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Monday, March 31, 2008

Terrible Joy: 1 minute

I came online today!!!!

PS: Thanks, Jo.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

All Woes Day

I kind of had a few woes today. We went to pray for my maternal grandparents in Nilai Memorial Park. First of all, I banged my head on the car boot door. It was really really painful and I became teary. I was back to normal after that. Then, my almost 4-year-old Nike shoe open-mouthed. It became a crocodile brand--literally. The whole sole of my left shoe came off as I was walking.

But that doesn't mean nothing good happened today. On just the 2nd day of learning how to play a Rubik's cube, I have succeeded in completing 2 colours (2 sides). It was miraculous. Blue and yellow colour were nicely at their places. This is a good sign. Kesatria people!!! We can protest!!!!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Joy of Scrabble

Han Jie just came back to Malaysia today. He's going to pray for Ceng Beng tomorrow. I'm not going because "I have swimming lessons". At least that's what my mother told me. Xian Xian and Auntie Debbie didn't come back. I learnt how to complete one side of the Rubik's cube today thanks to Amelia who brought it to ballet class. Now, I'm gonna go mad trying to solve the whole thing. That crazy cube I bought when I was 6 is still waiting to be solved. I gave up on it years ago. Then, we had a family dinner. Uncle Michael from Toronto came too. After the dinner, I learnt that Han Jie just went for an interschool scrabble competition and won!!!!!! Great. And it's Singaporean. Singaporeans are smart. That means his brain is overflowing with extreme lexis, words I never even IMAGINE existed. Han Jie, if you're reading this, can I borrow your brains? I was also chosen to practice scrabble until the competition on the 19th of April. Apart from me, Phoon Kar May, Krystle, Alynna, Melanie, Emily Chye, Loo Shu Wen, Wan Jyn, Ghee Ken and Joseph something (from 2 Balau) were chosen. I've got to beat all of them before I can represent my school. BRAINWASH ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy scrabble fans with mad vocabs are the last people I wanna play with. Get a life (by giving me your brains!!!!!!!!!!)


Friday, March 28, 2008


Today, I just found out that 2 Balau's first girl is Sarah Fong (not surprised). But her results were surprising. Her percentage was 90%. Mine was 92%. Justin Ooi's was the worst surprise. His usual 89+% was now replaced with an astounding 85%. Today, I went to school early to play scrabble. I won an unfinished game. Then I came back and was forced to play the idiotic boardgame. It was supposed to be fun. But the online scrabble I played had insane members. These people use words that are not even in my dictionary like "quag", "yod", "rev". Then for the last few moves, I had no vowels with me and all the consonants were with high points. Stupid game. I wonder if those words used by my opponent even existed......I could've asked that guy. Anyway, I think I've got to upgrade my dictionary. After that, I chickened out giving an excuse that I had to sleep. I HAD to anyway. So it was not exactly called a lie. Oh well, g'night now.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Exam Results Out

I normally don't come online on the weekdays due to my insane schedule, but today is exceptional as I have to finish my idiotic Geography project. I took this splendid opportunity to come online. My exam results are out and Hui Xian got first. Miraculously, I got second and Zhi Chien got third. My exam results went like this:

BM : 82
English : 96
Maths :100
Science : 92
Geography: 94
History : 96
Art : 86
KH : 91
Moral : 91

After we got back our results (without positions), Ghee Ken went mad and started to go round the class "bowing" to those who did well. The unidentified pianist for the prefect installation was finally decided, and it was me. On Sunday, there was a very familiar guy in swimming class. I finally figured out he was from DJ too (2 Jati). Didn't expect to know anyone there. After all, who would be mad enough to go all the way to Shah Alam for one pathetic swimming lesson? (Apart from Aaron, Beatrice and I). I guess it's a small world after all. Around last week, my house was a little infested with moths. We eliminated all those pests in about 3 days.

I have to finish my Geo project now as tomorrow would be a full day for me. Kesatria practice is driving me nuts.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Face The Facts

Our heart beats 100,000 times a day, 35 million times a year, and 2.5 billion times a lifetime (oh my goodness, does that mean that we'll die after our heart beats 2.5 billion times?????). Nah, I think that's for the average person.

