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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It seems a very looooong time since I've blogged. So today, I'm going to review what I've been doing since the past few weeks starting from the 29th of April. That day, I went for a G-Maths competition. It was held in Catholic High School. G-Maths is a mixture of Scrabble and simple arithmethics- with VERY restricted rules (to me). I was forced out of bed at 6.30 cause my father thought I would reach there late. We reached the school around 7.15 and I pointed out that it was too early and that no one would be there yet. My father was confused and asked the time I was supposed to reach there. I said 8.00. No wonder!!!!! He thought I was supposed to be there by 7.30. Oh well, since we were early, why not go for a drink? (By "drink" I don't mean "drink alcohol"). My father drank [coffee, I think] in a coffeeshop further down the road. About 7.30, we went back to the school. We reached there around 7.50 and I had to wait for Pn Khoo and the rest of my team (Shawn Ong, Gia Gin, Timothy [Sim]). The team members reached slightly after eight and we waited [outside the school] for Pn Khoo. I suggested going inside but those weird guys insisted on staying outside (SOME people are just beyond all understanding.....). Timothy met some old friends from his previous secondary school (Bukit Bintang). I saw some old friends too [from Taman Megah] like Sui Lyn, Hong Wei, Calwin and Jason Chen. Aargh....couldn't get a pic of Sui Lyn (she was in front the whole time absorbing useful information for this "highly strategic" game.

DJ played against Kelana Jaya, Damansara Utama and "dearest host" Catholic High School. My Taman Megah alumni were all against each other (Taman Petaling against Taman Sea and some other school). The games were played almost like the Scrabble one except that all the players from the same school couldn't sit together and had to move to another table. I sat on DJ's table after an "argument" with Gia Gin, who didn't want to move to another school's table too. We only played one game, which consisted of 8 rounds per person. Each person is given 30 seconds to place their tiles down on the board. This might seem like a short period of time to everyone who was not there to discover the dark secret about this......well, actually....there IS no such secret..the only secret I have to share is that my table seriously cheated aLOT!!!

All the teachers there were supposed to move to another school's table to judge so that nothing goes wrong or anything....There was this teacher whom I considered extremely scary at first. I thought she would be really strict on us. I was proven wrong.... My opponents also played an important role in making our game THE most FAKE GAME. There was this guy from SMKDU who was rather talkative [and kept "apple-polishing" our "judge"]. The rules were like this: once the player finished placing his/her tiles and the timer has rung, hold up the green flag. The DUrian told our judge that this was an advantage to everyone, so.....the epic skills used in our game.....: Delay putting up the green flag. Oh sure, people DID bug us to put up the green flag...but we sure did have fun having more time to think. Everyone in my game was happy. The F1 Catholic boy we played against was sporting and grateful enough not to tell the real judges about our plot. =)

I lost a turn in my first round cos' the number was a wrong value. Presuming that the number was 72 and I made use of the "7" there, it cannot have the value of number 7 itself, it has to have the value of "70". Anyway, I caught up and won the game. Shawn Ong got 2nd in his game, Tim and Gia Gin got 3rd in their games. The Catholic students were freaky, but here's the truth....they were all only Form 1s. The Catholic guy in my game got 2nd. My overall score was 206 points, 2nd player was 176 points [I think]. I found out later that Sui Lyn had 242 points and CALWIN HAD 282 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not really surprising though....he IS some kind of mathemathical robot.

The first team overall was :
1. Bandar Sri Utama
3. Catholic High School (AAAAAARGH!!! HOW? HOW? HOW?????????????????)
4. Taman Petaling (Sui Lyn's school)

The whole event ended before 12.

It was held in school....I made some silly mistakes like the DNA question.... didn't put the ruler nicely....NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

TUESDAY, 29th APRIL 2008.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Catch Up

Sport's Day at last!!! I finally downloaded all the pictures from my camera.....and those pictures have a lot to say. My mother figured out a way to download pictures from her camera (they're quite blur). Thank god the only picture we took with her phone in Shanghai last year was extremely clear (we took this picture with her phone after our camera battery went flat). We didn't want to miss this chance to take a pic like this:

Sunset:No regrets taking this pic
Anyway, these are to Melissa before starting my opinion of today's Sport's Day. These are my crazy art drawings.

