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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Dogs aren't supposed to eat chocolate. But some do, and face the consequences, paying the price with their innocently dumb lives. So if you love your dog, don't give it the "mercury potion".

My parents unwittingly commited crime by buying chocolate biscuits for Lost-N-Found Miracle dog, Silkie. After wasting their money, they were quite insistent on Silkie eating the darn biscuits, to my great dissent. It's been going on for a few days and luckily (after some thorough researching), chocolate biscuits don't contain enough Theobromine (the deadly chemical) to kill your dog, unless consumed in lethal amounts (I don't know how much that is). It's not only dogs that are affected, though. Small animals that metabolize chocolate slowly are also at risk (although dogs are the more common victims, seeing that they are closer to man). Oh, and dark chocolate is worse than the highly refined chocolates.

It was only natural that I resented giving my dog these biscuits eventhough it's not given in lethal amounts (we mix her "treats" with other stuffs, by the way) and she doesn't eat them very often. But today, just before we went out for dinner, my mum gave Silkie her treats (inclusive of the killer biscuits). I couldn't do anything much except yell at Silkie so as not to eat them, since we were leaving the house. I knew this hungry little monster would eat anything on her bowl as long as it's not her boring, old "main course", so I begrudged myself for letting her get away with this.

When we returned, it was a surprise to find that Silkie finished everything--except the chocolate biscuits. Oh yay, she understood me!! (She normally finishes the biscuits anyway). But she didn't today! Smart dog. Now, I refuse to believe that she's anything other than a dog prodigy. I must start teaching her how to read soon, before other dogs surpass her level of understanding......



Thursday, June 25, 2009

The King of Pop

On a very coincidential day, Michael Jackson (the King of Pop), and Farrah Fawcett (Charlie's Angels) passed away. It was on this same day that Cassandra's house got broken in and her laptop and soldering project for Home Science got stolen. Amid the events, it was also Cass's sister's birthday, so Happy Birthday to you, Isabel (I hope I spelt it correctly).

Man, poor guy Michael Jackson....There was this rather interesting article I found in the papers that said he had a feeling that he would die the same way the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, did. Well, at least that was according to his ex-wife and also Elvis Presley's daughter, Liza Marie Presley. That death includes having some drug overdose and then dying of a heart attack, which is, I must say, frighteningly similar to MJ's death.

After a 2-day "marathon programme" on MJ's life, it's amusing to know how his life changed so much. Frankly, he shouldn't have had any plastic surgery or bleaching at all. He looked just fine as a black. Now, do I put this...looks like a puppet. Nevermind the fact that he had vitiligo, he shouldn't have reduced his nose to a tiny point. In case you don't know, vitiligo is a rare genetic disorder which causes whitening of the skin.

And all the millions of dollars he earned was spent on his amusing Neverland Ranch, not to mention the child molestation cases. And just when he was about to redeem himself again...Boom! There he goes.

But personal life aside, he did achieve a lot and changed our lives forever. For example, he was the black man responsible for opening up the music industry to all the other blacks, who were previously not very successful in the field. His music gave birth to modern music and ultimately, what you hear on the radio everyday.

Eccentricities aside, I hail you for your success in the first half of your life before you got caught up in various morality cases. I salute you for the changes you incurred in your lifetime and for changing our lives. Hats off to you for adding meaning in your songs, which admittedly not many artistes can do, or are not very good at. To quote an anonymous guy, Sudersh, "Michael Joseph Jackson, you thrilled us in Thriller, showed us the Man in The Mirror, gave us hope in We Are The World and showed us how to Heal The World." You were the trailblazer who sparked new ideas, added life to them, and shared them with the world. Michael Joseph Jackson, thank you for revolutionizing our music, our lives and the world we live in.

Rest in peace, King of Pop.



Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's A Small World

School was great!

(Excluding the fact that everybody screwed up mid-term and that our marks were censored).

It's a small world where people suffer the same things.

"The answer scheme is so......narrow!! Why can't they--"
"So why don't we protest?"
"Of course we have to protest."
"Then let's protest!!"
"Yes, we must!!"
"We must continue the legacy of the Cultural Revolution and stand up for students' rights!!"
"We must relive Tiannanmen Square in our country!!"

*Class stares in amusement ultimate respect*

*Joshua meekly lifts up his hand* : "Oh, me."
"Come on, 3 Batai! Show your enthusiasm!!"