If you avoid consuming any fats, you will short-circuit your body's system for transporting vitamins through the body and regulating cholestrol levels. With a lack of fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K), the body cannot suitably absorb calcium, hormone production may be negatively affected and blood may have difficulty forming and clotting properly.

An average adult's skin spans 21 square feet, weighs nine pounds, and contains more than 11 miles of blood vessels.

You are taller in the morning by a very slight margin. Between the 24 vertebrae of the backbone are little discs of cartilage. During sleep, the excess fluid between the discs are replenished. After you wake up, your body is on average 1 centimetre taller. That's a good reason to sleep in school =)

The avergae human body contains enough:
1. Sulphur to kill all fleas on an average dog
2. Carbon to make 900 pencils
3. Potassium to fire a toy cannon
4. Fat to make 7 bars of soap
5. Phosphorus to make 2,200 match heads
6. Water to fill a ten-gallon tank

About 2 million blood cells die every second, with the same number born at the same time. Within a tiny droplet of blood lies around 5 million red blood cells, 300,000 platelets and 10,000 white blood cells. One red blood cell takes around 1 minute to circle the whole body and makes an estimated 250,000 round trips before returning to the blood marrow to die.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Creating Publicity

Today, I would like to make a special tribute to one of my mad classmates, Wong Ben Yew who claims that his name is not on the Internet. Well, now I'm doing him a favour: creating publicity for him. HAHAHA. He claims that he leaves no trace on the Internet. That could be true....maybe he aspires to be a murderer when he grows up....that's why he wants no trace of him. Anyway, I googled his name a few seconds ago and there were very funny and odd things with his name. One of the funniest is this : There's this guy who is a Malaysian-based photographer. Very commercialised fellow. There's also another one here from Binghamton University in New York. Smart huh? But seriously, I think I can break Ben Yew's record. If you type my name in Google, the only thing you'll find which I cannot change is SKTM's blog. And seriously, they even spelled my name wrongly in the blog. I bet my name came out wrongly in the 2007 school magazine. Nevermind. That just shows how rare my name is. I bet there is no living person on the face of this Earth who shares my name.

Back to exam results. This time, I did quite badly especially for Geography, Science and KH. I could've got an 86/90 if it weren't for that what-I-called-"ambiguous" question. I got 3 darned mistakes for Geo. KH was the worst. My stupid marks were only 81/90. Hui Xian got full marks for KH.

I bet either Hui Xian or Zhi Chien is getting first. Good luck to them.....=)


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cursed Marks

On Monday, there was a new girl in my class. Her name is Jessie. We got back a few of our exam marks. Unfortunately, everybody forgot my sejarah marks. Hui Xian or Zhi Chien is gonna get first in class. My KH marks were cursed.....

Science was rather depressing for everyone.
We got our sejarah project and the deadline is 10/4/08. That's a nice deadline. 1 day before Ishwin's birthday. It's easy to remember. Our sejarah changed back to Pn Ida. And that is more depressing because I bet she doesn't know my marks. I didn't even see Mr Tysern so I couldn't ask him. I only need my sejarah and moral marks for Hui Xian to count my percentage for me. I don't count my percentage unless pressured to do so. Counting my marks is so heartbreaking.....I keep telling myself which mistakes SHOULDN'T have been made.
I'm listening to weird music by Alvin and the Chipmunks. They're all humour music. And there was a weird music about Harry Potter which was so ridiculous I just bursted out laughing so loud.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

And Then It Vanished!!!

On Friday, a lot of people received a virus. That gave me the inspiration to do that thingy on top.