Yeah...those black things with eyes over there are aliens...and yes, that IS a UFO.
If you look closer, you can see a "king" sitting down there (the one holding the forked thingy).
This is NOT "Corak Langsir" (in my opinion) but Pn Lee didn't say anything

Average and therefore deserves no comments

Okay, so today started off by waking up at 6.45 (this would be considered VERY late for normal people). I'm supposed to reach there by 7.30. But who cares? I reached there 5 minutes before the required time. Ishwin passed me the G-Maths set [WITHOUT THE FREAKING RULES AND REGULATIONS!!!!]. Gahptapervnfdnsljvvuarjnmfkjasfqmz.
We went to our respective House spots. The event started off with running first [this is very annoying because I think marching should start first]. Anyway, when the marching DID start, at least it started off well [in the judges' opinion]. Berjaya went first. I my opinion, their formation was quite plain. I have no idea how, but somehow, they secured 2nd place for marching.

Let the pictures do the talking.....Here are the results for marching:
1. Maju
2. Berjaya
3. Kesatria
Not sure if I heard the positions correctly but meanwhile, let's presume it's like this. Anyway, if I heard it wrongly, the whole world heard it wrongly. I asked some people if I heard it correctly. Angeline, you said Kesatria only had a 30% chance of getting into top 3....well, conclusion is that 30% is a LOT of hope when you break it down to 5 teams with a maximum of 100%.
I took pictures of the sky too but I'm not going to post it here cos there's too many pics here already. Adding more pics now adds to my frustration level.
Cheerleading was OK...not sure if we got last. What I know for sure is that Maju got 3rd for cheerleading. I think Unggul got 2nd and Berjaya got first [not sure if I mixed up Berjaya and Unggul].
All the events this year were crammed into one day (we didn't have the semi-finals this year). The Datin attempted a brave try to have only one day for the whole sports event. It was expected to end at 1.05 but it ended 2 hours later and only a small portion of the crowd remained.
Oh...and there were hurdles this year.....1 hurdle every 10 metres (how to run???). Many people experienced problems in this event.
The Majuans this year were extremely show-off!!! The drummer kept on drumming when they cheered. 1 drum and it could be heard all over the stadium and it stood out among the deafening screams of die-hard House fans. How I wish I could just take the drum and bash it onto the Datin's head!!! (She came late again this year!!!!!)

*For those of you out there who are just dying to get the cheerleading pics or more pics of the marching event, please wait until the exams are over as I probably have no more chance of blogging.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

SMKDJ Woes, I have nothing better to do...AGAIN. I googled Scott Chung again to find out his age [hope he's a Form 3 this year so that we won't play against him next year]. Results were fascinating...Get this: the scrabble competition Yi Jing was talking about was about 2006. Yes, she got third place under the primary school category. Guess who got first. SCOTT!!!! NOOOOOOO!!! This means he's only Form 2 this year!!!!!!!! Aakahrwrnsafnsdfnafafdfafiorjirhwerdmngfngx. [Simple calculation: we were all 12 in 2006]. DARN!!! Ghee Ken, next time when you wish for something, let ME wish for it!!!!!I can already see the future: Seafield's gonna win again next year....

Oh yeah...And this is to Shu Wen, Emily and Ghee Ken (if you guys even read this freaky blog):

Played against
Our school

1 Clean Sweep SMK Seafield 18 +3173 (literally clean sweep!)
2 The Four Musketeers SMK Sungai Pelek 15 +1485
3 Fourians SMK USJ 4 14.5 +871
4 Fire Nation SM Sultan Alam Shah 14 +608
5 Newbies SMJK Katholik, PJ 13 -316
6 Sophistique SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, PJ 11 +797
7 Fantastic Four SMK BUD (2) 11 +317
8 Scarlet II SMK Sungai Pelek 10 +594
9 Visionless Scrabblers SMK St Mary, KL 10 +195
10 Together We Strive SMK Damansara Jaya 10 -718
11 Blue Gallardos SMK Victoria, KL 9 +90
12 Do or Die SMK USJ 13 7 -788
13 Baristas SMK BUD (4) 6 -294
14 Fide et Labore SMK St John, KL 6 -1511
15 Brain Busters SMK USJ 12 5 +1497
16 La Salle Lions SMK La Salle, PJ 4 -1778
17 Playboy SMK Subang Jaya 2 -2433

