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Friday, April 16, 2010

A Friend To The End

Today, my best friend enters a new world
A world where people don't fight
Over which language Science and Maths should be taught in
I am overwhelmed,
bombarded by thoughts of feeling small,
in a place where no boundaries exist.
The horizon has expanded
beyond the description of plain words.
My heart grows heavier,
longing for the freedom that beckons yonder,
in a land where dreams materialize
and success is crafted.

(Ignore amateur work)

If it were anyone else in the world, I would be deeply inconsolable to put up with such good fortune. I've never actually felt this happy for anybody before, or so relieved to know that she's going to have a much higher chance of achieving a lifelong dream we've both shared since our younger days. I didn't even cry last night, which was the last time I saw Alexandria in Malaysia as a kid, ready to take on the world by masterminding a genocide where everyone dies of laughter....and I wondered why.

Alex, if you're reading this, remember that poem one of your schoolmates wrote for you, the one about how you're still closest to the heart even though furthest away? Well, that's how it felt. In fact, I didn't even feel that I've lost you to your new country. You were flying miles away, but yet I felt that I still had you with me; that I was almost sharing this life with you.

Or maybe you were so close to me that reality hasn't sunk in yet. 'Cause now the tears are stinging my eyes and I can't believe that you're really gone.

But somehow, I still feel your presence here with me (I hope I'm not turning schizophrenic). And it's going to help a lot. I'll meet you somewhere in one of our target workplaces, even if it means putting up with THOSE few things I hate. Call that a promise.



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