Today, I swam 20 laps in swimming class (equivalent to 1km). WOW! We got a new teacher today, who so happens to be the fastest freestyle swimmer in M'sia. He basically tortured us. 6 laps freestyle kick, 4 laps backstroke with simultaneous hands, 2 laps of one backstroke hand, 2 laps of backstroke kick, 4 laps of freestyle (the worst), 2 laps of breast stroke. That was torture!!! I didn't really feel tired though...but when i got out of the water, I felt like gravity was killing me. My neck hurt because of the backstroke. I thought I lost my shoes...looks like I wore the wrong pair of slippers to swim...I was looking for my black pair of slippers and thought that someone stole my slippers.....OOPS! I drank mocha on the way back and ate fried rice. Now, I have to work on my unfinished KH project. Darn that insane Datin of my school. We finished the project and passed it up already and now she's asking us to do it again just because she wasn't satisfied with our work. I wonder how she comes up with mad, unrealistic ideas. A famous minion of hers also wears the same label on her. Universally known as Potato, this minion could be the most likely person to succeed Datin's Throne of Insanity. But honestly, even the Datin isn't as bad as her minion. If people say that teenagers are suicidal, I'm not surprised...Potato people could be the cause of it all...


Friday, March 14, 2008

Game C


1. chauffeur
2. chauvinism
3. clairvoyance
4. chapel
5. chagrin
6. capybara
7. chronicle
8. colossal
9. celestial
10. ceremony
11. catastrophe
12. calamity
13. contrary
14. cryogenics
15. charitable
16. correlated
17. chlorophyll
18. cemetery
19. coronary
20. culinary
21. custody
22. calory
23. camaraderie
24. cajole
25. caterpillar
26. capillary
27. catamount (wild large species of cat)
28. cardiovascular
29. cultivate
30. calix (cup, chalice)
31. cravings
33. chameleon
34. crescent
35. callant (boy, fellow)
36. callow (unfledged, inexperienced)
37. camelopard (giraffe)
38. chrysanthemum
39. cholestrol
40. camera
41. commercial
42. comprehend
43. capacity
44. capabality
45. constructively
46. compulsory
47. collective
48. cytoplasm
49. chloroplast
50. coincident
51. continuous
52. constituent
53. continent
54. constipation
55. colonel


Game B


1. balustrade
2. banister
3. barricade
4. banquet
5. barbarian
6. barf (vomit)
7. baritone
8. barium (a chemical element)
9. barney (an argument)
10. barometer (an instrument for measuring air pressure)
11. barrack (to criticise or protest)
12. barracuda
13. bastard
14. battalion (large group of people)
15. baulk (unwilling to do something because it is difficult, dangerous, etc)
16. beacon
17. beanfest (party, celebration)
18. beatific (showing joy and peace)
19. benevolent (kind, helpful, generous)
20. berate (criticize or speak angrily because of disapproval)
21. bereft
22. berk (stupid person)
23. besiege
24. beseech (ask in an anxious way/ beg)
25. besmirch (damage the people's opinion)
26. balderdash
27. baculiform (rod-shaped)
28. baculus (rod, staff, or sceptre of power)
29. baedeker (guide book)
30. bellwether (one who takes the lead)
31. betwixt (between)
32. betise (foolish act or situation)
33. bicapitate (2-headed)
34. biggin (a building)
35. bersatrix (baby-sitter)
36. berge (spy glass or telescope)
37. bestiocracy (rule by beasts)
38. bewray (betray)
39. blarney (smooth, flattering talk/ deceptive nonsense)
40. bletcherous (having an ugly design)
41. bletherskate (a garrulous talker of nonsense)
42. bonify (to improve or ameliorate)
43. brabble (squabble, quarrel)
44. brackish (saltish)
45. breme (fierce, cruel, keen)
46. briarean (many-handed)
47. brigue (to intrigue)
48. burrole (an eavesdropper)
49. blatant
50. balatron (joker, clown)
51. balbutient (stammering)
52. balneary (a bathing room)
53. barbate (bearded)
54. barcarole
55. baryphonic (having difficulty speaking)
56. bartisan (parapet, battlement)
57. bavian (unskilled poet)
58. benet (exorcist)
59. berceuse
60. bergamask
61. blandish (to flatter, cajole)
62. blague (humbug, pretentious nonsene)
63. blench (to shrink or flinch)
64. bloviate (write or speak windily)
65. boeotian (stupid, dull)
66. boethetic (helpful, curative)
67. bombous (convex, rounded)
68. bombylious (buzzing, humming)
69. bombilate (hum, buzz, drone)
70. billabong
71. breakthrough
72. blemish
73. blockage
74. brandish
75. bosky (covered with trees or shrubs)
76. boyao (communication trench)
77. bridgewater (worthless, undesirable)
78. brobdingnagian (immense)
79. broma (food, aliment)
80. bruit (rumour)
81. brumous (wintry, foggy)
82. ballot
83. bulimy (extreme hunger)
84. bummel (stroll, leisurely journey)
85. byssine (silky, soft)
86. bibliophobia
87. benign (gentle)
88. barracuda
89. blabbering
90. blubber
91. brisk
92. bilious (ill-tempered, unpleasant)
93. billingsgate (coarsely abusive language)
94. bionergy (vital essence or force)
95. blain (boil or blister)
96. beverage
97. bewilder
98. birdbrain
99. bivouac (temporary camp or shelter without using tents)
100. blather (talk about silly/unimportant things)
101. Brain. Dead