[We also played against another unidentified school. It's name is also not known to us]

High word: DICINGS 113, by Chang Ching Yet of SMK Seafield
High game: 595, by Jagan of SMK Seafield

And this is where our morning session friends stand:

1 Zinjan Thropuses SMK Seafield 16 +4276
2 Satanique SMK Sultan Abdul Samad 16 +1444
3 White Flame SM Sultan Alam Shah 15.5 +1545
4 Scrabblistic Four SMK Seksyen 4 Bandar Kinrara 14 +1758
5 Freelancers SMJK Katholik, PJ 14 +665
6 Razzleraze SMK USJ 13 12 +771
7 Soviets II SMK Sungai Pelek 11 +905
8 High Voltage II SMK Sungai Pelek 11 -1110
9 Sea Falcon SMK St John, KL 10 +163
10 Evanescent Blues SMK Victoria, KL 10 -532
11 Hize School I SMK Tinggi Setapak, KL9 -798
12 Mercury Blast SMK USJ 12 8 -252
13 DJ Knights SMK Damansara Jaya 8 -431
14 Genesis SMK BUD (4) 8 -607
15 Death Blazers SMK Seafield 8 -1193
16 Fabulous Four SMK BUD (2) 8 -1268
17 Lilac Pigeon SMK St Mary, KL 7 -22
18 Radical SMK Subang Jaya 7 -1198
19 Hize School II SMK Tinggi Setapak, KL 2 -2085

High word: MARQUEE 107, by Khor Hock Eu of SMJK Katholik, PJ
High game: 743, by Ramaraj of SMK Seafield

PS: All information above was taken from here.

Oh well, we weren't that bad [ok, maybe our spread wasn't so great]. We'll see how thing's go next year....Hopefully one of our F1 friends are prodigies.

Meanwhile, the marching craze is on. People are talking about marching all the time. Tomorrow is Sport's Day [so early this year]. I think this is because the Datin wants to see Sport's Day before she retires.

I hope Kesatrians fare well.....or probably "farewell" (literally!)

UFOs ATTACK!! [I'm gonna take a nap....]


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ends Spark New Beginnings

On Sunday, I went for a concert in my teacher's house. Mr Colin Kingsley played for us.

He spent more than half his professional life in Edinburgh. Starting in the 60's in Edinburgh University, he retired as Senior Lecturer- this has given him the chance to concentrate more on piano teaching, recital performances and time to think up lecture topics. He played solo for BBC, solo pianist at Convent for The Royal Ballet in the ballets set to piano concertos and pianist-in-residence at the university.

Everyone who turned up paid RM50 to be donated to cancer prevention research.

The concert started with J.S. Bach's Prelude and Fugue in D major. Up next was Paderewski's Andantino E Grazioso and Andantino Mistico (I loved this one) from "Songs Of A Voyager". Then, there was Sonata in E Flat OP.31 No.3 from Beethoven (Allegro, Scherzo--Allegro Vivace, Tempo di Meneutto, Presto can fuoco). [Interval] Chopin's 2 waltzes in A flat OP.64 No.3 and in C Sharp Minor OP.64 NO.2. After that was Gabriel Faure's Nocturne No.6 in D Flat OP.63. Maurice Emmanual's Sonatine Bourguignonne was a very "dancy" song comprising of 4 movements:
Allegro con spirito
Branle a La Maniere de Bourgogne
Andante Semplice
Rondo a La Maniere Morvandelle