*Class stares again*

Joshua : Oh, wait.....who are we protesting against again....?
"The government."
Joshua : Okay, I'm out.

*Bangs head on the white board* "STOP BEING MALAYSIANS!!!"

Somebody please explain our dormancy and indifference towards our rights.

Even Pn Lim SL, our moral teacher, is more enthusiastic about protesting for our rights than we are. We're so......indifferent.....shockingly so......

English was a big shock as well. The objective marks were next to hopeless (if "hopeless" is is having 5 mistakes, then my statement is literal). 4 mistakes were thanks to the fact that I thought "No Vistors" is used for VIPs. Seeing that Melissa got higher than me in objective, I suppose that she would beat me by more than 5 marks overall. According to my "keen" observation, Sha Lynn's, Melissa's and Timothy's essays gain more favour over mine. But then again (a big whoops here), it is also a little important to note that most of my class essays are less than 10 minutes worth of work, due to lack of interest in homework. Unfortunately for my composition book (which is currently suffering from Severe Achievement Reduction Syndrome), Most of the time, the essays are turned into poor experiments to gauge my own creativity.

For example, if you were supposed to write about being either "the old lady who needed a seat on the bus" or "the kind student who helped to old lady", I would choose to be neither and instead, prefer to write about me being a complete stranger in the scene, sleeping throughout the entire essay. Towards the end, I would awaken from the dead, turn aggressive and start pushing people out of my way to reach the door.

Oh dear, so much for creativity.

Theoretically, I can do the same for exams. Logically, it's an impossible feat, unless I'm aiming to be buried alive in my mother's apocalyptic tsunami of endless nagging. That would make me a super insane person. In any case, I still prefer to be an "ordinary insane person".

Considering the fact that I actually screwed up my objective questions, catching up at last seems fine, and to some extent, even miraculous. Pn Daljit must've found my achievement interesting, as I don't think I have actually written any serious class essays this year. (True enough, she told me I wrote very well, although I still think that it wasn't done very seriously). "Serious" is what I call a 3-page long (or 4-page long) essay. And "serious" is when no humourous word play is added into the essay. In some sense, I cannot write a "serious" essay.

Moving away from exam matters, Melissa and I went for some crazy Young Scientist competition today. This was the first time DJ is sending in a team for this competition, so we didn't quite know what to expect. Our time management was haywire and we couldn't finish the reports in time. We also started off with the hardest station, where we were supposed to do titration. The fact that their "little suckers", as we called it, were different from that of DJ didn't help matters very much.

Baseless Rumours : BUD3 won the competition, followed by Assunta and Sri Permata. The guy named Eric Samuel (another Samuel?!) from Sri Permata amusingly recognized Mel and I from the HELP debate workshop. Apparently, he knows Zi Chien and his schoolmates think DJ is some elite school or something. They said rumours were flying around alleging that DJ was a very good school and teachers give a lot of work to students. (DJians, heard that!!) I think what they meant was the exam-oriented thinking the teachers have successfully transmitted to us students. It's called a disease.

Choir Relations : Mel suspects the girl from BUD3 was from our district level choir competition. However, neither of us dared to ask her about it "in case she has a twin sister". And here comes the most interesting bit. Eric Samuel's mother was also one of our State Level Choir competition judge!!!!! Oh you can guess, Mel and I tried to get "useful" information out of him regarding the preposterous outcome of the competition, but to no avail. =/

Sigh. Small world, big problems.



Saturday, June 13, 2009

Torture the Government :Holidays That Never Were

Note: Scroll down to read the essay.

The fortnight-long holiday has proven redundant for my case, mainly because 11 out of 16 days were not spent doing the "correct" things. Neither "correct" as in studying, nor "correct" as in "teenager correct", spending time on the computer. Instead, there were various "distractions" to pay attention to. Unfortunately, these "distractions" ate away my holidays.

Distraction Monster.

What am I talking about?? More like Monster of Destruction!!! Destroyed my holidays!! But it's okay, at least I learned a few things which I already know. I gained experience eventhough I could've done better. At least I know my capabilities. Without trying hard enough? Okay, good or bad hols, you judge.