Thursday, March 13, 2008


I blame Pak Lah for everything that went wrong in our country.....Guess what he said today??? He warned the new Penang Chief Minister not to cause racial tension. This is so fake. He himself is causing the racial tension. Why? Because he is instigating everyone of different race. He asked what Lim Guan Eng was going to do with the Penang minority. Smart PM. As if the Chief Minister would enslave all of the Malays in Penang and torture them..... Idiotic .....

Apart from that, Perak's new Menteri Besar is from PAS and the Chinese there are angry. Thanks to the racist rule which states that the MB must be a Malay and a Muslim. So racist!!!! I'm gonna write a letter to Malaysiakini.......
This idiotic blog just can't seem to upload my's so ....dumb..


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Getting Wordy


1. asphyxiate
2. abate (become less strong)
3. abattoir (slaughterhouse)
4. abbreviate
5. abdicate (fail or refuse to perform a duty)
6. aberrant (not usual, not socially acceptable)
7. abet (encourage somebody to do something wrong)
8. abhor (to hate something especially for moral reasons)
9. abolish
10. appreciate
11. arbitrary (not based on a reason and sometimes seeming unfair)
(using power without restriction and without considering other people)
12. avalanche
13. apocalypse
14. amicable (achieved or done in a polite way and without quarrelling)
15. amiable (pleasant, friendly and easy to like)
16. amity (friendly relationship between people or coutries)
17. ammonia
18. ammunition
19. ambigram
20. abominable (disgusting)
21. amplify
22. anaesthatic
23. anagram
24. aftermath
25. ataxia (loss of full control of the body's movements)
26. apocryphal (well known, but probably not true)
27. aristocrat
28. armada
29. armegeddon
30. applicable
31. aphrodisiac
32. alleviate
33. amateur
34. artery
35. artillery
36. artichoke
37. arachnophobia
38. arbiter (a person with the power or influence to make judgements)
39. arbitrate (officially settle an argument between 2 people or groups)
40. arcane (secret and mysterious and difficult to understand)
41. archaeology
42. archaeopteryx
43. archetype (perfect example of something)
44. archipelago
45. arduous (involving a lot of effort and energy)
46. arid (with nothing new or interesting in it)
47. annihilate (completely destroy/defeat)
48. affection
49. alignment
50. aquamarine
51. aquarium
52. astounding
53. astonish
54. accumulate
55. arabesque
56. acronym
57. acupuncture
58. acyclovir (a drug used to treat viruses)
59. adage (a well-known phrase expressing a general truth about people or the world)
60. adaptation
61. aerodynamics
62. aetiology (study of the causes of diseases)
63. astronomer
63. astrophysics
64. ambition
65. affiliation
66. aviation
67. asteroid
68. ambiguous
69. artifact
70. ameliorate (improve)
71. awestruck
72. affable (pleasant, friendly and easy to talk to)
73. affectation (behaviour or action that is not sincere)
74. acclaim
75. accede (to agree to a request)
76. agriculture
77. acquire
78. acquaintance
79. adrenalin
80. adroit (skilful and clever, especially in dealing with people)
81. adulation (admiration and praise, especially when it is more than necessary)
82. advantage
83. adverse (negative and not likely to produce good results)
84. affirmative
85. aficionado (a person who likes a particular subject and knows alot about it)
86. aggravate
87. aggrieved (feeling that you have been treated unfairly)
88. agitated
89. atrocious
90. attainable
91. avatar
92. adjourn (stop a meeting or an official process for a period of time)
93. attention
94. aliment
95. addiction
96. amenable (easy to control/ influenced)
97. anticipate
98. assembly
99. available
100. analysis