Nothing much happened yesterday EXCEPT that a few prefects from my class were supposed to take care of a few classes whose teacher vanished into thin air (did not come). Yea, I had to take care of 1 Belian and 1 Batai (first time I took care of a Form 1 class). All the time, I have NEVER took care of Form 1 classes before thanks to the Ass.Head Prefect (it's not funny, I'm just too lazy to type everything). 1 Belian was controllable [unlike their predecessors in 2007]. 1 Batai was the noisy one. Exactly like 2 Balau where you get no response no matter what you say. Chi Han was telling us (me, Ishwin, Syn Yee and Xie Wen) about her new class: 2 Balau. She yelled this: "Guys and girls!! You all better respond otherwise you are all "pondan" [gay/les]!!! Yep, there was no response. So she actually yelled "Pondan!!!!" at the class. VIOLENT PREFECT.

Finally there's today....I went for ballet exam and I missed school....that's why I had an excuse to use the computer. Anyway, I need to finish my civics project...

I googled 'Scott Chung'. To Shu Wen, Emily and Ghee Ken [and maybe some more people out there interested to know], he took part in the World Youth Scrabble Competition in Johor Bahru last year (4-6 December 2007, 22 rounds). Guess his ranking. 20th out of 54 contestants!!! And it's WORLD SCRABBLE. Spread? +199. But look at this: Currently ranked no. 1 is Toh Weibin from Singapore with a spread of +1023.

These people just have a knack in making other people feel useless.



Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today is finally the competition day. I woke up early (around 6.30 am, not so early compared to others). The prefectorial board photography session was also today. However, Shu Wen and I missed it [Shu Wen brought her blazer around though]. I reached school about 7.15 and I was the earliest among the Scrabble people (I think, because I didn't see anyone else). I thought they all left in the van without me (we finally decided to take a van there after Mr Khairul arranged that for us). After that, I saw Ghee Ken first. We talked a bit to Ishwin and after that, we found Shu Wen. She also brought along a mini scrabble set. We thought we could practice with it in the car. Enily came when 3 of us were trying out the mini set. All our morning session counterparts were "missing". We were desperate to know who all of them were. Ghee Ken thought that Lerg Foong was in Scrabble. We spent so much time walking round the school looking for them. We thought of leaving the school ourselves without them. But we figured we couldn't leave and live without them.

Simone Koo, Ng Rui Sheng, Yeoh Zhao Wen and Neal Tan were the morning session people. Simone came when all 4 of us wanted to start another "mini game". Then all of us started looking for people desperately. We were shocked to see that the Datin came early this year (unlike last year when we suffered). Since she came early, Rui Sheng managed to take a picture with the prefects. After that, we found Zhao Wen waiting outside the school gate near the van. She was carrying a Deluxe Scrabble set. We all thought that she was so professional and wanted to play a serious game in the car.

We found Pn Angie talking to Pn Ruth about the scrabble thingy. Pn Ruth told us to go without Neal!!! Then Ghee Ken was like: "But he provides entertainment!!".
Pn Angie settled with going without Neal. As we walked out of the gate, Neal came along. Smart. Just in time before we abandon him. That was when the afternoon session prefects started to take position in the picture.

Shu Wen sat in the middle part of the van (basically it's the second passenger row). Ghee Ken, Emily and Simone sat at the back [mainly because Shu Wen and I stole their seats, excluding Simone]. We were really crazy in the car. We talked alot of nonsense about roller coasters in the cars and about Sports Day. When we were in Kuala Lumpur already, we made fun of the buildings there. A dead tree was considered as "The Eighth Wonder of the World" by smart Ghee Ken. A building with a Camel on it was called Egypt by Ghee Ken and the madness spreaded to Shu Wen. There was also a tall building which Shu Wen joked was Ghee Ken's toilet (the whole building???). Looks like the competition pressure was taking a toll on us![Neal said this]. Then, somehow, the topic steered to handphones. Shu Wen asked me if I brought my handphone and she said she wanted to play with it. I stated: Sorry, my handphone is only a "device used to call my parents" [Pn Angie later said she liked that statement]. We went about in circles as our van driver didn't know the location of the school. We weren't late anyway. It was approximately 8.35 that time. The latest we could arrive was 9.15.

