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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Piece of Crap (No pun intended)

I just came back from Penang today and boy, was I surprised.....


Quite amusing, especially since it's a Saturday. When we reviewed our stay in Penang, it was sunny throughout our stay and it never rained there. It was also burning hot, which opposes the facts the newspapers gave us. According to them, Penang experiences a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius at night. That is just unbelievable. Even Shenzhen's temperature was that!! Ironically, it's been raining nearly everyday back in our home sweet home.....

Okay, so when we got back, we saw that my aunt had brought in all the letters that suffered the wrath of the rain. I wondered if I had mail (internet slang!). Well, it seems I had.

It was from Roland, that piano competition I entered in January. I tore the letter open to check out it's contents. My heart told me it was going to be an apology letter...... "We regret to say that you did not manage to make it into the finals.......", you know, something like that. After all, I did screw up the first (and most important) note of the melody in the left hand. And besides, only 6 lucky contestants from the whole country would make it into the finals this year. Or at least, that's what they said. It was more than 6 last year (I didn't enter back then). There were already about 200 contestants in the Central (KL).

Amusingly, it started like "Warmest greetings and heartiest congratulations....." and went on to say that I made it. Then, I tried to convince myself that the rain water had evaporated all that made sense and magically replaced the words to make me happy. Obviously this had to be a joke. A very bad one indeed, since the finals is one day after my semester exams and my birthday. So much for "Happy Birthday in Advance", huh?


Friday, January 30, 2009


A nightmare is a disturbing dream that causes the dreamer to wake up feeling anxious and frightened. Nightmares may be a response to real life trauma and situations. These type of nightmares fall under a special category called Post-traumatic Stress Nightmare (PSN). Nightmares may also occur because we have ignored or refused to accept a particular life situation. Research shows that most people who have regular nightmares have had a family history of psychiatric problems, bad drug experiences, people who have contemplated suicide, and/or rocky relationships. Nightmares are an indication of a fear that needs to be acknowledged and confronted. It is a way for our subconscious to make up take notice. "Pay attention!" Click here for a more in depth look at nightmares.

If this is what defines nightmares, then I haven't had a nightmare before ........I'm a log when it comes to sleeping....

Lucid dreams occurs when you realize you are dreaming. "Wait a second. This is only a dream!" Most dreamers wake themselves up once they realize that they are only dreaming. Other dreamers have cultivated the skill to remain in the lucid state of dreaming. They become an active participant in their own dreams, making decisions in their dreams and influencing the dream's outcome without awakening. Lucid dreams give us the ability to control our own dreams and steer them toward the direction we want. In the lucid state, we are more willing to confront threats and as a result, become more self confident. When we achieve lucidity, we can use it as a tool to improve our sports game, to rehearse a speech, to fulfill our fantasies, or to solve a problem in our waking life. In fact, some athletes utilize their lucid dreams to practice their tennis serve, golf stroke or bat swing.

If this is the case, I must be lucid-dreaming a lot........

Epic Dreams
Epic dreams (also known as Great Dreams or Cosmic Dreams) are so huge, so compelling, and so vivid that you cannot ignore them. The details of such dreams remain with you for years, as if your dreamt it last night. These dreams possess much beauty and contain many archetypal symbology. When you wake up from such a dream, you feel that you have discovered something profound or amazing about yourself or about the world. It feels like a life-changing experience.

Hmmm.....I've had a many, some even going back since I was 6....



Thursday, January 29, 2009


Everyone is discussing their fate.

Everyone is taking action.

Everyone is their own hero.

We're slacking, that's what!!!

We're eating cookies and can't contact each other because we're suffering from Cookie Monster Syndrome.

Remember the Manglish post?

English : I think I’m going to be in deep trouble.
Manglish : Die!

That's what we're saying.

We're so dead. Literally. (Well, at least that's my perception....).

Now, let's be random and reflect on what the richest man on Earth has to say:
"Be nice to nerds. Chances are, you'll end up working for one".


Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Just as the title suggests.

Friend of the Ox.


Sunday, January 25, 2009



........and I'm down with a cold.

Yes, yes. Very ironic. I should be better within 12 hours at the rate I'm going : Drinking glass after glass of hot water to soothe my irritated throat. I MUST get better otherwise I won't be able to enjoy all the glorious food only found during the festive season.

After a tedious 6-hour drive (courtesy of stupid road accidents and toll plazas), we have reached the number 2 tourism spot in the world. Truth is, I have no idea as to how Penang island got to be that famous. Maybe the government was just duping us so that we could stimulate local economy growth.

When we did reach Penang, I kept hoping for that notebook to appear out of thin air. I needed it for school projects (Home Science and that stupid stuff). Just when I thought I could use my uncle's computer, I found that the genie made it vanish. My uncle was the genie. Seems like he had shifted the computer over to his own apartment. Darn. Now I need the notebook more than ever!!!