The game above makes you wish that there are only 25 alphabets in the world...




Read the following sentence carefully... "I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly perplexing handwriting nevertheless, extraordinary pharmaceutical intellectuality counterbalancing indecipherability, transcendentalizes intercommunications incomprehensibleness". You will find that in this sentence the Nth word is N letters long.
See to believe.



Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Political Analysis

Barisan Nasional STILL can't get over why they lost. Yesterday, Abdullah "Bodohwi" (at least that's what friends call him) decided not to step down. I heard there was a riot yesterday outside the King's Palace (Istana). Heard...only heard. Looks like the people aren't happy with Abdullah.....Unfortunately, he still thought himself as great. So, he decided not to step down. He was sworn in as the Prime Minister for his 2nd term. Mr Koh Tsu Koon was known as 'gentleman' today in an article stating how stubborn Samy Vellu is in contrast. Samy Vellu should follow Mr Koh, who admitted defeat and took responsibility for Gerakan's loss. He offered to step down as Gerakan's president whereas Samy Vellu decided to keep his post as MIC president and wanted to "create that new wind and ride on the new wave". The Indian Community hates him for that because he is so unattached to them and doesn't respect their needs. When the Indians were rioting (fighting for their rights) in Batu Caves and on November 25th 2007, police caught the rioters and Samy Vellu advised them not to do such a thing against the government.

Meanwhile, MCA president Ong Ka Ting wanted to find out why Barisan Nasional lost the people's support. Face it now, BN supporters.....I can even list all your defects out to you!!!!!!! It's not about wrong advices given by not-so-efficient ministers, just as Dr Lim (in The Star) had stated, the root is your own arrogance and naivety!!! But are you going to listen to that? No. The PM is listening to his idiotic son-in-law, Khairy's advice and stashing up you-know- what, and although word has got about it and Dr Mahathir, former PM, is already saying it, we have no solid evidence to bring him to justice!!!!!! Besides that, the moron "special" rules for all 'bumiputeras' are driving all the Chinese and Indians insane. Apart from that, the Malays are opting to vote for PKR and PAS rather than BN. WHY?
Look at the police. What are they doing??? So many children have gone missing and the police are not doing anything. Thanks to Nurin, the girl who got lost sometime around Sep-Oct last year and another Malay girl early this year, the Malays are probably outraged. And don't say that BN's downfall is caused by the increase in petrol prices. It's the darned whatnots you and your dirty crew are collecting.

I went for my braces tightening yesterday. The orthodontist measured how far my teeth have gone in. It went in by 6.5mm. It was 10mm (1cm) out before I did my braces. Now, it's only 3.5mm out. The tightening this time was really painful, but luckily it's during the holidays. I have to wear the rubber now (I wore it last time too). I went to see the herbal doctor (actually a mixture of both herbal doctor and modern-day doctor) today to correct my spine. And yes, it wasn't so bad like I had always said, it's between 5-10 degrees. The correcting was very much like the previous chiropractor I've been to, except that this one was much more painful.

I haven't really finished all the projects in my hand yet. Going to try and finish them.....soon. soon is 'soon'?