When we finally reached St Johns, Zhao Wen asked how many Scrabble sets we brought. We said no one told us to bring any scrabble set [excluding the mini one]. She really freaked us out that time when she said that during the previous competition, they had to bring their own Scrabble sets (luckily after that, the people in charge said that we did not need to bring any Scrabble sets as they were already provided....Otherwise, we would have to depend solely on the mini Scrabble set). We said St John's school looked like Buckingham Palace. It did actually. It was painted red and white and reminded me of peppermint candy. On the way to the hall, we saw PBSM people and started laughing saying that PBSM in St John's school is a disgrace to St John's Society. When we reached the hall, we figured out that everyone there looked smart. We were so dead.

Our team name was "Together We Strive". The morning session's one was "DJ Knights". We played 5 rounds of Scrabble. My first round was with some guy named Wan Mohamed Afie from some Subang Jaya school I think. My spread (majority) against him was +89. My points was 245.

My 2nd round was a tough opponent. Crazy people. The group's name is 4 Musketeers from Sungai Pelik (or 'Pelek'). Everyone [in afternoon sessions] lost against them except me. I only won this guy [named Prya Suthan] (Indian, I guess...actually all those form their school were Indians) by 9 points because of time overrun. Stupid!! Curse this school! So fake and cheating. They used up DJ's time to challenge words. This is dumb!! And at first, I wasn't used to the clocks! Shu Wen lost by over 200 points!!!! This team is insane. Every word needs to be challenged. My obviously existent "FAMED" was challenged. So dumb. And they used my time and accused me of oerrunning my time. I didn't really care in the end cos I won. I was deducted 20 points for timing. My idiotic opponent who did not pay attention to instructions kept on telling me to deduct 40 points. Lucky thing I asked the lady in charge who stood up for justice for me. My overall points were 256 [originally 279, also cos of unplayed tiles]. Shu Wen's opponent's points were 500+

3rd round wasn't so bad. It was interesting. Friendly people. My opponent was Vinoshini. I lost by 21 points though, thanks to the last few letters I got. Both of us did not finish our tiles and so, we had to deduct our own scores. It was actually my turn and I already put down a word. Then, suddenly the lady in charge said "LAST MOVE". I quickly took my tiles and my opponent quickly wanted to play a word. Guess my newly received tiles. 'Q' and 'X'. I had to deduct so many points thanks to this!!!

Recess was quite fun. We caught up with our morning session peers. I didn't buy any food because I brought some unidentified bread with tuna inside. It tasted like cheese. After saying that, Neal and I kept bugging Emily on the cheesy issue. Zhao Wen won 2 games, Neal and Rui Sheng won 1 game, Simone lost all 3 [surprisingly].

4th round: I won by +113 spread against Joel Lai. My points was 361. I had a bingo this round : UNFUSED worth 73 points only. Highest word score was 113 today by some Seafield guy named Chang Ching Yet (I got this from Hui Jan's blog) who played the word 'DICINGS'.

[Useful information:
Seafield is a crazy school with crazy people. I heard about Scott Chung from Shu Wen and Ghee Ken but I did not expect it to be that "cute, small boy" wearing a black cap over his head. Those people freak me out. They are probably programmed robots which were manufactured to look and function like ordinary humans with computerised brains. Liesl went for a Chess competition and who else won but Seafield? Sher Hann was from Seafield I think. She was always among the top in her form and was in the Seafield band....and every year, they won....need more info?]

I lost in the 5th round (against Sultan Abdul Samad) too. [Shu Wen met an old friend here who beat her by I-have-no-idea-how-many-points-but-it's-more-than-100-spread].I was actually leading, but then, thanks to my stupid decision to put 'FIND' 2 columns away from the triple word score, my opponent, Ho Hui Jan, put an 'ER' behind it to form 'FINDER' and got the triple word score. That word itself was 30 points. Shouldn't have put that word out. THEN I could've won. But then, she finished her tiles first because I ALSO opened somewhere else for her. I thought I just closed that place but unfortunately, she had the right letters to place it there (triple word score AGAIN). My overall score for this was 264 and I lost by 31 points.