1. We were quite good as a choir.
2. We still didn't champion the state.
3. We weren't slaughtered by CHS even though we knew we sucked a lot for the MCE competition.
4. We screwed up the MCE competition, thus not being able to gauge our true capabilities. In case you don't know, we were judged by REAL judges.
5. I've made Filipino friends.
6. I did not communicate much with the Batu Lintang or the Sibu group (eek).
7. I took a lot of group pictures, this time, most of them contained me in the pic.
8. The camera was blur most of the time. (Fussy with blur pics).
9. I improved tremendously in Scrabble and got a worthy position.
10. I flunked Scrabble terribly.
11. I think I can pass Yamaha grade 4.
12. My voice cracked when I was singing, and the examiner thought I couldn't sing high notes even though I know I'm soprano 1. Heck.

13. I know Gheek is nuttier than usual.
14. Catholics like tempe.
15. Starbucks consoles people.
16. The scrabble team consists of Adam Lambert fans (who don't respond to my poll).
17. Shu Wen's dad's phone got misplaced, later known as lost.
18. I like KL.
19. Most people enjoy loitering.

I did not have the free time to send my complaints to Star or the government yet, so I'll post my opinions here for the time being. If there are any points you wish to add, please let me know. If you're some legendary debater or public speaker, advice on how to present my points are greatly appreciated. (Please note that I'm planning to send this to the papers).

I have been reading the news on the currently controversial English subject. As a secondary school student, I wish to express my disappointment towards the reluctance to turn English into a compulsory “pass” subject in SPM. I was really shocked when I read that there were groups that actually wanted to call off the implementation. Looks like some of us have already conceded defeat before the fight even began.

Are we Malaysians really that doubtful of our abilities? We’ve conquered Mount Everest, swam across various channels, broken many records and yet we claim that we cannot master the English language. How ridiculous is that? We all know that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Apparently, there isn’t much determination to master the language now, is there?

I would like to know, why are we so unwilling to improve and help ourselves? We all know that English is the global medium of communication in important fields such as science and technology. Yet why is our government still beating around the bush, debating about such a trivial issue such as making the language a compulsory subject to pass in SPM? Why is it so hard to accept a language which equals to global importance?

Don’t keep repeating that rural students and teachers are not able to master and teach English effectively. We’re tired of hearing that already. Just because English isn’t our mother tongue doesn’t mean that we have to neglect it and only focus on the national language alone. Yes, we should feel proud of Bahasa Malaysia as our national language and be proficient in it, but that does not mean that we have to forsake English because that is the language that will bring us out into the world.

Having said that, stop using the rural students as an excuse to not make the subject compulsory, as all you are implying is that you doubt your citizens’ capabilities. What about those teachers who have strived to bring out the best in their students? What about those students who have worked hard for themselves? Students of today are the future of our country. How can anybody use the rural area students’ discomfort towards English as an excuse to jeopardize the nation’s future? Honestly, have you heard of adaptation, perseverance and hard work? If we all want to move forward as a nation, then we should really walk the talk. If we are willing to accept English as a compulsory subject, then of course we can improve. There are people out there who will work hard to master the subject, so don’t presume that we give up that easily. Don’t look down on our abilities. Instead, we should give each other assurance that we can do it.

One of the reasons as to why the standard of English is so low is because the subject is not compulsory to pass to get the SPM certificate. Students perceive it as a less important subject, and so do the teachers, who utilize their English-teaching period to teach other subjects. If it were compulsory, then students and teachers alike would treat this subject differently and make an effort to excel in it, just like Bahasa Malaysia.

If we want to compete on a global basis, then we should really open our minds and hearts to learn English. This is education and not politics, so don’t gamble with our future. Please don’t let Malaysia be left behind.

I know it's rather short for a complaint, so please help. If you're a M'sian student, all the more you should help. (Calling overseas help as well). Please, please, please try to make this sound thought-provoking. Help me make an ending as well. Right now, the ending sounds dead and emotionless. Thanks so much.

Now, I'll just have to ....err....translate my whole passage to Nonsense Form to send to the government, so that they can estimate M'sian's English quality. I think I'll start with "I'm has read the new's about the funneh Enggrish subjek and wants to shows disapoinment on the garventmen......"

Thanks for reading. Hopefully you can help.

Edit: If you were wondering, yes, I DID send this letter to the Star. But, like I said, no way are they going to publish it.