Oh and anyway, I'd like to dedicate today's post to my grandmother as today is her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, AMMA!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Political Tsunami

Barisan Nasional is the Government again.
But Selangor, Penang, Perak, Kelantan and Kedah was won over by the Opposition!!!!!
Barisan Nasional never expected that to happen. BN lost it's crown jewel, Selangor.
No one expected it. Yet it happened. This year's election is BN's BIGGEST change in history. It even beat May 13 (1969). BN lost 5 states this election. And the best part is that Samy Vellu lost it and got his worst (72nd) birthday. Now, Selangor would be governed by the Opposition party. Gerakan got the biggest hit, losing all 13 states and 4 parliamentary seats.


Some of the results are as shown:

1.Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon (BN) *Chief Minister of Penang* lost to P Ramasamy (DAP)
2.Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil (BN) lost to Nurul Izzah (PAS) in Lembah Pantai
3.Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu (BN) lost to Dr D. Michael Jeyakumar (PKR)

Petaling Jaya (South)
1.Donald Lim Siang Chai (BN)*22,892 votes* lost to Hee Loy Sian (PKR)*28,598*

(Bukit Gasing)
2.Lim Thuang Seng (BN)*6,923 votes* lost to Edward Lee Poh Lin (DAP)*15,735 votes*

Petaling Jaya (North)
Tony Pua Kiam Wee (DAP) *37,851 votes* won over Chew Mei Fun (BN) *17,879 votes*


Seputeh (near Midvalley Mall)
Carol Chew Chee Lin (BN) *10,738 votes*


Teresa Kok Suh Sim (DAP) *47,230 votes*

Imagine Abdullah's face!!!!!! BN lost SO much!!!!!!
Even after he threatened the Chinese, he lost it!!!!!!
Too bad for them for not trying enough. Too bad for Samy Vellu. And I can't believe Khairy got in after the recount.

Happy belated birthday to you, Samy Vellu !!!!!! (go take a trip overseas and don't ever come back!)


BN SUX!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Biased Elections

aToday is the day that I hope will make a change to M'sia. National elections. But what I've heard is so bias. American elections and the M'sian elections are so different. Americans take almost 2 years to campaign whilst the Malaysians take 2 WEEKS to campaign. What is this nonsense??? And besides, from what I've heard, those people don't play fair. In the 1969 elections, there was a mass killing of Chinese people. And you wanna know why? It's because the Opposition was winning against the much hated Barisan Nasional. And guess what? Their own Prime Minister is threatening the Chinese people!!! He said that if they don't vote for BN, they would not have a representative in the Government and then the government won't care for the Chinese people. That is just so STUPID. I hope that all the people in Malaysia whether Chinese, Malay or India will stand up for their own rights as citizen. Lee Kuan Yew demanded for equal rights for everybody in 1963 which got Singapore kicked out of Malaysia. And well, he didn't give up. Instead, he led his nation all the way until they became a first world country- 12 years later!!! What about Malaysia? 51 years of independence not to mention about first world nor to show any progr ess in our mentality but we are sliding backwards. Anyway, I hope that justice be done on the hopeless Parliament in the country.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm 14 at last today. There are no exams to bother me this time. Not going to school today because of the "gotong-royong" thingy. We're supposed to clean up for the election day as I think my school is being used for the elections. I doubt there'd be any studying. So here I home in front of the computer. Exams were JUST over 2 days ago, so I guess there's a chance we might get back some marks today. According to Chingx, 5 people in my class got a B for Sejarah......that's VERY bad. I wonder who those are and I hope I'm not 1 of them....The form 1s this year are such good kids unlike my year. I expected a little screaming from their block, block F. However, the school ended like a normal day. The screams came from form 2s. I was in the hall, so I claim to be innocent. Chingx sat diagonally behind me in the hall. Haha....surprise! Looks like her luck wasn't so good either. I have to put the blame on Delon, my great class monitor. Thanks to him, 7 other people suffered the consequences of having after-letter-S names. Now I have to stay in the hall during exams for the rest of the miserable year. I missed the chance to ring the fire-alarm bell in my house on the 29th of February. I thought I could cause chaos and make that day a memorable day. After all, it only happens once every four years....I wanted to repeat the 23rd December event where a China policeman came to our room because of a false alarm.......haha.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to me, Josephine and Shi Wen (I hope those guys get splashed!)


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