So far, Emily, Ghee Ken and I won 3 out of 5 games. On eof Ghee Ken's opponent didn't turn up and he straightaway got a +50 spread! Shu Wen won 1 game (SHOCKING!!!). Not really sure about the morning session though.

After that, we took pictures of ourselves in the school. We were all posing like mad people. Then, there was this photo we took with "an eagle on the floor" (carving). After that photo, Neal suddenly said, posing like a superstar: "This, is the face of confidence". Rui Sheng quickly replied: "No, that is the face of bisexuality". We laughed like crazy on that one (okay, maybe the morning sessions kept a straight face....).

On the way back, we criticized our opponents and teased them. Our afternoon session people criticized the 2nd round opponents. We all found out that Zhao Wen was quite good. She had 3 bingos (7 letter words). Rui Sheng and Neal told us about crazy things like Rui Sheng's 4th Scrabble round where his opponent was "stone-faced". Seriously no expression whatsoever. After 30 seconds: look right, look left. After 1-5 minutes: change tiles =.=". Then, they told us about people whom they challenged and came back-- and instead of taking their word back and losing their turn, they went like: Oh, so can I put this? *Changes to another word and looks innocent*.

When we reached school, I called my mother. Ghee Ken borrowed my phone. I was hoping for free food and there really WAS free food!!! I took back 7 packets of free food. Shu Wen took about eleven, Ghee Ken 8 and Emily 4 after seeing me go mad with the food thingy.

The day ended normally and everyone continues to live.


Friday, April 18, 2008


Tomorrow is the Scrabble competition and I am currently freaking out. I wish my future self good luck and a great day. Whatever happens, I also wish that I can get free food tomorrow.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Prefect Installation and Scrabs

Yesterday was the Prefect Installation Day. It started off late because the Datin came approximately half-an-hour late (again). Those who were called called after Wan Jyn got "boos", those before him got equal rounds of applauses, and most of the form 1s got boos except for a few people like Arthur Tho, Gan Jia Min, Toh Tzen Szen (Taman Megah people!). I played the piano and I didn't screw up anything (as far as feedback tells me). The mic was kind of soft though. There were only 2 performances (one by Andrea and Syn Yee [sung 'Hero' by Mariah Carey] and a sketch by Daniel and Elena Ong, Soon Len and Timothy Sim).

Then, there's today. Went to school early for the GMaths thingy and missed choir. We played Scrabble during English period. I played against Shu Wen. My score was 294 (I think) and Shu Wen's was about 190+. Quite lucky game. I scored 52 points for 1 word [Juked]. The 'J' was on a 'triple letter score' and my word crossed the 'double word score'. Nothing much other than that.

[Checking out]


Sunday, April 13, 2008


Went for swimming....AGAIN. Getting sick of waking up early. Swam 22 laps today: In order- (8 freestyle, 4 backstroke, 2 freestyle kick, 2 freestyle, 2 backstroke, 2 breastroke, 1 butterfly [I didn't seem to move anywhere for this one] and 1 anything you like [I did backstroke]). Altogether 1.1km. Then I just did something funny. I felt my pulse and it was racing. Twice as fast as my normal pulse rate. My normal pulse rate goes like 1 beat every 1 second. When my pulse was racing, it was like I couldn't feel my pulse at all. The first time I put my hand there to count, I was like "Hey....I don't feel anything". Am I dead?'s just too fast to feel anything....

I played a dumb game of scrabble where my rating increased just because some guy resigned from the game. Haha. So now, my rating is 534....Ghee Ken finally came online. But unfortunately, I had to go out for dinner so I missed a scrabble game.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Can Do Magic

I have finally figured out how to cheat the HTML codes. Some codes which can only be embeded in one particular website can be changed to suit any website. Such as the new background music which can only be embeded in Neopets. Unfortunately, I'm no longer playing Neopets and I'm currently blogging regularly. So, it's nice to steal the music...and now, I have changed the code only allow the song to be played on my blog and can't be embeded anywhere else (Muahahahaha!!!!). Nah, actually it's quite easy to modify the code. But it's the stupid HTML problem which keeps saying idiotic stuff. Listen to those idiotic instructions and viola!!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Hate Yellow

