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Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Just Like Adam Lambert"

(Quoted by either Keefe or Calvin)

When you start saying things like that, you know you're too much into American Idol, not to mention being too sentimental over Adam Lambert's unbelievable loss.

(Let's make this quick)
There were 9 schools involved in the competition.
Captivating images by Zi Ying:

This is SMK Seafield. Trained under Susanna Saw. Sang Tanah Pusaka and One Voice. Didn't see Wei Le. Samuel disappeared to Singapore (for some jazz festival thingy....). No special weirdos were detected. Became 4th in the state.

School: Unidentified
Placing: Unidentified
Wanted: Information on this school
Reward: ...Baskin Robins, anyone?

School: Unidentified
Placing: 7th
Species: Humans

Details of the school is not known as we were on standby outside.

*I am trying to upload the video of us*

This is SMK Kepong. They danced a lot and ended like a musical. Unfortunately, due to the human inability to sing well while dancing, they went slightly flat once vigorous action took place. They won anyway, which puts a gigantic question mark on top of most people's heads.

We wouldn't have minded so much if these guys girls from Convent Klang won. They grabbed 3rd spot after us.

Aha!! My favourite! These guys had PUPPETS!!! And Zi Ying, who says my camera couldn't focus well? =P. Take a look for yourself. You'll find that you have succeeded in photography here.

The picture directly above is the coolest. It looks somewhat "Photoshopped". Only the puppets show. =)And the highest picture is the clearest. Admire your masterpieces, Zi Ying.

I lost concentration here and couldn't really remember their performance.

At the end of everything, random people came out to perform on the piano while waiting for the results to be out. Everyone's positions except the top 3 were announced and Harmonix was ecstatic when we weren't called yet as Seafield was announced 4th.

After all the hype about getting top 3, some of us thought we had a chance to champion the state and made our way to SMK Seafield for the Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod competition (SouthEastAsia level). According to Tracy, both Catholic High School and Seafield would even things out with us there, especially if we screw our songs up.

Unfortunately for her, we DID screw up our 3 songs and thought we would emerge champions from the bottom. After our crappy performance, we watched the other competitors do their part. We secretly started feeling bored--that was, until Rachel whispered our state level results to us.

Number 2.


So near.

Yet so far.

Rachel was utterly disappointed. Some others were greatful we actually made it this far. Others like Mel and I morbidly plotted on how to enter the nationals through the back door.

Wide speculation suggested that Kepong won just because of their "showmanship". Dancing? Unfortunately, most people recorded that they went flat once the dancing came in. True or false, you decide.

There was a friendship concert the same night.

Taman Megah!

KL Children's Choir
Seafield B
Harmonix B
Catholic High School
STC Cherubim
Fantastic Fourions
Seafield A
SMK Batu Lintang Choir

Harmonix A
SMK Batu Lintang Choir
SMK Methodist Sibu
Crescendo Voices

I officially declare my camera an artifact. Time to get a new (digital) one.



Thursday, May 28, 2009

Abscissa Whurd?

We stared at the paper and it stared back at us.

Determine the abscissa of point X.

It is quite humiliating to know that our year never learnt this simple vocabulary. Abscissa. That small, taunting word which takes up so little space in our lives, yet still haunts us till today. Abscissa. Echoing. Killing us softly from within. Abscissa. Intimidating our intelligence, reducing our brains to nothing more than a faulty, mushy substance. Abscissa. Lighting our emotions ablaze, cracking our heads like raw eggs, just to come up with an answer, an escape from the loss of depression. Abscissa. That one mark which separates us from a perfect score. The death of a student's confidence, admitting defeat to the mere existence of a three-syllable word.

Humble humiliation.

There was a dark void over that question, seemingly preventing students from interfering with the unnatural disaster taking place. Many left it as it is, deciding not to mess with the course of their ill fate of twisted misinterpretation. But one student presented the magnitude of the situation best, with a twinge of exasperated honesty in it:

"To the horror of both examiner and candidate, the abscissa could not be identified due to lack of comprehension." -Yours truly-

Ahem. Couldn't help it!



Friday, May 22, 2009

American Idol 8

American Idol Season 8 has come and gone.

Now, I can finally take pride in my "special ability" to predict wrong American Idols, seeing that I have done so for 4 consecutive seasons. From Chris Daughtry (season 5) to Blake Lewis (6), from David Archuleta (7) to Adam Lambert. They were succeeded by Taylor Hicks (5), Jordin Sparks (6), David Cook (The Epic Battle of the Davids) and now, Kris Allen. Either I have a knack for choosing the "wrong" Idol, or it's America. (Don't throw eggs at me, okay?!!)

I'm not a die-hard fan of the show, but the difference this year is Adam Lambert. There's just no telling what's he going to do next. Everything's a surprise. He's the most consistent singer throughout the whole season and is probably the strongest contestant in Idol history. Yes, I know he screeches, if that's what you Kris Allen fans are going to say, but the screeching does not affect his performance (it just adds more colour) nor does it overshadow his musical talents.

