chase me otherwise they'll die of a heart attack. And he alleged me of trying to "make him fat". Goodness, Timothy exercises for more than 2 hours a day and he says he'll get fat??

Then, he went on talking about lots of illusionary crap and eventually ended up with stories of his old school. He kept saying his old school was "so stupid". There was this malay guy who actually came up to him and asked: "Timothy, kamu Portugis, kan?" (Timothy, you're a Portugese, aren't you?). Holy crap! His surname is SIM! TIMOTHY SIM. Not some long, english-like name. It's extremely obvious that Tim's a CHINESE.

And after that, the same guy asked: "Timothy, "Sim" tu maksud apa?" (Timothy, what does "Sim" mean?). *Bangs head*.

And for another time, the same guy got a 20-something mark for his maths exam. Do you know what he asked his teacher?

"Am I the highest?"
Teacher: From the bottom, or from the top?

Man, he really got Shu Wen and I howling with laughter. The people around us must have thought we were out of our minds. Well, that was probably what Calvin and Kelvin thought. XP. They were both sitting opposite us (at different times) and were tracking our conversation from Scrabble to those nonsensical topics. (Kelvin plays scrabble too! Yay!). I must say poor Timothy has finally lost it.

It was Cassandra and Shafiq's turn when we went back to class (in 3 Belian). We combined with Belian and Semarak. Shafiq was initially showing us stupid/amusing card tricks which had something to do with heartbeats. I'm really terrible at card tricks and so, I found his trick highly interesting. Unfortunately, he wouldn't say a thing about his secret trick as it was "using his own heartbeat".

Cassandra finally made a breakthrough by changing the topic into "dares". She dared Shafiq to "confess his love" for the teacher in front of the class. He brushed it off as an easy stunt. Obviously easier than what he was about to dare Cas.

In the end, Cas had to do star-jumps from Pn Lam's class all the way up to the end of the coridor, which means embarassing herself in front of the other teachers.

She didn't finish the feat anyway, but she did embarass herself a lot in front of Pn Lam's class.

The public phone in the school has also joined in the mad fun. All it said the whole time was : "Error: Failed to read card" or something along that line. As Cas and I were wandering elsewhere to look for a functional phone, Cas freaked a Form 4 guy out.

"Hi, human".

I think he was a little too freaked out as he let us use the phone first. And we found out that this phone booth was completely dead. Cas continued to freak the poor guy out and even told him he looked like a certain scrabble freak we know of.

Poor human.

I ended up using Iman's handphone. Oops. Don't say anything, okay? (Phones not allowed.....)

Oustanding moments written down. Now, I can clean my natural hard disk.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Debate Workshop

Debate Workshop
Then, there was today. Quite an "amusing" day on my behalf. April Fools are abundant wherever you go and today seems to prove just that.

I arrived in school to find myself being surrounded by all the other English freaks of the school. I stuck by Melissa's side as she was a mosquito magnet, which made me safe from mosquito attacks. I was scaring almost everyone when I said I brought a scrabble word list along. Suddenly, everyone seemed to back away, as if the nerdy virus was contagious or something. We went to HELP college without Ghee Ken, the second scrabble freak of the school (he went for Ceng Beng).

Once there, we helped ourselves with glorious food. The sandwiches were great (No, they're not heavenly. Just ordinary). After our quick breakfast, we made our way to level 4. The debaters would be in the auditorium while the "trainees" attending the workshop would be in another sad room.

Us Form 3s, being "trainees", had to be separated from our legendary counterparts. We shedded our respectable DJ debater roles and went into full-kiddy mode (or maybe that just applied to me). Melanie (she wasn't wearing her prefect uniform) was really fooling around, hunting for "cute" guys. She obviously had nothing better to do. I borrowed Daniel's blazer (the prefects except Krystle and Melanie brought their blazers along so as to look "professional"). Oops, those 2 prefects are only Daniel and Shu Wen.

Anyway, Melanie found out that some guy's name was Christopher after amusing herself by having eye contacts with people around the room. All I did the whole time was to bore Emily, Daniel and Shu Wen about scrabble, scrabble and scrabble. Apparently, I noticed I was the noisiest person overall, losing only to Melanie. I think everyone thought I was mad, talking so animatedly about a boring topic called Scrabble. Luckily the room wasn't half full yet. Yet.