Kesatria SUX!
And it's because I missed Kesatria today and I got kicked out of the stupid marching team which I planned to sabotage on Sports Day itself. So now I'm on a strike and I'm not going to go to the sukantara for Kesatria next week. It's not even my fault I didn't go because my mother didn't want me to go. Great explanation. But nevermind. I now have an excuse to kill off the yellow team. I have Scrabble practice tomorrow at 12 with Emily, Shu Wen and Ghee Ken. Haha, 3 people from Batai. Solid evidence that Batai rocks more than Balau. Shawn Ong (I think that's how it's spelt) asked me to join some G-Maths thingy whatever that is. It's a mixture of scrabble and maths (how odd!). The prefects went to practice for the installation practice and Daniel asked me to play a solo violin performance (NOOOOOOOOO!!!!).


Sunday, April 6, 2008


I've changed my blog skin. I've learnt how to mess with the HTML code now!! This is quite nice but the only disadvantage is that the box is quite small. Apart from that, it is quite nice as I have combined good stuff from other skins inside here. This is good progress especially when I have not coded anything before. Actually everything is quite easy. Just revert back to the old, classic version. Then paste all the code. The only thing hard after that is that you have get all the widget codes into the HTML coding as there is no "Add Element" thingy there. But it's quite easy once you get the hang of it. Happy blogging to my future self. And I'm sure you'll finish your Sejarah project no matter what, so enjoy life!!!

Cheers to me!!!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Team Effort

I skipped swimming today because my mother used the wrong way after piano lesson. She called Aaron's mum to ask for directions. In the end, the solution was this: go back home. Looks like we all make a useless team.

A team comprises of :

1. The Co-ordinator (Puts everything into place/ Leader)

  • Respected
  • Mature
  • Ensures that all team members' talents are used effectively

2. The Ideas Person (Starts the train of thoughts)

  • Very creative

3. Monitor Evaluator (Identify weaknesses in plans)

  • Shrewd
  • Prudent
  • Analytical

4. Specialist (Counted on to do the job)

  • High technical skills
  • Loyal to profession

5. Shaper (Refines and improvises)

  • Dynamic
  • Challenging

6. Resource Investigator (Gets outside help to help improvise)

  • Extrovert
  • Good at making outside contacts
  • Good at developing ideas

7. Implementer (Assisting the specialist, 2nd most counted on to do jobs)

  • Practical
  • Loyal
  • Task-oriented

8. Team Worker (Moral support and help to do some of the work)

  • Caring
  • Person-oriented

9. Completer Finisher (Does the last bits of improvisation)

  • Meticulous
  • Pays attention to close details
  • Full of nervous energy


Friday, April 4, 2008

I am History

The crazy Sejarah project is driving me mad!!! Imagine if the world continued to be like that ~ students meteor-showered by crazy, useless project. THE APOCALYPSE. Yeah, probably the world might die of projects. Or robots could be ultra-smart next time when Aaron creates psychotic lifelong-learning robots. Then we can all blame him for being too scientific and smart. That reminds me of a lot of people like Emilys Neoh and Chye, Hui Xian, Zhi Chien, Sui Lyn, Melissa Chee and many more psychos. Yes, I aim to be one of those mad geniuses who spend their whole life playing around with numbers and figures which could drive anyone crazy. And if I'm good enough, I might probably become a well-known astronomer or an astrophysicist and get my name carved in history forever just like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei and other astro-people. According to modern-day scientists, the Universe is expanding extremely quick now and this might be the only epoch in history when we can really understand the universe. So, I MUST make it up there. The universe has always fascinated me. But, according to global analysis, the Earth is going to die because of pollution very soon. Some say that we might have to move to Mars by the year 2050. That's fun~if I can live that long [I WANT TO]. If that speculation is correct, someone might have to find a solution fast. Wormholes are fascinating too. And maybe blackholes could lead us to another dimension-a world we have never dared to dream of.

That's where I want to go. A place no one has ever gone to.


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