I do admit that the top 4 contestants (Kris Allen [1], Adam Lambert [2], Danny Gokey [3], Allison Iraheta [4]) were really good, but Adam was one notch above them all (make that two notches). I acknowledge that Kris is good, but Adam is better. He is musically talented, but not as talented as his fellow finalist. Kris's singing and his version of "No Boundaries" was good, but Adam's was milestones ahead, so there's no excuse that Kris's ending song made him get the votes. Really, who said this song only fitted Kris? I thought Adam was way better. (I'm aware that some prefer Kris's voice to Adam's, but it's the singing, the music and the talent that's supposed to determine the winner.)

To me, Adam deserved the title more than anyone else.

On the other side of the camp, Kris really rose to the occassion. He just kept getting better and better. I especially liked Apologize and Heartless. Maybe the votes swung halfway......?

But anyway, it's over. Yeah, I can probably accept Kris as the next American Idol. (I told you I'm not that much of an A.I. fanatic). But I can also rest assured that Adam Lambert is the real idol in the eyes of the world.

I know that there are some people enjoying/fuming over the results.

Let's hear what you have to say........


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Inspirational Essays

There are many English Freaks in my school. Most of them are really logically challenged. So, it's no surprise that they come up with "sensational" essays. If you think all teenagers are a boring bunch of people accompanied with passive thinking, then here are some creative ideas to prove your stand wrong.

Ordinary instructions:

You have to go to the railway station to meet your cousin. Since there is no local bus service, you go by taxi instead. Write about your journey to the railway station and the surroundings. Your essay must not be less than 100 words.

The expected essay:

I had to go to the railway station to meet my cousin. I hailed a taxi and got in. As we drove down the road, I saw shops on my left. Soon, we reached a roundabout. Going clockwise, we took the second exit off the roundabout onto Jalan Ambang. On my left I saw a football field that was full of people. Further down the road, I saw a playground that was also full of people. We reached a set of traffic lights. We turned right. I looked out the window and noticed a big shopping complex. At the T-junction at the end of the road, we turned left. The petrol station on my left was full of people. And just ahead of the petrol station was my destination -- the railway station.

Note that the paragraph above contains 133 words -- more than the number of words specified. It also contains all the points, as well as copious amounts of boringness. -The English Freak-

And these were the ideas of famous EF Khoo Ghee Ken and his eccentric cohorts from 3 Balau:

1) Ultraman landed on the football field and started fighting some huge exotic alien wildlife.

2) I left home driving my lorry, which was filled with TNT. I rushed to the railway station, but accidently crashed into the petrol station, causing my face, as well as many others', to be published in the newpaper obituary.

3) I left home driving my lorry, which was filled with TNT, and crashed into the petrol station again. However, due to the fact that I was King Leoric, I survived the crash and explosion.

4) I decided to drive out of the map since I figured that it would be a faster way to the railway station.

5) I found out about a horrible traffic jam, and decided to hire a jet instead.

Bravo, 3 Balau-ans, bravo! You have earned my everlasting respect for your eccentricity. May you pass/fail your exams with FAILING colours.

1. Teenagers have violently active minds.
2. Exaggeration is a trillion times worse than understatements. (*Nudgenudgewinkwink*)



Saturday, May 9, 2009


It starts with accidents.

Accidents happen.

When a virus spreads quickly and is speculated to become the next global pandemic equivalent to the Spanish Flu or "La Grippe", that's an accident not contained.

When an idiot suddenly swerves in front of your car and you have no time to hit the brakes, that's an accident.

When you forgot you are the sole reporter for a dull and boring event, say the Ikrar PMR and SPM, that's a mental accident. (Considering yourself a responsible reporter, it is your duty to lie that all the students were holy angels who paid their full attention). However, if you get to see your school's legend (John Lee Si Ang), at least you got something out of it.

Other accidents happen when your alarm clock stops dead one hour before its supposed to blow its head off. Then, you can't wake up, go to school, and witness your friends suffering from the sadistic punishments you created for them in a game where they are supposed to memorize stupid moral definitions for our exam-oriented school. You can't see your friends making that sarcastic speech of your "beloved" form teacher, or reciting the "sajak", or dancing around the class with a broom.

When people from your choir forgot to wear the required uniforms for the Choral Eidsteddfod ("Choral Festival" in Welsh) group photos, you're forced to skip your chemistry lesson when your other friends get to see how acidified potassium manganate (VII) solution loses its purple tint to the reaction between lead sulphide and oxygen and heat. Then, your mentally challenged form teacher tells you, the treasurer, to return everyone's money back to them since the workbook she wanted to order for your class was out of stock. Yes, screw her.