All of a sudden, the whole room turned into a carnival, with people walking and running everywhere. Then, us DJians were saying something about a black-shirted guy who was Daniel's cousin being present. After a few seconds of topsy-turviness, we made new friends when Melanie introduced yet another guy (sigh) to us named Kar Jin.

Since no one was sitting on my left, some guy had to squeeze in (geez, of all spots). Then, he introduced himself as Kai Hung and said he was from Methodist Boys School (MBS) a.k.a. Monkey Boys School. Amusing. After figuring he should be intelligent enough, I started to strike an intellectual conversation regarding scrabble in his school, but failed to get any results except lots of groaning and moaning from my schoolmates.

Then, we met another girl named Juliana from some school. (Melanie makes friends fast).

After a while, a few people called all the Form 4 students over to the auditorium. Thinking it would be better there, Natasha, Zi Ying and I ran over to check out what's up. Actually, Form 3's weren't allowed there, but being DJians (proud smirk), Pn Tan gave us the unauthorized permission to masquerade as Form 4 students for the day and sit there in the auditorium. So, the 3 of us ran around like kids here and there to call our fellow friends. The MBS people weren't convinced and said that the smaller room was better (we had to watch the workshope from the other room through a small screen). I won't pick that option.

And so, we went to the auditorium and I ended up sitting behind a guy with extremely spiky hair. After a while, the MBS came to join us in the auditorium and sat behind us. I managed to squash most of the major points in one A4 page while Natasha had to go and waste paper.

I noticed I couldn't see the screen that clearly from the beginning. The spiky hair in front of me didn't make matters any better. If the guy sat up straight, his hair looked as if it were eating up the speaker who was busy pointing out important winning factors. When he tilted his head to the right, his hair would completely pulverize the speaker. His hair also ate up part of the screen, which caused more problems. At one point, I just wanted to act uncivilized, lick my 2 palms, and just push all his hair down flat on his head. Sadly, I didn't have the guts to do that. I was sitting next to a teacher.

During one point Mr Latif, the workshop speaker, said that adding statistical analysis in your argument doesn't necessarily determine the outcome of the debate. At that point, I got so frustrated with out loss I actually said out loud, "Screw that debate round......". The guy in front of me and his friend turned behind to see a cartoon agonizing over some funny problem. Our adjudicator was in the toilet and didn't hear that!!! AAAAAAhhhhhhh. Pn Tan!!! Why? Why? Why?

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm being kiasu.

After that moment, the guy in front kept looking behind at me, as if I was some serial killer or something, waiting to pounce and lash at him (okay, maybe that was what I planned to do anyway).

At the end of the 1st session, we had a break. Out of nowhere, the guy in front of me asked me what school we (bunch of freaks) were from. Natasha and I were like, "DJ, Damansara Jaya!" And I think the guy is some sort of psychic because he asked me after that, "Was my hair blocking you?"

Gosh, that was amusing. I didn't even say that to anyone. And then, he called Zi Ying and Natasha and I were surprised. Zi Ying and him were from the same class last time (meaning he was same age as us, get it?) and apparently, HE was Daniel's cousin. I think he changed his shirt or something (or maybe my ears need changing). Big whoops. Fortunately I didn't have the guts to be mean to him, otherwise I would end up as DJ's prefectorial target of harassment. Oh, he was quite good-looking too, anyway. (I'm sorry, Daniel. Don't tell your cousin what I said about the fingers one......oops....).

We were further interrogated by Daniel's cousin (I'm even more sorry here, since I did not find out what his name was) about what form we were in. [I'll just call this guy DC until he gets a name from either Zi Ying or Daniel himself].

To be very sure of our circumstances, Zi Ying and I went down to question Latif personally. While waiting, we heard some pretty amusing questions being asked as well. When it finally came to our turn, he asked which school we came from. When we answered "DJ for Damansara Jaya," you should have seen everyone's reactions. All those students from other schools gasped as though they just saw ghosts. Oh, this is what you get for being in the top debating school. It was awesome when the Form 4 students stared at us with awe and respect. Even the college kids were staring at us like heroes. That was, until we mentioned we were "trainees".

The atmosphere wasn't that serious, actually. The debaters preparing for the mock debate were quite funny. The opposition leader kept mentioning loudly that the microphone makes him sound weird. The opposition's second speaker was smiling everywhere the whole time. The prime minister was saying random things like:
1. The government's stand is that the guy over there should change his hairstyle......
2. The government believes that the chicken crossed the road......

