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Saturday, January 26, 2008

In Doldrums

LOL. In doldrums again.....



Look at this hopeless blog.......the hopeless blue has been replaced with an even more dull and hopeless black (actually I find that with a black background, it's easier to read). School is getting boring....I'm helping out in Nostalgia and this doesn't even lighten up my day.... I'm currently given 1 month to fiddle around and interview people about hopeless things and they won't even give a proper answer.....hopeless!!!!! The great thing is that I am given the opportunity to use the computer so that I can "work on the article". Hopeless article....I'm so glad that the duty places are changing soon...SOON. According to the new duty places, I am supposed to take care of my own class.....well, 2 very nice prefects told Daniel about that error and now they are gonna change my class (as in duty-class).....apart from that, WHAT IN HEAVEN'S NAME IS STAIRS D??????????THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THAT IN DJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Recall of events not said

I met Alex on Sunday in 1 Utama. She went into 2 Teratai (1st class in DU). We went to MPH bookstore and talked about our schools. We read some sci-fi books after that. I read "Stoneheart". We looked up into the sky to gaze at the clouds for a while and saw something really cool and intriguing. It seems that at that time, there were many clouds surrounding the Sun. When we looked up there, we saw a halo of various colours. Actually, SHE spotted the thingy first and told me to have a look. Too bad our parents left us in MPH without them. It was not exactly a HALO but rather colours on the clouds. There were pink, blue, purple, green and all those other colours (which weren't so prominent in the rare sighting). I find the form 1s this year to be quite an annnoyance (with the exception of a few). I actually found out that this year's streaming in DJ had some errors in it (Datin to blame???). People who got 4As actually went to 1 Ramin while some people who got Ds and Es got into the first 7 classes. So fake. I'll lodge a report on this (small) matter (which doesn't concern me). I can't help but think that the 1st term exam is in about 4 weeks time. I'm not studying, haven't started on it yet and don't think I ever will. I expect a strong B for BM seeing that Pn Chen is the rate we're going, probably only the former Bataians and Kempasians would stand a chance. I created a self-challenging game to test my next to hopeless vocab. I'm supposed to find a hundred words for each letter. I also have a deadline to submit that article for Nostalgia. Until now, I have no idea what to write for that article......deadline is next Thursday. I created an ambigram for "Nostalgia". Going to Yi Jing's and Eric Lim's "clashing important day" "field trip". I soaked my Pixius today (finally) and they are almost ready to contribute to the family.


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Armageddon and Saturday

The first day of school wasn't that bad, since I found out that Chester ISN'T in my class after all. =). The 2 Balauans got Cik Cho (hahaha!!!) and the 2 Ramins got PN LEE WAI MIN ( MUAHAHA!!!!). My lucky class got Pn Hor as our form teacher.....but Pn Chen PL is teaching us BM (which is kinda lucky but......) comments on that.... We prefects got a little scolding and warning on the first day of school since teachers claim (and only CLAIM) that my year is the worst year in DJ history. THAT's a grated achievement......literally. We were given work on the first day though...unlike any other school years....Friday wasn't any more interesting...I went to Justin's class for IS quieter than Melissa's class but surprisingly they aren't as fast....finally, there's today....full of activities......I felt so tired in swimming class after not swimming for one month.....oops!!!


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