Since there is no computer within access, you must be wondering how I got to create this post. This magic trick was done by pestering my aunt to let me use her Macbook (I refuse to elaborate). Sadly, there isn't MSN on it and I wouldn't want to download it on someone else's computer.

Now, my throat feels better. Hopefully I can start eating cookies again.

Meanwhile, let me introduce you to the local English language. We call this language "Manglish", a monicker for Mangled English. It's basically just English with a mixture of other languages thrown into it. Now, now, it's not really long-winded and can be quite time-saving. It's actually shorter (and more convenient) than actual English. Here are some great examples:

English : Hi Joe! Haven’t seen you for a long time. How are you?
Manglish : Hi Joe! Long time no see, so how?

English : Would you turn off the fan, please? – Yes, of course.
Manglish : Can off the fan ah? –Can!

English : I think I’m going to be in deep trouble.
Manglish : Die!

English : The fish tastes really great!
Manglish : Best lah the fish!

English : Would you please reverse your car?
Manglish : Gostan! (Pronounced as "go-stun")

English : It’s not necessary for you to trouble youself. I can make it on my own.
Manglish : No need! I can lah.

English : I have not paid my fee.
Manglish : Notchet pay fee.

English : I have to know, are you coming to the the party?
Manglish : Come anot?

English : A while ago.....
Manglish : Just now.....

English : Buy one get one free!
Manglish : Buy one free one!

English : For goodness sake, can you stop disturbing me??
Manglish : Aiyo, don't disturb-lah!

It sounds really ‘fake’ for Malaysians to speak proper English. Many Manglish speakers worry that if they talk properly, their friends will think that they are putting on airs. ‘Why you tok liedat ah? You ting you are a matsalleh, is it?' ('Why are you talking like that? Do you think you're an Englishman?’). There are many people in Malaysia who have an extremely limited grasp of English. If you use bombastic words and phrases (like ‘bombastic’), they will not understand. So to be understood, you need to speak Manglish. *Thumbs up and big grin*.

In America, people speak American English. In Australia, people speak Australian English. What’s wrong with Malaysians speaking Malaysian English? After all, every country has its own slang and accent. For example, Americans say cellphone, Brits say mobile phone and Malaysians say handphone. What’s wrong with that?

Manglish has become part of Malaysian culture and heritage
Manglish has become something we can be proud of. Why try to hide it? It’s part of our cultural heritage. And it’s something that all Malaysians can participate in, no matter which ethnicity. Plus, tourists think it’s cute when they hear people saying lah all the time.

So, Malaysians-ah, let's be proud of ourselves and start promoting Manglish-lah!!!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Something to Talk About

Oh what a wonderful week this has been!!

Correction: Not THAT wonderful.

On Tuesday, the interclass debate became an instant hot topic among fellow Form 3s. I was the class's representative to get the details and the form. Good heavens, I thought only 4 people from my class were interested in it including me. When I went back to class to inform them about the upcoming debate, you should have seen how many ghostly hands went up. I could've sworn there were only 4 raised the last time!!! Roughly 10 hands shot up and Maths teacher Madam Tan looked quite bewildered. After telling the motion to the class, Wan Jyn asked why the heck we were the Opposition. Well, we didn't choose. We flipped a coin and got Opposition (courtesy of Alynna, who flipped the coin on my behalf). Then, Madam Tan gave us a lecture on some things only a Batai-an should know. It was too embarrassing and only God knows why we were dumb enough to view things from that different perspective.

On Wednesday, the debating team was up. Happy, happy, yay, yay. Nothing much happened in school except for more wild-goose chasing. My class farm just wouldn't pay up their overdue money. FoWl play (it's a FARM, remember?).

Later that day, I went for my first Interact Club meeting. Apparently, I figured out that Interact actually stands for International Act. So, you don't "interact" in the Interact Club, unlike what people think. When the Rotarian (Senior Interact member was about to pass on the speech to our Interact head, he fainted. Or something like that. We thought he was leaning aside to let Thasban, our head, pass through. It was when he nearly hit the water tap behind him did we realise he fainted. And, it happened in front of my table. Fascinating.

On Thursday, debate fever got us all. We were desperately trying to "uphold Batai's legacy". Really, if you look at DJ's debating history, most debaters were once Batai-ans. Yeah, we rock (I hope).


Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm Not Associated.....

Joy, oh joy!! I made it into the Nostalgia editorial board again!! Cassandra and Sha Lynn didn't, though. Actually, Cas would have gotten in. As I figured out later, Samantha said during the meeting that being old members, we didn't need to reapply. (Excuse me? I wrote the darn essay for nothing?!!). Ghee Ken, Shu Wen and I were in the English department. There are only 6 people in the department (how sad is that?? It used to be close to ten...). Samantha went for Business/Production. Joseph (Graphics?) and Jonathan(??) were inside too though I'm not so sure about their departments.