After that, Zi Ying and I went to toilet and I followed her to the other room to get her long lost bottle. Finally.......after an eternity, we went back to our seats in peace.

All our places were reshuffled except the Mels, Zi Ying, Natasha and I. The rest of the DJ Form 3s were in the middle of the auditorium. At first, I wanted to asked the lot of us to move further in front, but it seems that everyone was doing that at the same time. Even the spiky hair dude was moving forward, although I think they wanted to squash between the 2 DJ gangs at first. I saw them coming in our row at first (Aww, I think the DC fellow missed Zi Ying and wanted to be near her or something). Or maybe the moving forward thought occurred on everyone's minds at the same time.

Darn. And I thought aliens' minds were supposed to be more advanced than puny humans.

Speaking of humans, Melanie just found out a rather disturbing fact about the MBS guy. He actually asked her if *ahemiahem* was single. Be nice to nerds, man. Shudders. And Natasha asked to say "I have a boyfriend"? Humans, humans. Sad....and he did sit next to *cough* and Nat dared to point he was flirting. Earthlings these days....Forgive them.

Aaaaaaaaaand......the mock debate started. The motion was something that went along the lines of "The Government would pay for cosmetic surgery" or something like that. The Prime Minister wasn't that strong after all. My favourite speakers were....very different in manner, so I liked all 3 OPPOSITION speakers. The first speaker was very precise and liked to make fun of the proposition's ideas and call the ideas crazy (oh, did I mention he started off his speech by asking the members on the floor whether we could hear him without the mic because it made him sound weird). The 2nd opposition speaker was very sarcastic and finds pleasure in insults. At one point, he even insulted the Prime Minister (of the debate, not of the country). Overall, he was good as he didn't stammer at all. The 3rd Oppo speaker was so calm and amusingly funny.

To quote a few lines from them:
You would rather pay for people who need cosmetic surgery than for those who are dying. That's crazy. [1]
Cosmetic surgery is not allowed in Muslim. So, you are not benefiting the 60% of Muslims in the country, equivalent to neglecting them. [1]
Have you heard of exercise, sir? [2]
How many fat, poor people have you seen? (After he mentioned that these people got fat after eating a lot. Eating a lot requires money, so these people aren't poor at all). [2]
The speaker could do with liposuction, yet he seems confident enough. (Whoa!) [2]
It's your turn to warm your seats. [3]

There are more, but these are the more memorable ones I've stored.

Many people found the 3rd Proposition speaker quite irritating. Apart from her squeaky voice, she was quite short-tempered and kept asking the poor Oppositions to "continue warming their seats as they were not warm enough" whenever they wanted to POI. At some point when they couldn't take it anymore, all 3 Opposition speakers stood up at once, which was a pretty cool sight.

The reply speech was weird. Everyone was expecting the Proposition's 2nd speaker to be doing the reply, but it was their first speaker doing it. That was like some mistake or something. Anticlimax.

After the mock debate, Zi Ying helped me look for the mechanical pencil I dropped as I was cheering for the cool 2nd Oppo speaker. Then, both of us went for lunch.

The queue for food was crazy. There were, however, 2 lines. Very long lines. Well, one was actually shorter than the other. And people were weird because no one wanted to go to the shorter line. We saw DC there and 3 of us started talking animatedly about the mock debate. Somehow, Zi Ying and I were so animated, we followed DC who took the longer lane. Everyone who came after us followed suit and no one else took the short lane anymore.

When we were nearing the food (at last!), the shorter lane was already nearly empty. DC offered to go check out what difference there was in that line. He quickly came back and said that the other line was for vegetarians. After a while, the place was completely empty and there was a kind school who told us to line up there. I explained why no one was there and they said all the food was the same.

The truth was simple. I'm hungry. So I don't really care whether it's vegetarian or not, it's still edible. In my final attempt to get food, I rushed over and Natasha followed me. It was only then that DC swapped lines and followed us (geez, was he dreaming before this?? Vegetarian food.....?) [And Zi Ying, if he was following someone, it'll be Natasha. I just provide laughter]. And all those pesky followers behind the long line started to shift. Zi Ying refused to move because "once a guy comes up with a plan, he sticks to the plan".