Sunday, June 7, 2009

Scrabble Scrambled My Head

Let's see, choir was just over on Wednesday, the 3rd of June, right? Just yesterday and today, my brain has been fried into bits. Thank goodness I'm still functional (although I don't think I'll survive the frying from Madam Tan when I get back to school). The abscissa question would probably be the last of me.

Anyway, getting back to the MSA Nationals......

I didn't die or anything, so it must have went fine, right? Wrong.

Yes, I exceeded my own expectations to get 9 points out of 15 games and end up in the top 25. And yes, I am the only person in the entire tournament to get NINE points and have a spread of NEGATIVE 671. Six hundred. Negative.

If you weren't fast enough to catch it, it means that I lost more than what I won. I'm the only person in the top 25 to get a negative spread that low. The other negative (which was -17 only) was Stephanie Mary Anne. Seventeen. Only. Mine? Holy crap. Hold on, my crappy score isn't even HOLY!! Pht pht pht.

Let me reveal the disturbing facts, shall I?

Saturday, 6th June 2009

It started off well. Sailed through Mohamad Ehsan, Vinnith Zahanif. It was very well, actually. Up to my 3rd game, that is. Then, I moved up. All the way up. To rank number 9. To table number 5. Against Shu Wen's *ahem* friend, Wong Han Wey.

That game started off well too, with me starting with a bingo, INDUSTRY. That was my first rack. From my second rack right to the end of the game, I was somewhat "doomed" with horrible-terrible-like-vegetable tiles. Every rack, and I repeat, EVERY rack I had was either ALL vowels or ALL consonants. I spent more than 3 turns changing tiles and still ended up with the whole rack full of the same species of alphabets. If I were in a competition whereby the tiles I get must be of the same kind (vowels or consonants), I'd be the grand champion. I might sound like I'm trying to put the blame on something else rather than bear responsibility to my loss, but it's really true for this game. The longest word I made here was EUOI. Notice that it's only FOUR letters long and that it's made purely from vowels. And guess my last rack. FFGGCRA. ONE vowel. And the rest? I got rid of the vowel and Han Wey stole 28 points from my the rest of my last rack. I lost by nearly 250 points and don't wish to remember this game.

The loss got my spread in the negatives.

I had the whole lunch to mope over that matter before I faced Chear Tze Xian. Here, I start to realise that everytime I put out a bingo, my opponent would surely put out ANOTHER bingo to catch up with my score. It didn't just start off here, it started off since my first game. At this point, I just started wishing that my opponents never ever have to get a bingo when matched with me. I won Tze Xian by 10 points no thanks to me not being able to play a bingo. I had one....but...there was no place to put it. Damn.

In my 6th game, I was up against Irfan. this game got my spread back in the positives (I would soon regret this). Just like I've mentioned, right after I play my bingo, he plays his. Geez, that made me not have a convincing win. Oh well, at least I'm in the positives again. *Grins happily*.

For my 7th game...ahem...We were waiting for our names to be announced, and I was with the DJ and Sultan Abdul Samad bunch. We were talking about our games when Ramaraj's father called out, "Table 5, Yeow Liiyung, Scott Chung." Then the crowd around me went "Oooooooh", as in "Goodbye to you, my friend. My deepest condolences". I overtook Han Wey by rank (miracle) and he was laughing at my ill luck. By some freak misfortune, I was back at table 5 (oh, screw you, table 5!!), this time, with (oh no) Scott Chung. Apparently, I was one rank above him. I shouldn't be. I shouldn't have been. Because this game with him threw my spread back into the negatives again.

Unlike the last time, I didn't completely die and lose by 300+ points, but the pressure was there. He did say "Hi", but he's still Scott. I realised then that the organizers were "looking out" for me and my games since I was "performing" and they started crowding round the table. Parents too. Parents of the elite scrabble players. [The truth is, I'm not that good. It just so happens that I have bingoes for every game so far. Every time I play the bingoes or some high-scoring words, Henry, Jocelyn or Dr Adele just so happen to walk by. Lucky? NOT.]

My tiles were unusually great, but my head went blank. People are staring, they are judging my moves, it's unusually hot in this elite part of the tournament and the guy sitting opposite me is Scott Chung. What do I do?

Go blank and die.

Which is exactly what I did. And I shouldn't have done so.

Scott must be thinking, "Why am I matched against someone so pathetic like her?". I don't blame anyone who was thinking like that.