Finally, on the last day of the week, things start to look up and go your way. You don't have to change in the rotten school toilets and you didn't miss your science lesson. You managed to see how calcium and sodium react with water (and even noticed a rare spark in the reaction between sodium and water when everyone else missed it), and you witnessed how magnesium reacted to oxygen and heat.

You managed to memorize 5 stupid moral definitions, word for word, a few minutes before Moral period started. You get called up and said everything with a distinction. You managed to pick your forgetful class monitor out and watched her succumb to your punishment to recite a malay poem when she miraculously fished out your punishment. You clarify what sort of recitation you are looking for and set the parameters on how to read it "correctly", just as how your mad teacher did. Apart from getting a satisfactory recitation from her, your row has achieved the impossible when all 5 people in your row was picked (fished out randomly from a box). You discovered a classmate's interesting habit of yelling at people, "Why can't I do that? Sue me-lah!", "Cannot-ah? Sue me-lah!" and one thousand other things about sueing him.

The newspaper was great too. The politicians in Perak have gained world recognition by acted like zoo animals. If Jessica knew about this, she would have suggested that they came from the bird parks. From the Democracy Tree incident on square root day (3/3/09) to policemen dragging the Speaker out (V. Sivakumar), from Hee Yit Foong crossing over to Barisan and being the first DAP politician to cause the downfall of a state government to the politician throwing money around. Pakatan politician Thomas Su threw a RM50 note at Hee Yit Foong since he said she was so desperate for money. Apparently, she was alleged to have crossed sides for a new car and more money, which she wasn't eligible to get in Pakatan, which was a more honest political party. The bonus came when a picture of Thomas Su standing on the table came out in the news. Next to him was someone who truly enjoyed the argument : a politician using his camera!! Haha. Wonderful. As Cassandra puts it, "These guys-ah, too much already...".

As you think about your odd experiences, you start to appreciate all that has happened this week. Things are slowly starting to look up.

Then, things move on to tragedy.

When your morally flawed classmate sitting behind you suddenly goes aggressive for no apparent reason and pushes the notorious pranker down from his chair, in turn causing you and your best friend to fall from your chairs, you've got yourself a tragedy. Of course, your fall only took place because the other boys in class had to swarm all over him and this resulted in lots of pushing--in your direction, unfortunately.

[And the fight started because Wan Jyn kept throwing Delon's book back at him].

Attention-seeker or tree-lover gone overboard?

Either way, you wonder when the black hole grew in his head, sucking away all his rationality and wreaking havoc with his emotions.

Fortunately for your school, there were no Batai-an casualties. Batai-ans are an expensive lot. =D

And then, there's cataclysm.

The enigmatic Atlantis, was it real?

All races share the story of a great flood that destroyed an entire civilization. The name Atlantis appears in various forms throughout the world. The Canary Islands have a legend involving Atalaya. The Basques of Northern Spain have Atlaintica. The Vikings told the tale of Atli. Northern Africa called it Attala. The Aztecs have Aztlán, and the North American Indians called theirs Azatlán.

According to the continental drift theory, all the continents fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle. If you look at a map, you will see that the continents really do fit together- with the exception of the USA in North America and Western Europe. Could Atlantis be the missing piece?

Well, there are some who speculate that the Bermuda Triangle may the resting spot for Atlantis, since there have been very mysterious occurences there. Many planes and ships have gone missing and no evidence of them were found. Gasp. There are also underwater pyramids. Read more if interested. It supposedly ended with a bang. Something like the end of the world--which only happened to them.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, there's the apocalypse, which is nearing. Modern-day scientists have identified the asteroid Apophis coming straight at Earth and calculated that it might hit us on (Friday) the 13th of April 2029. If that scared you, listen to this. The ancient Mayans predicted that the world would end on the 21st of December 2012. If we survive that period, then we've come to "a new era", as that day marks the genesis of a new beginning and a new world. Or it could also be the beginning of an end.

But really, does it need to be that far? Honestly, the apocalypse is arriving in a week's time as the tides of exams wait for no puny student.

Students, if we all survive this, we can do anything.

[Enough epic crap. Good luck to you!]



Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crisis At the Bookstore

You must be asking yourself now, "How old is this nut who is writing all these crap?", right? Well, let me give you a few pointers to allow you to roughly guess my age.

When I went to China, the people there thought I was probably older than 17 or something, since I was taller than most locals. In a shopping complex closer to home, a bunch of innocent humans swarmed around me to give me balloons. Just today, a few fellows thought I was a baby and allowed my mother to park at a privileged spot specially for those who came with "babies".


No, I'm not like Benjamin Button. I think it's just people with very bad eyesight.

Oh, that reminds me of Adam Lambert. What sort of freak results were those? Bottom three? Hmm....speculate, speculate.

The world is going crazy!!! What happened to the scrabble tournament?!!!!

Bookstores are dangerous places to be in. According to my experience, I ALWAYS get lost in there. Plus, my parents and relatvies always ditch me there. Am I really that bookworm-ish?



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