Well, I just realised I'm getting more attached to my school nowadays.

For example, I decided to join the prefectorial board once more--only to resign myself the next day! You see, after I went home, my parents promptly said that I could not join this year. They found that "prefecthood" was my main source of stress. Eventhough I go to school waaaaay before 7.10 am, there is this tendency to panic one hour before that. If I were to get to school at, let's say, 6 o'clock, I'd start panicking at 5.15. If I were a normal student, I couldn't care less even if my clock shows 5.59. Paradoxically, the panic attack makes me reach school later than if I were calm. Somehow, miracles happen; as a student, I'd reach a destination at 6 even if I left the house at 5.59. Slick.

I was the only one from my year who applied for the job. There were only 5 other applicants who were Form 4s. After I quit, Keefe (in charge of late-comers) still kept thinking I was late as I arrived during "duty time". I don't blame him. The only 2 prefects who knew the decision on the first day I quit were Jian Nee and Jayshendra. I was told by Jayshendra that this is actually the best time to join. "You don't have a chance in Form 4", he said. Yeah, I could see that too. Everyone was going to apply in Form 4. And, there's a 99% get-through chance this year, where applicants are so few.

I joined the Interact club for several [good] reasons. Firstly, my parents said it was good (it's not actually that active in my school). Secondly, I never go for sport's practice nor St. John's since they don't do anything there. Thirdly, there are many functions and dinners in the Interact club (or so I've heard). That means more trips to hotels (yay)!!

High chance I'd join Scouts next year. Cas said "don't join this year". It's going to be a busy one, with the addition of our public exam. I don't know if it's true, but senior scouts "get less work" compared to junior ones. If that's the case, I'm joining Scouts.

Oh okay, let's go back to the magazine editorial board. Apparently, there will be major changes in the way articles are written now. There would be less "grandmother stories". And there should be a theme.....Right, who wants to suggest a theme for the school magazine?

Madam Tan and form teacher Pn Nomi has given me some advice on "How to be a Good Treasurer". Listen up if you want to be one!!!

1. Bug all the students to pay up. Literally chase them. They deserve the tyrannic treatment. Even prefects. [Diabolical laughter] If they fail to hand over the money within the day you acknowledged them, pretend to have a fit in front of them. Don't forget to froth at your mouth and wriggle about like you're possessed. The money will suddenly appear out of thin air. You might even get sincere donations from the concerned public.

2. If your debtors try to act like madmen (if they aren't already one) to retaliate, call the counselor over ASAP. These people need immediate counseling. Perform this task quickly. Your life's in danger here.

3. Get envelopes ready. You may need them to keep your money. If you can't get any envelopes, bring along your piggy bank. Ignore rude stares from friends. Money is precious, even if it means killing trees.

4. Prepare a notebook. Teachers don't want you to bribe them during exams. Make sure you include a column for your recipients to sign. Neither of you want to lose track of payments. If you bribe people, this is extremely important as it ensures you that your agreement is not forgotten and so, you are not cheated. Remember to hide your notebook away from friends. If they found out you were bribing, ohoho......

That reminds me. Have you ever wondered why of all things, money is made from trees? Money is just paper. Apparently, you spend money to kill more trees to get more money. Now, how dumb is that?



Saturday, January 10, 2009

For Nostalgia's Sake

The first week of school has officially ended (only applicable to me). It was actually quite fun, not to mention confusing.

On Monday, I arrived at 7.10 and started looking for long lost people. The canteen was packed like mad and if I could describe it, it would be the tin can and we pupils would be the preserved food in it. I saw Sabreena's gang first and was quite shocked to find that Iman quit being a prefect.'s so uncomfortable acting like a normal student now.....After adopting Brownian Movement for a while, I found my fellow Batai-ans Chingx and Melissa. After savouring the lost feeling for a while, we students were herded like sheep to the pavilion. There, we were given a thousand speeches as usual. We were quite noisy at first and Pn Mary-Anne said she hoped that we had not lost our sense our hearing. Cassandra quickly shot back a sarcastic "Whaat??". Luckily everyone had a delayed reaction otherwise Cas would have been heard and punished. The poor prefects lined the perimeter of the pavilion and wore their oven-hot blazers. It puzzles me why none of them turned into a roasted chicken. The Datin again gave a long-winded speech to "welcome" us back to school. Anyone could see that the effect was reversed among the students. Her speech never loses its magic to put everyone within the vicinity to sleep. After what seemed like an eternity, we were brought to our classes.