My spread dwelled in the negatives. I resented my position and points because that made me susceptible to meet the elite players. And I wasn't ready. Like the game against Scott. Stupid me. Well, at least he said something unrelated to scrabble. It's nice to know that a human still exists in him.

My 7th game was against Looi Yih Feng on table 8 (crap!! I'm STILL in the top 10 tables?). When we saw each other, we were like "Not you again......". He had a miserable loss to me last year when my last word was a bingo. And I had a miserable loss too when I lost to him by around 13 points. This year, he was surely out to kill me. True enough, he was. He played 2 bingos and I had none. But I caught up miraculously in the long-winded game. We were the last to finish in the 7th (last game) of the day and the pressure was building up. He's score was 403. Mine was 402. I held 2 tiles and he, 3. It was my turn. Basically, that put me in the superior. I had to finish my two tiles NOW. I held U and N. So, I put out TUN, with the impression that he would surely challenge it. He did. 4 points inflated to 9. His tiles I,I and D were added to my score. I won by 16 marks (he must be cursing) and I would regret it (again) the next day.

Sunday, 7th June 2009

We arrived late. No thanks to the nutty driver of the monorail who was too kind to squash all those who didn't make it onto the monorail in time. We waited more than 15 minutes in KL Sentral and ran inside the Berjaya Times Square. Even Pn Loo was running! The guards thought we were mad.

When we reached the tenth floor, I screamed "Hallelujah, we made it!!" thank goodness it was only the scrabble players who were present. I don't want to end up in Hospital Bahagia to meet the legendary Mahyun.

We ran up to the paper which stated the playing positions. After reading Hui Jan's blog, it wouldn't be very sensible of you to not be afraid of William Kang. Now, which table was I on? Table 6. Crap. The elite place again.

I was leading initially, until he put out XU. I was still within the recovery range until he put BAIZA. I thought I could fish up an "S" to grab BAIZAS as well as steal the triple-word score. Unfortunately, he reached the "S" first, grabbed a "Q" and got a blank tile as well. So, he played QUOTERS to get the triple-word and BAIZAS. That was 115 points itself. I heard Jen Ho's father assuring William's father that his son already had the winning edge. Now, I feel miserable. Pressure built its foundation in my heart and I just let everything slide downhill. It's over, I lost. No use fighting anymore. I didn't bother getting rid of the high-point tiles and William got 26 points from them alone (nearly as bad as Han Wey's game).

To you, my past self.....If I were there beside you at that time, I would've slapped you to your senses. Even if you didn't win, you could've at the very least TRIED to save your doomed spread!!

Ever since my game with William, my spread never saw the light of optimism again.

I was talking to Leong Yan Mei after that game. It so happened that she was standing next to me while waiting for our tables. It was also coincidential that we were matched against each other for round 10. She had 2 bingoes and considering the fact that I had none, it was still miraculous to know that I only lost by 60 points.

I dropped to table 15 after that, the lowest I could go. I beat Amirul to go against Yan Mei again.

I beat Yan Mei more than she beat me in round 10. This isn't good.

In round 13, guess what? I was up against Yih Feng. Again. Table 8. Again. This time, due to horrible luck, he had FOUR bingoes. That isn't even counting the ones I managed to block. I lost.....very miserably. Ah well, at least my score was above 300.

I dropped to table 12 with Rachel Decruz. Gheek warned me that she was good. I won in the end (and would regret it too).

The final match!!! And look who I'm against! Alvin Lau, last year's number 5! Hooray, I believe I can fall. This is probably the dumbest game I have ever played in my entire life!! Every rack I had was a bingo!!! But you know what? There was no place to put the damn word. I passed one turn, hoping that Alvin would put out a tile to my favour. "First time I've seen someone pass". You can say that again. I'm the first person I know to pass too. Luckily I made EXCUSINGS, thanks to E hook. Next time, I know better than to wait for my opponent to play a tile to my benefit. I'll just sacrifice the idiotic bingo and play. I can't believe I wasted a whole game of bingoes. I lost this round and cursed it. If I won, I could've made it to top 15. It was a total screw-up. FUMINGS doesn't exist??!! Geez.

I must say that I'm still dissatisfied with the overall tournament.

Firstly, I wasn't aiming for top 25. I just wanted to have a postitive spread. Unfortunately, thanks to "high" points, I was sent to the elite and they destroyed my spread. Way to go.

