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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flurry Of Events

Oh finally!!! The opportunity to blog is here! And because I've not blogged in a long time, there's just too much to say without knocking you out. It started out with my birthday on M6 Saturday, which I conveniently spent watching Roland contestants trying very hard to not screw their pieces up. I would've wanted to watch to gala as well, but decided not to in the end, thanks to some circumstances. We went to Hakka at night and had a great dinner. Of course, all these mean that I just wasted one whole day by not studying and cramming stuff up my head.

Ok, I admit I DO feel like protesting against exams now. I guess I flunked History, but it's the first term anyway. And the accursed Moral paper!! Ever since that Wednesday, all our Batai papers after recess have been coming extremely late, no thanks to teachers who keep forgetting our poor class. We started our Moral paper 10 minutes late, but ended it without adding 10 more minutes. History repeats itself for the next 2 days.

On M13 Saturday, we were at the ABRSM convocation. The event just happened too fast for my senses. Of course, there were very few Malaysians in the sea of SEA people. Heh. For all I know, there were many SMART people from Raffles Institution (from Singapore, in case you're very blur).

I hope you're happy with this vague account of what happened in the past week. I know I'm not.



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