3 Batai was quite lost. We thought the classroom we would be using is the 2 Angsana classroom. Instead, we found ourselves occupying a classroom previously utilized by the lower classes. Many Batai-ans sulked at this and saw it as an "insult". Normally, it is the 3 Batai-ans who get the privilege to use the Angsana classroom. Right now, it was the 3 Angsana that got it. More than half the class used the same classroom since last year. Our classroom sits right on top of the girl's toilet. I hope the rising stench doesn't disrupt our class studies.

Sha Lynn volunteered herself to be the class monitor. For the assistant, the class nominated Louis Chong. I'm not very sure who they were trying to make fun of because both Sha and Louis were resentful with that decision. Nevertheless, Louis accepted the post. In the first place, I don't think he's even qualified for that job. Put anything in his possession and after 3 days, you'd be shocked to find it crumpled, messed up, filthy or destroyed. Nobody would be surprised even if pet cockroaches were found with him. I became a class committee member.

School classes were as usual. Our Civics teacher has gotten on our nerves. She treats the subject like a matter of life and death. Somehow, our History teacher is least better than last year's. She has a great sense of humour and can at least tell us about more interesting facts not in our textbooks. English turned out alright too. We got Madam Tan for Maths. There are so many "Mrs Tan"s in my school that she prefers to be addressed as Madam Tan.

On Thursday, I became the class treasurer (after Joshua and Yi Jing). There was quite an amount of missing money. The last 6 ringgit was divided among the 3 of us on Friday. After chasing everyone around like a wild nut, finally, the class finished paying up to the treasurer. (Hooray!!).

I'm planning on joining Nostalgia again this year. And I'm supposed to come up with an essay as to why I should be chosen to join the editorial board. Well, here goes nothing...

I plan to involve myself in the English department in the Nostalgia editorial board so that I can contribute to the better of society (Oh dear, I sound like a British!). Let me paraphrase that. I wish to express my urgent need to be involved in the making of the school's magazine otherwise I would experience a total nervous breakdown and....and....Hold on a minute. I'm losing myself here. Give me a moment to redeem my conscious self.

*Concentrates all thoughts on McDonald's Fillet-O-Fish*.

Ah, much better! Hey, don't dispose my resume!!! I haven't even started elucidating why I want to join the editorial board yet! Don't take away my chance, thank you very much. This would be very short and sweet.

Oh merciful being, have you heard of those famous people all around the world like John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (more commonly known as J.R.R Tolkien)? He is none other than the author of "Lord of the Rings". His books have made him renowned as the "father" of modern fantasy literature. His books are interconnected and they all share the same bigger picture. His command of English is so powerful and descriptions so vivid that we tend to even get lost in our imagination when reading his books. To achieve that supremacy in the English language is just what I'm asking for.

But that isn't just it. A good command of English alone isn't enough to want to make someone superglue his eyes to a book's pages. In most cases, people fall asleep after attempting half a page of a heavy book (excuse the pun). I don't blame them either. With the amount of time kids spend on the computer, dubbed by some to be the "Idiot Box Number 2", they definitely do not have the time to challenge themselves with deeper reading material. To them, a book, is, after all, just a book. Chick lit would be much more appealing to them.

And that's where the element of humour jumps in to create a big splash!! Come on now, let's not be defiant on this matter. Humour is the one element that manages to cross the age barrier, as well as the psychological mind. We all are bombarded day in, day out, with endless strings of depressing stories and stressful work. What could be more refreshing than a page full of nonsensical humour? It could be dry humour, satire, slapstick, pun, scintillating or just plain silly.

Having said that, I think I could help inject a little jocoseness and laughter into the hearts of DJ's pupils. They have been getting stressed out time and again. Come on, through all these years, the ludicrous Mr Bean have already perfected the art of jumping into the car semi-buttoned, semi-zipped and zooming down the town at Grand Prix speed with a toothbrush in his mouth to catch a dentist appointment . It wouldn't do any harm if antics like these were recorded for posterity's sake, would it? Laughter is the best medicine. That is, unless you don't laugh the whole day through for no apparent reason.

And come to think of it. What better place to start harnessing the gift of farcicality than in the young schooling days?

Yes, this is stupid. Forgive the immature content in this post.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Enjoy Clicking

If none of you have ventured into the world of virtual pets yet (Neopets counts), congratulations!!

If you have already done're on the same page as me, then. We're all currently suffering from VirtualPet deficit disorder.

If you enjoy being at the computer but have nothing better to do, then you're in luck. You are now eligible to use this as an excuse for being at the computer : "But I'm saving an extinct animal's lives!!!". If your parents didn't get it, GOOD.

Please click on all of them. Thank you.

Click here to feed me a Digicandy!

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Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!

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Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!

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Get your own at PokePlushies!

Adopt one today!

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Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Feed Me!


Feed Me!

Adopted from Valenth

I know I can't get any lamer than this. But then least I get to keep trak of them now. Yay me.


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