Secondly, I realised that I give up easily. Next time, I'll at least fight for my spread.

Thirdly, I should've won at least one more game to get into top 15.

Fourthly, I'm just four positions away from top 20.

Fifth, I could've taken care of my spread a bit more to slide into top 20.

Sixth, I need to be more consistent.

Seventh, I actually regret winning(?!).

Last but not least, DJ scrabblers need a revamp.

A few other things that I didn't mention in the above might amuse you. In each monorail station, they put a different kind of animal up for show. KL Sentral had an Iguana, which spurred Gheek and I to talk about Cassandra's sister, who promptly scared Gheek on MSN.

"Hi, I'm Iggy the Iguana. My back is "scaly" like the keys on a piano. Wanna stroke me? ABCDEFGABCCCCCC!!!!!"

Among the other things Cassie's sis says are :

"You know, the teachers at school are always going on about how bad our batch is compared to other batches so I tell them they are old fashioned and I think that's fair because I'm only returning their compliment. But they always misunderstand me and ask me to stand outside class. I feel this is unfair so I start screaming names at the teacher. Other teachers from other classes come out to see what the commotion is all about and they see me and they start screaming at me. To silence me, my teacher comes out and puts his hand over my mouth but I bite it hard and he starts cursing and saying, "I can't take this crap anymore", and I'm like : "Who is crapping?You is crapping?". So he takes his bag and swings it at me in an attempt to hit me but I grab it and swing it hard onto his face and so he leaves school with a swollen hand, bleeding gums and a foul mouth.This has happened to 6 or 7 teachers but they don't expel me 'cos I tell them I know where they live and I'll go to their house and be not so nice...."

"Ooooo!!Cat!!I wanna stroke it and create friction on its fur 'til all its fur drops off and then maybe the flesh will drop off too or giant blisters will start appearing and by this point the cat in my hands will probably go "Meow" in a scared tone but I'll hold on tighter and when I stroke it harder it'll be even more friction-ny and if I'm lucky it'll just fade away.....Friction!!"

Morbid kid. Gheek's morbid too.

On the second day, we loitered in Borders. Shu Wen accidentally misplaced her dad's phone was lost and never found.

After reading Hui Jan's latest post about how her version of the MSA went (and what William Kang said), I would like to say Hi to all of you out there who are currently reading my lame experience. Nice to meet you in the internet world. I would appreciate it if you said Hi too, so at least I know who discovered my elusive blog and in case you try to take revenge on me next year. =/

Happy holidays. Don't forget to pray for me in case my maths teacher kills me for my answer.

PS : No, seriously, say Hi.



Friday, June 5, 2009

Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod

MCE was considered quite interesting, although last year's one offered more lovable songs choices. However, people were more friendly this year. Or maybe it's because I took more photos of the other choirs.

My nametag was really off the planet and thanks to Zi Ying and her grand ideas, my identity has been revealed to human technology. Zi Ying was supposed to "carry me" in front of a Seafield guy's camcorder. Due to lack of guts, we ended up just showing our nametags to Justin's camcorder. They were weird enough to compensate the circus show. Species : Harmonix A. I probably can't get weirder than this.

The 2 weirdos Samuel and Wei Le weren't there, so apparently I couldn't fool around as much (these people talk nonsense as much as I do). At least, Samuel Tee wasn't here. There were other Samuels involved in the web, though. Our pianist was Samuel Tan (Roland Open Category 2009 champ). A guy who played the viola looked like Wee Shien's classmate, Samuel. He also resembled Wee Shien's cousin's cousin, another Samuel. So, there are 4 Samuels involved plus a guy who look like 2 of the Samuels. Confusing? My head hurts now.

Anyway, we sang Handel's coronation songs for the kings in the olden days. Very long songs, and very baroque. The lyrics doesn't suit us well and we cut out a lot of parts since we had trouble singing them. Handel must be squirming in his grave. What are they doing to my compositions?

As Zi Ying put it, Handel must be "de-composing" in his grave (pun intended).

In a nutshell, we sang sarcastic songs and all the people rejoiced. Alleluia. [Inside joke, only for MCE participants].

Other achievements : After some debating, I've convinced Zi Ying that violence is not the way out for things.........

PS : Pictures will be out soon
PPS : "Soon" is not defined



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