Firstly, Zi Ying isn't a guy. And the whole plan is to get food. Fast.

The food was great. And somehow, I just started talking nonsense from lunch onwards. Abhilaash thought I was weird, since I was trying to debate the "fact" that aliens breath nitrogen gas.

When we were waiting ouside the auditorium after lunch (for the competition balloting, which we didn't join), I was nearly screaming : Aliens have invaded our brains. Therefore, our brains absorb nitrogen. Daniel and Shu Wen were taking pictures of me screaming so that they can send my picture to the world's leading scientists for further studies to be carried out. Not quite the smartest thing to do after all.

"Brains don't absorb nitrogen! Listen to us! Who's the real alien here?!?........Oh yeah, you are."
-Daniel Ong-
Very amusing.

DJ is against Sri Aman.

That pretty much wraps up my whole week.

I'm looking forward to more workshops in colleges. The food is great. (Minus the distractions).


Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fools

As the title suggests, there have been many April fools (for all I know, they could be whole-year fools) I've met for this week. When I mean fools, I really really mean it.

For the first half of the week, I've prolonged my life for a few years by laughing so hard my voice couldn't come out. All thanks to Yean Yi and our tangled mess out of the violin performance. Yean Yi was making funny noises in her attempt to imitate Pn Norita, the teacher in charge of the whole MAC (Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang), in a squeaky voice. In English, MAC basically means the nerds go to the stage to take prizes while Tchaikovsky's Overture 1812 plays on in the background. Yes, it is very grand indeed, minus the Overture. Instead, expect monotonous lullabies from the school's principal along with her 45-minute speech. Her speeches are so empty, slow and irrelevant that even the smart people fall asleep. I've got living proof, by the way.

Right, so we're playing for a rather grand event here. Apparently, we find ourselves preparing to look like total dimwits onstage, and I plan to wear a clown's suit along to match that. Our timing was really out during our practices (except when I stamp my foot to the beats, out of frustration or mere patience, I don't really know myself). Clown's shoes would do a good job either way.

I was supposed to do my aural on the same day as violin practice. I inititally decided to kill 2 birds with one stone (or one violin, in this case). Unfortunately, due to several changes in circumstances, I ended up not being able to complete my aural.

That was pretty much Monday for you, thank you very much.

Tuesday was quite an annoying day. This day so happens to be the day when Sha Lynn turns a year older. Almost all the teachers teaching my class didn't turn up and the only serious lesson we had was English lesson. Pity Sha Lynn, who had to do a lot of donkey work albeit the day being her special day. The class really got mean when no one volunteered to "bersajak". It's reading a malay poem with a tuneful voice. So, Sha Lynn ended up really irritated and started screaming at the class.

During yet another free period, when Sha Lynn and Angeline were sleeping, the principal's right-hand lady, Pn Ruth, appeared at our door and called both of them out for a lecture on what they've done. Cassandra miraculously escaped eventhough she was sleeping right under Pn Ruth's nose, while Sha and Angeline who were strategically located in the middle of the class, had to get all the scolding.

During art period, whereby our teacher didn't turn up, the prefects intruded. They came in with shotguns along with picnic baskets and started yelling at us to freeze and make our way out of the classroom while they conduct a search for the class treasury. Having failed to detect the obvious 'X' mark on my table (not to mention other profitable devices from other students such as handphones), they left, clearly disappointed. They expected more from the wrong class. Sigh.

Wednesay. April the 1st.
What does this remind you of?
All those stupid things you do.

The evil side of me has remained dormant ever since I was 10 and I have this urgent need to start being mean to people. My last victim was my mother, who successfully fell into my trap when I told her there was a lizard in the house which needed to be exterminated. After 5 years of dormancy, I have awaken! (I sound almost like Frankenstein).

Before my evil side had the chance to show itself, my house has already played 3 jokes on the family to usher in the new day. One clock was 1 hour slow. The plumbers who fixed our piping barely a few days ago killed our torchlight. And the 3rd......

I was busy nerdifying myself when the electricity failed.

Mind you, the torchlight was spoilt.

TNB is Tenaga Nasional Berhad, the company in charge of the nation's power plants.

Luckily, I was listening to my iPod. So in the end, it was "Don't worry. I've got my iPod with me. iPod to the rescue!!!"

The house blacked out for another 2 more times after that (thanks to our computer and all the problematic USB ports, not TNB). It was just minutes to midnight. Minutes to April Fool's day.

Then, at 12.15 midnight, I started strategizing my "master plan". I informed my parents about my "joke" in case they wake up and run over to beat the "unidentified noise-maker". My mother was staying awake to see what happens and was kind enough to suggest where to stand to make the best out of my plans.

When I told her I was going to laugh like my Daffy-laugh, she said that the neighbours would think it was her instead of me that was making the sound, since all the neighbours see was her. They never see me because I have evolved into an invisible creature, only appearing in front of certain people. So, according to my mum, my neighbours would think: "What happened to this crazy lady? Now she's really going nuts. Eh, when did she start getting into her laughing fit......?"

The strategic place to scare people with my laughing had to be done, of all places, in my toilet. Thankfully, it was accessible to all the houses behind mine. I took a deep breath and......

"Hoo-hoo-haa-haa.........." (lasting about 10 minutes or so).

"What was that sound?" was all I heard from someone far away. Muffled.

Thinking no one else heard me, I went down again.

"Mummy, did you hear me?"
"Of course. You were very clear."
"Yes. You sounded like a bird, so no one would be afraid of you."


In school, my form teacher thought it was an April Fool's joke when I turned up at the top of the class behind Melissa. She just couldn't believe it. I don't blame her. No one believes my marks anyway. Maybe I cheated during exam and managed to bribe all the teachers to shut their mouths up. No one knows for sure. (Hahahahaha).

I mean, I take the shortcuts out of things, I don't look as if I study, nor do I look like the type who really cares about memorizing stupid, arbitrary things. Such trivial matters can be laid to rest in my head, which leaves many teachers puzzling over how I managed to jump over all the other students who somehow just seem more harworking than I am. Furthermore, I've been spending a whole block of hours at the piano (screw you, piano....). [At least I made up for that crystal star]. All I do in class is provide the nonsense and laughing material. Yes, I talk a lot. My mother's explanation to every teacher who says I wasn't like that in Form One: "Oh, she wasn't used to her braces yet."

Splendid answer. It's true. I talked a lot ever since I was 6.


......My mean prank after all that was to glue the BPP book (to prevent truancy). My History teacher was supposed to sign the book, but being as quick as lightning, I managed to glue the pages together so that she wouldn't be able to sign it. [Credits for providing the glue goes to Zi Ying]. And Pn Noor had a hard time trying to tear open the pages. Wow. How mean of me. *Diabolical laughter* (although all I can produce is a daffy-laugh).

Unfortunately, Shafiq outdid my prank by tying all of Pn Noor's stuff together on her pencil box's ring when she wasn't looking. So, when she lifted up her pencil box, everything flew up with it. I did the same thing to Sha Lynn's pencil box and her bottle when she was busy playing Bingo. Apart from that, I also [proudly] tied Yi Cai's bag in a knot when he wasn't looking.

There was a Nostalgia meeting after school and the whole editorial board was supposed to be there. Apparently, the Datin rendered the rest of us useless as she was just talking about the Photography and Production department. What a terrible April Fool's joke that wasted my whole afternoon. The English department was redundant during the meeting. Asjndkfjbskjfb.

During Maths tuition, Shafiq was acting really blur. Melissa and I thought he was pranking Mrs Tan for the fun of it, and kept laughing like nuts (well, actually I was the nut). We found out the next day that he really meant what he was asking and that it wasn't a prank.

Thursday was quite dull. Shafiq brightened it a little by trying to get either Melissa or me to lend him our maths books. Oh, of course I agreed. As long as I get *cough* paid.

During the violin practice, Timothy made fun of the afternoon session folks when a prefect couldn't chase 2 students out of the hall. Tim suddenly stopped playing the piano, walked up to the pesky 2 people, and pointed at the door. Worst of all, he was wearing his backbone brace (scoliosis) and he was grinning the whole time, which made him look like he was about to kill them. Of course they ran out without hesitation.

On Friday, I made a new Form 1 friend, some guy named Darien Liew from 1 Cengal. The prefect who was trying to chase the 2 students on the previous day finally had the guts to talk to us while we were practicing (Oh, the nerve! Kidding....). According to what he claims, he started swearing since 4. That's......amazing. Wow. Congratulations on your feat!

Debate workshop on Saturday.


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